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Colors of the Dark Eldar cabals

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Today we bring you this interesting FanHammer compilation of a White Dwarf they talk about the most famous cabals of the Dark Eldar and their color schemes with good pictures for you can easily follow the color scheme elijais. Are we a very good article will serve to help you choose one of these cabals and your color scheme or to give you the idea how to create your own following which we present.

Here we leave one of those that go in the article.

Download the article and you can see them all.

Download Dark Eldar cabals

The Appeared

The Appeared, that were once the rulers of the city-Ilithain Aur leisure, were extremely powerful until his Archon, the monomaniacal demon Lord D'raque Tliensic tried to close down its dark paradise Commorragh. After destroying the only bridge leading from the heart space of the Gate City Cyclops Dark Aur-Ilithain, D'raque announced its intention to secede from the government of Vect. The next night, in Aur-Ilithain, opened six portals secrets, and thousands of dark creatures came escopeteadas, singing in an ancient language. Before dawn, Vect ethereal allies plunged the city and its inhabitants entertainment in a real average state slightly off the rest of the web. The Appeared spectra were reduced to mere, ghostly presences may manifest themselves only when they leave the web, to the material dimension. In doing, out their frustrations on lesser races, something really scary sight.

Makeover of FanHammer

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Well today dawns with a makeover of our FanHammer. Modernize or die.

Well not the point we wished at first and this morning we've seen enough and finally this is the one that convinced us. The previous issue was fairly clean but very sosillo and we decided to make a small change to the image of the blog. We hope you enjoy and keep on being so faithful to FanHammer as far.

Leave your comments on if you prefer this design I was cool or more previous. We want to hear your opinions. And forgive if you find errors or minor errors in the blog during this process of change. As they say, We are under construction…. But will be for a short time.

Finally they come forward from 1 March you will have a new survey that will be throughout the month of March and where we present possible new logos for FanHammer. You will have six or seven options for you to vote and to be a FanHammeros ye who elijais future FanHammer logo image. We hope your votes and truly the best logo win.

FanHammer and advertising

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Greetings FanHammeros. As you see we have introduced a bit of advertising to try to win FanHammer some pocket money with him and thus be able subvencinar FanHammer activities intended to create or do in the future. For that money does not have to go out of our pocket.

All, I say we win everything will be invested in FanHammer. Promised. So if we put the links you are interested to visit and buy little things in these pages that we offer. We are looking for new places to improve such advertising and make money per click or visitation that is easier on my mind. Quiet in the llenaremos FanHammer Advertising. Promised. Just a bit different from the side and end of the blog. I hate what ye publish.

And we will put just advertising that we believe may interest you. Things related to our hobbies and we usually like all FanHammeros. Sports, Travel, Our style clothing, Video… No contact, purchase for home or that sort of thing.

We also accept advice on this issue if any of you know places that sponsor or blogs or where to put advertising on the blog is interesting. We know that many of you have magnificent blogs. Thanks for any help we receive in advance.

Well I hope we win some pocket money to pay us the costs of future activities as the new logo FanHammer, championships we organize, domains and pay that kind of thing…

Forge World: Mortalis Zone Presentation

Today we bring you the latest news from Forgeworld. This is a kit for building interiors and play games simulating a power struggle within them. It is the style of Space Hulk as many will see him on sight, but much improved, clear that.

Here we leave some pictures and video presentation of this release:

Section Beta

Delta Section

A game within

There are four sections to the price 25 pounds each or you can buy all of 90 Pounds. It seems to us interesting to buy and especially for groups of friends and associations, to refocus our games of Warhammer 40000.




25 Warhammer years 40000

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Today marks the 25 anniversary of the departure of the Rogue Trader, the first indication of the current Warhammer 40000. So we already have 25 the game and hopefully rings that fit many more. For many of us love this universe FanHammeros full of wars, batalllas, alien races and a background full of great stories.

Well you might be able to celebrate this anniversary with a better game Warhammer 40000 with a friend. I personally am going to GW because today Lyon have special activities for the anniversary and I want to see them and because they do not participate.

Also in stores today GW put special products to celebrate the anniversary as a mat with the anniversary logo, bracelets with the armies of Warhammer 40000 and of course the miniature carmesie fist on the cover of Rogue Trader.


Transformations necronas

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In the absence in the market for blades of the Necropolis and the patriarch Gutter, the imaginative and skillful players of Warhammer 40000 have made some changes using different materials that are worth much.

Here we leave two buenisimas transformations so you can see that with time, ingenuity and vision can make true works of art. For those who do not be so skilled, apparently relieved that the new models of Necrons, the second wave, will come in a couple of months.

The Chapter of Space Marines stronger according to the FanHammeros is…

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Today we leave this post with the results of our latest survey FanHammer. We are very pleased that the survey has had the most votes so far and because I think it has made very well reflected the general view on this topic.

About the survey, Grey Knights have won 1/3 of votes. In second and third have been tied with the same number of votes the Blood Angels and Space Wolves with 14 Votes. The rest is very far from these three chapters. So these are now feared power armor armies. Also highlight the 2 unique votes they have received the Black Templars, giving evidence they need a revamp because for all FanHammeros, are not currently playable.

Thank you for your say 63 votes and look forward to receiving your votes in future polls and your views. They are our reason for existence.

First Anniversary of FanHammer

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Congratulations FanHammer. Today 22 February, you turn a year old since we published our first post. Uf, as time passes and as you've grown in just one year. If it seems like yesterday when we were deciding your name, your design and we had nothing as clear as crecerias received serious.

Today, on your first birthday we give you the congratulations because you've had an incredible progress in just 365 days. And little by little has been growing and growing so that now you are among the most popular blogs. We are very proud of you.

The adventure continues, clear that. This has only just begun. And in a few days, I will present our new logo and start FanHammer perhaps a redesign of the look of the blog to improve its image.

FanHammer Happy Anniversary and thanks to all our friends for your visits FanHammeros, comments and for being on the other side of the screen following us. It is a pleasure writing for you.

New Tyranid miniatures and Space Wolves

As announced in the llevamos FanHammer, for some post, Space Wolves Tyranids and receive reinforcements in the form of new models.

These come this March and we leave here in FanHammer official photos (GW Italy) output of the new thumbnail. To enjoy:

Lobos Fenris


Thunder Wolves


We still have more photos of the new developments. To see them all, enters our Facebook and you can see there the. Passing, Join our Facebook, because there you will find more news, photos and publish material that usually.

Star Wars: The closing of our subject as it deserves

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Although I have left aside and the issue of the Wars in FanHammer by the Space Marines, the truth that we never close the subject as it deserved. And it was a thing in our minds has always been.

So even if you spent two months thereafter, Today let's take a close as it deserves to this wonderful film saga so many hardcore fans are. We leave you with the farewell song of the victory of Return of the Jedi. In the old version that we sincerely much cooler in both final and in song.

But until then we just say a, because the Star Wars universe is a vast and there are always lots of topics that discuss the movies and everything that surrounds this wonderful universe: races, characters, movies, RPGs, jedi world, spacecraft, literature galactica, etc.. See if there are issues to deal.

Well enjoy the song and video:

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