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FanHammer and advertising

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Greetings FanHammeros. As you see we have introduced a bit of advertising to try to win FanHammer some pocket money with him and thus be able subvencinar FanHammer activities intended to create or do in the future. For that money does not have to go out of our pocket.

All, I say we win everything will be invested in FanHammer. Promised. So if we put the links you are interested to visit and buy little things in these pages that we offer. We are looking for new places to improve such advertising and make money per click or visitation that is easier on my mind. Quiet in the llenaremos FanHammer Advertising. Promised. Just a bit different from the side and end of the blog. I hate what ye publish.

And we will put just advertising that we believe may interest you. Things related to our hobbies and we usually like all FanHammeros. Sports, Travel, Our style clothing, Video… No contact, purchase for home or that sort of thing.

We also accept advice on this issue if any of you know places that sponsor or blogs or where to put advertising on the blog is interesting. We know that many of you have magnificent blogs. Thanks for any help we receive in advance.

Well I hope we win some pocket money to pay us the costs of future activities as the new logo FanHammer, championships we organize, domains and pay that kind of thing…

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