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White Dwarf 1 – The first weekly reached FanHammer

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Good guys. Hoy can ofreceros, after the chaos of these days falls and such, a new and interesting little thing that you consult the. The White Dwarf Week has come to FanHammer by a bond that we have found and you can read it.

wd nueva

Do not know if will be coming all images including monthly, but good because you know that everything that comes in here, will be shared to the community.

What do you think the new White Dwarf?


And here the video of the monthly magazine, that is what we can offer you so far:


  • Thank you very much!

    Comment by Wolfen — 02/04/2014 @ 16:42

  • More of the same, at least, this number includes a listing of rules and a minigame. Maybe € 1.50 would have been more appropriate to its content instead of 3.20 €.

    Comment by Dice and Steam — 02/04/2014 @ 16:48

  • It is to give cane Nottingham, but as can be “give” the profile of a dwarf king, put special rules and magical equipment (lease hammer and shield)… and forget what characterizes a dwarf out of his beard: YOUR WEAVE!

    Removing this, magazine seems bland, poorly organized and although the minigame is appreciated on the Herald Johnson, I do not think is worth paying 3.20 by it. The only novelty that I found curious, is the ability to view prices in other currencies news.

    Comment by Darkluceid — 02/04/2014 @ 18:32

  • A heist 3,20 I think…
    However the monthly yes I liked, after all contains everything that interested me from the old White Dwarf. Awesome Thumbnails, painting and conversions, and in large quantities.

    Comment by Sergio — 02/04/2014 @ 19:10

  • Where are all the old numbers for download?

    Comment by Tonio — 02/08/2014 @ 22:10

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