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10high: Fernando Garcia and Tyranids

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First ask forgiveness for having a bit abandoned this project. But they are so many things at hand and making it difficult to keep everything perfectly. Well reactivated the 10alTos with the presentation of the second participant.

The first is to congratulate Fernando because small expected this summer, so it's TOS doubtful for Spain to see if you can go after taking the small. Reasonable doubt but we are sure that if possibility is hollow and will attend as it has done every year lately. It is the most devoted players for this tournament Cartagena.

Fernando tells us, Current champion of painting in the past TOS 2011 re going to go with the Tyranids and basically going to take a list very similar to last year with a few tweaks and a few changes.

So that tells us right now with a fleet of gargoyles with glands of toxins and adrenaline glands and their former Hive Tyrant will add a poison gun will come in handy to destroy enemy vehicles before the Tyrant dies riddled 2011.

This is how little progress we, secrets clear this author, but hope to soon put you in another post your list and get to know the general strategy of armed. And we will be alert to news about their participation in the TOS 2012, because it is the Adeptus entandarte of Carthago in the tournament and would be a significant drop. But of course this, Family comes first.

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