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What's Infernis, the game indiegogo Vedra Games?

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And supporting the campaign Vedra Games in Indiegogo as we are doing from FanHammer, as friends, and collaborators in the project because we see an interesting idea, Today let's start with that will give you know this game and furnish. Their words, what appears to us in the campaign, you can learn more about this in Infernis, What is it and how they play?

Infernis"It is a board game without dice based on risk control, anticipation and strategy.

Box INFERNIS, which is available as a reward for only € 20

(see section Material Infernal), includes:

-1 matt lamination board laminated to a face.

-48 printed cards of the guys, Laminated cardboard contracoladas matte in.

-12 cardboard pawns on plastic base.

-12 letters.

-Game Manual 20 pages .

-Color printed box.

All components are printed in color.

Infernis"It is a project conceived by: Fernando Lafuente. Game designer and author of several games already published, as Essentia, Racing Dwarfs y Alerya.

Vedra Games. A publisher of games and entertainment events organizer, wargame creators Colonial Wars Space.

Bag of Bones editions. Editorial experienced literary projects (takes more than four years as a company) and layout, and games related to the world of literature (Line Maze).

These three parts came together to develop this campaign, which aims editing "Infernis”, a board game without dice that combines risk control, anticipation and strategy. With a duration of between 30-60 minutes, in "Infernis"Of 2 a 4 Players embody several witches with rivals embroiled in a cruel game of skill, magic and cunning. Expiring who is able to keep their unhappy farmers more time on the cursed island, preventing them perish in the eternal flames that surround.

To learn more about how to play "Infernis"You can visit the following blog:


Infernis, the new draft Vedra Games starts today

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One, many will have started to hear about the new game Vedra Games that are beginning to promote. Infernis sera, hopefully, the new game in this small Spanish company that starts today in indiegogo 8 April at 22:00 hours. Let this night you can ask what interests you.


A different game known Colonial Space Wars that we provide with plenty of shopping opportunities and great benefits as is usual in such projects.

HERE, you can already get to see how it's going to be Indiegogo, what we offer, as will the game, the advantages of buying and expect you to be good and many of our readers who are interested and you support this project and that ye may profit from it.

The goal to achieve 5.000 EUR. A by them.

From FanHammer continue the campaign process and all the notable news about the campaign.

Video Presentation of Hell, the new game from Games Vedra

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Following the successful Space Colonial Wars, Vedra Games continues to promote his new game Infernis, who are preparing and gradually it available date approaches. You're going by presenting exhibitions and events, published pictures of prototypes and launch the game and now a video game presentation.

vedra games


Hope this game is good and fun first and have the same success that Colonial. These people would curra lot and deserve this success. The dejo el video to SEPA that anger hell.

The best game was GW Specialist…. Rating the ratings

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Blood Bowl but we won at the last moment and the lowest number of votes of all the surveys that we have made to date by FanHammer. For only 4 helpful to differentiate if there proclaimed campeón front of Mordheim.

blood bowl

The truth is that we wanted us victory of Blood Bowl since I put this poll up but seeing as we were pleasantly surprised Mordheim. We all know that Blood Bowl is very much alive despite the abandonment of GW and that in many cities there are shops and small communities of players still playing it pretty although some years ago that there is no new material (respect to the creator we mean). And Mordheim happens to look the same, perhaps on a smaller scale or otherwise (because I and many of us we had not so clear), there are also communities, associations and group of friends that keep fairly lively.

Both are very far in votes on the third, which has been the unforgettable Space Hulk, honestly this game so there was, the first of the great games of specialists who left us a memorable taste of mouth. It's more for that melancholy and memories that we will and because it was more fun to play your life today, this disappeared map, hurts.

Now it left see far down the ballot. Epic 40000 had his grace and I think even his tiron but I fail to materialize as per Spain never did it for that time by other countries. Warhammer Quest is a simple and without any pretensions HeroQuest and that I have (and I keep) I can say it was a good game for the afternoon but almost nothing was sold and very unnoticed in the scene. Try having to rescue him and get to play a bit to remember old times….

And in last place Gorkamorka stay here and I have surprised, because in my opinion it was a game explendido. Funny, easy to play, transformations and perfect for Ork vehicles and rare form of campaigning and evolve your band was great. I loved to my circulillo and at that time we liked to give the game from time to time because as I was very entertaining. Here my question is because it has received so few votes… if anyone can comment I'd appreciate.

Well thanks for your votes and as you see, they always interesting and often surprising results. This is what most of the community FanHammera good reviewer and give us a very valuable idea of ​​the general opinion. Certainly, next month we will have special Mordheim, so perfect after seeing this second.

Mercenaries of the Galaxy: Magnifico blog about the game X-wing

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Today we want to refer to the present and most, because it is a recent come to the blogosphere, a blog with an excellent pint, Very good content and a flawless presentation dedicated to every so often praised and X-Wing.

mercenarios de la galaxia

Mercenaries of the Galaxy meets all the condiments for a blog reference in this game and we are sure that soon, if they keep working as before, will blog every player X-Wing visit often. News, backgrounds of Star Wars, ideas, painting workshops, product presentation, events… let everything that you must know about the X-Wing in this blog since FanHammer you and invite you to link up with a direct link from the blog so that you can visit when you want.

Good luck to the people who run this blog and congratulations for the work done so far. Here you have the full support of the community and always FanHammer when necesitéis.

Not miss out on this opportunity to make your custom Blood Bowl

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Are already some of you who have done this job but still can be which can benefit you the magnificent and great discount prices that make us our partners for Games Boards readers FanHammer. You can get your custom field, Perfect for your league, associations, or the same own, with excellent quality and an unbeatable price. Also a good gift for your partner bloodbowlera. I leave the offer and is active until end of month.

tableros oferta

From Game Boards We want to thank to FanHammer and reward its readers with 20% de dto. in any model of our Fantasy Football boards, during the months of February and March, applied in the final price of the product.

Then, remember our rates:
Campo small BB € 25
BB Campo small personalized € 35
Field BB large € 35
Large Custom Country BB € 45
Campo Dread Ball 30€
Dread Custom Golf Ball € 40
Shipping, 8€ registered mail.

As a special promotion, in small fields will include a free bench for two players:
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-jGk4YIIosMc/UvDiYlJQ-WI/AAAAAAAAGHk/zHDbgPFLY1s/s1600/banquillo x2 20140204. JPG
You can make joint orders at the same shipping.
To access the discount, Tene soil that indicate that sois readers FanHammer.

So very easy to make you a custom board and labe labe. Here you have some samples of their work:


tablero 4

Colonial Wars Space Antenna appears in 3 – Quite an achievement

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For if, comes the news that our friends and partners Vedra Games has had a wonderful news for Colonial Space Wars game and have been advertised on the official website of Antena 3 TV. All good advance publicity for this already-known game that continues to open borders and reaching ever more people. Congratulations Vedra Games for this Story.



Novedades in X-wing that llege in these coming months

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Today we speak and name the new and upcoming game X-Wing Fashion EDGE. A game that is having an incredible tug everywhere. And whenever you are (We are) more people are investing in this addictive game, easy and fun. Well soon have…..

Imperial Aces – April

The livery of the most skilled pilots of the Empire instill terror in anyone foolish enough to face them in battle. Only members of the Emperor's Royal Guard are allowed to get behind the wheel of these unique crimson fighters, often escort shuttle Emperor (or one of his decoys). Pilots of the 181st are among the best in the galaxy, and are identified by bands of red blood adorning their ships.

This pack includes everything you need to add 2 TIE interceptors to tus matches.

Content: 1 rules sheet, 22 letters, 33 Note, 2 maneuvers and selectors 2 hand-painted miniatures base and pegs. ALREADY preorder.

Transporte Rebelde GR-75 y Tantive IV – June.



And wave 4 Phantom with Tie and Tie Defender, the Z95 Headhunter and E-Wing.

Reward Flight of Silver City in its Verkami: What interested you?

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Today we talk about the possible rewards Rout of Silver City in its Verkami and I will see what are the most interesting course according to this, I personal criterion. Each will have their tastes and needs, but that if, the important thing is that you do not pass the opportunity to bring you a good product.



Thank Official web page thumbnails to go to the sale.

10 zombies thumbnails.

Thumbnails of each of the seven survivors + una miniatura pr…

Pack de 30 zombies thumbnails (23) and survivors (7) + thumbnail…

Pack de 30 zombies thumbnails (23) and survivors (7) + you miniat…

50€ / max. 3
The Great Horde.
Pack de 30 hand-painted miniatures.

Pack de 30 thumbnail + 1 Reissue of Escape from Silver City. Expenditures env…

Pack de 30 thumbnail + 1 Reissue of Escape from Silver City. Costs and…

90€ / max. 3
Pack de 30 hand-painted miniatures + 1 Reissue of Escape from Silver City….

10 Packs de 30 thumbnail. Shipping INCLUDED in Spain.

10 Packs de 30 thumbnail + 10 Reissue of Escape from Silver City. Costs and…


Analyzing them, we see the most important or interesting to bet on them:

- 5 EUR: They are still few – For in the missing zombies, that sometimes are very large hordes, its 10 zombies more.

- 12 EUR: New thumbnails 7 survivors. Perfect for players

- 20 EUR: 30 zombies and 7 survivors – The best reward to get everything you need to play perfectly Escape.

- 70 EUR: pack de 30 Miniature mass 1 reissue of the game Escape from Silver City. For those who do not have the game yet. The best reward to start and try to save Rout and Horde.

All are interesting but these are what I would recommend now. Well either way, do not stay without. Good buy.

Workers: Huida from Silver City to the weeks finalice

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I already talked to the start of the campaign Verkami Rout of Silver City, The Peka Editorial, and now with just two weeks to complete the project, we again encourage you to participate in this board game about zombies how good is taking criticism from all sides. It is a pretty good game and we believe that this expansion is interesting to play him. So we encourage them to cooperate with vuestros contributions if interested.


Right now the campaign is to 11.500 euros achieved the 15.000 trying to achieve. The lack of the week, that if we are in…. but with the help of all, I think you can get.

Why choose this campaign? They tell us so well:

Easy! Following the success of our first title in the Spanish market, Escape from Silver City, the board game Zombie Survival, most of the users of our product pack warmly demanded a thumbnail to complete their games and give more realism to their games.

But our budget is very tight and we believe this is the best way to do it quickly and effectively.


The campaign aims to bring all those players Rout of Silver City, or that the stores supplied, exclusive and custom packs 30 miniatures for your enjoyment.


Those who have no Escape from Silver City can grab a copy of the revised and improved edition of the game along with their thumbnails. (including shops wishing to sell)

And how is the new version of Escape from Silver City?

We have improved the components, revamped designs, remade the manual to only one language and more:

Board: Redesigned the grid, enlarging it to make room for the new models and incidentally changed the design of it, passing a second plane for painful both when playing and not create confusion. Size: 58x75cm, with folding 4 leaves (the previous era of 48x68cm, with folding 6 leaves):

Letters: They have revamped their designs, well pass them to a larger size (AMERICAN standard) and finally we have moved to a single language (Castilian) with a much larger font.

Box: Clareado design was to make it look better, addition to completely change the back of it:And here a detail of the back:

Character Sheets: Designs were revamped and incidentally have changed the text to a single language (with large print)

Standups: This classic cardboard and the base is maintained in the reissue, but it has been revamped design and clareado images (but apparently in this format and this fund is not noticed too ^ ^):

Peanas: This time will include 23 Peano y Negro 7 red to avoid confusion between zombies and survivors during the game.

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