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Madrid Shopping for Geeks

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For taking advantage of my stay in Madrid and visit and I said in a previous post by various stores geeks did a little shopping.

So this is what fell into my hands, y as diverse varied levels:



As we see Nagash books that were sold off in one of the shops, to enjoy reading at the best price, books of role viejuno RPG commands and the new edited version of the same again. I also did a couple of miniatures for my two tanks may Flames of War army I have in my projects. Good shopping I hope that soon I'll be enjoying.

¿Like the? I love them.

Visions of Heresy and special Dwarf Army Book

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These are two books and special developments that have come out this month by Games Workshop and we want to mention to that for various reasons we believe that you should be aware of them.

enanos libro especial

The first of which we will talk, already late, because the collector version, Special Edition, new dwarf, whose shot was 1000 tood copies only for the world has sold like hotcakes and there is much dwarf player who always loves this kind of heirlooms for your collection. And at no time have exhausted these thousand books at the price of 80 EUR. Only the cover and change the layout a bit, in addition to being numbered among 1 and 1000 to give the original buyer only 999 like him have this limited edition book. Do you guys have some limited edition? As I, be in crisis as they dice, but continue to sell certain porductos news and very very well and this was one of them.

Visions-of-Heresy VISIONS OF HERESY INTERNALS4rgb72dpi

The second book of which we speak today is Visions of Heresy, which we believe is an interesting book 416 pages at the price of 55 EUR, ilutraciones and book drawings on Warhammer 40000. If you like this kind of book graphics, it seems a magnificent product and more works for Warhammer collectors item. A great gift too to fulfill special dates.

We hope to find the net and share it together with you and see these incredible artwork insurance Warhammer 40000.

Special Lord of the Rings also by FanRol

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A friend, Sopi, It happened to us a lot of interesting material RPG Lord of the Rings and we decided to start off strong with our RPG blog with a special The Lord of the Rings, where we will gradually rising these books so that you can enjoy. They're a lot so prepare your hard drive space.

Thank you for your feedback Sopi good and you enjoy it and we should follow often for FanRol. Also as we will be adding material and looking this game, besides other and slowly hope to offer interesting material for the roleros like you.

fanrol sdla

Pathfinder – In Spanish from 10 December

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It is less to have a great game in Spanish. This information was extracted from Fancueva.

Next 10 December hit stores expected Basic Spanish edition manual Pathfinder, number one in the sales rankings RPGs over the past five years above himself Dungeons & Dragons. A volume of 576 pages containing everything you need to enjoy this fantasy game created by Paizo Publishing and distributed in Spain by Devir Iberia.


I think it may be a good opportunity to rescue the love of the pure and simple role and take away the itch while still waiting for Wizards of the Coast meets the expectations that are being created around the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a brave adventurer who tries to survive in a world full of magic and evil!

Pathfinder is an evolution of the rules 3.5 the most famous RPG history, updated from the contributions of more than 50.000 Players. Players need only this manual 576 pages play. The game has been designed to be fully compatible with previous editions, so players can use their manuals and modules 3.5 with minimal effort.

Pathfinder have an extensive line of supplements, modules and campaigns especially acclimated adventures in the fantastic world of Golarion. The basic rules contain:

  • All rules for the players and the manager starting in one volume
  • Complete rules for creating fantasy characters, and human, elves, Dwarf, Gnomes, medium and half orcs.
  • A simple combat system with special rules for all types of attacks.
  • Options for all types of casters.
  • Reviewed hundreds of spells and magical treasures.
  • A whole new experience points system.

Pathfinder: Basic Rules (2013)

  • Editorial: Transfer
  • Book: 21×27,5 cm
  • Pages: 576 all color
  • Released: 10 December
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: 50 EUR

More information about Black Library – Interesting news.

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Good FanHammeros. One of you left yesterday an interesting comment that I think is interesting that all leais giving us more information on the topic of Black Library books. Very interesting what lets us know that he had appeared in Scylla and that we and many I did not know. With that much information is complemented. Thanks to Dimitri 76 for catch up.

So it seems, GW if you are interested novels in Spanish but want to do it as it does in other countries, on his own account. To make more clear this and control over one of the important sources of income of the company. I hope that soon we can see those novels in Spanish again. I'm running out of reading.

And I outlined in the last thing our reader says Dimitri. If the missing novels, have until November to do you with them if they are still available. Because from that month will devuletas the publisher. So run to coger aquellas novels that lack vuestra to collection.


Scylla on your wall fcbook was giving status information:
Day 26-9-2013: right now we are in negotiations with Black Library to publish more books of WH and WH 40.000, although we assume that in the coming days and we will announce something. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience
Day 30-9-2013: It's a slow negotiation with many topics and several people / companies involved. As we announced, seems that this week we will better inform.
Day 02-10-2013: finally we can report the fate of Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000, want to bring their own publishing and marketing of his novels, either in English or in other languages.

Are easy, GW wants to be in charge of marketing their products. This has two readings encouraging, first, if Scyla / Timun Mas were in negotiations to renew was because they considered the hallmark BL as beneficial (as indeed they themselves acknowledged), second, that being beneficial BL / GW thinks they can get more benefits. Anyway, as a company is to make money and not to lose, and publishing as concessions are usually made for long periods of years, GW must have thought they are capable of winning the Spanish market in less time than it would take to expiry of a contract with Timun More. The bad news, the day to continue the series, We take a disappointment, that are cheaper but, editions are crappy, the style of the first novels that took Timun More, in paperback.
I'm more assured that my fear was that I had Timun Mas Spain canceled for low sales and then it would be hard to look is Spanish novels.
As a side note, that lacks a novel and want to run, bookstores have until November to return the stock.

Shadowhunters – Buena Literatura Fantastica

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Well our specialist contributor and book series has been this good article on the saga of Shadowhunters who has read and recommends we FanHammeros. You, this August out the movie and so you can read you the first novels in the series to go with the books read (the aquellos that like so). Well thanks to Morgan for his magnificent article.

Shadowhunters: the pentalogy (for now)

In the month of August will premiere worldwide film adaptation of the first book in the series "Shadowhunters"Cassandra Clare, so let's take the opportunity to talk a bit about these books that have become bestsellers.


Let's start with the title that is my favorite part. In the original books are called "The Mortal Instruments"And we have translated"Shadowhunters”. I guess the fellow to whom the order is left broke Google's translator and the poor did his. At the moment there 5 books published in English and Castilian, and it is expected that next spring we have the sixth.

The plot is not bad. A thousand years ago the Angel Raziel mixed his blood with humans and created the race of Shadowhunters (nefilim) whose mission would be to protect the earth from demons and races of "underground" when they cross the line. We werewolves, Warlocks, fairies and vampires coexist with humans (but occasionally eat them).


Clarissa (Clary) discovers one day that she is a Shadowhunter, but instead of being trained to kill demons like everyone else she hunters worldwide have hidden magic. In the hands of Alec and Isabelle Lightwood, Jace Wayland and discovers the powers that have Shadowhunters. Here to defend against attacks underground demons and paint their body with runes that give them strength, agility, silence, concentration, etc.. From that moment begin to happen adventures ranging from getting into a hotel full to the brim with vampires to deal with Lilith, the world's oldest demon. In these adventure accompanying Simon, his best friend, a little nerd and having a band that changes its name every week, We have been through "Millennium Fluff", "Conspiracy Plant Marina" or "Sun in Crisis"

The protagonist is not as savvy as Katniss from Hunger Games, but certainly, not as boring as Bella Swan. Addition, seen an evolution in his character going from a shy girl to a pretty tough jacket. There is a love story, course, we know that fantasy + Puppy love is the key to writing a bestseller. The romance take you more or less worthy until the fourth book when it starts to be more cloying.


In general are fairly well, are fun and fantasy combine, adventure and a bit of kitsch. Wait until August to see how they have led to the big screen to the protagonists of the series. I like especially the warlock Magnus Bane that according to the books is almost like a rock star, in fact, David Bowie was inspired to create the character, so enough said.


Three new books from the Horus Heresy to read

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Today, with input from one of you, I bring three new books of the Horus Heresy, a PDF, to continue reading this magnificent book series. We are left in this saga, if I'm not mistaken, The Battle of Calth. Soon we will fall into our hands…


17 – The Dead Exiles.

18 - The Siege of Deliverance.

20 – Primarcas.

Interesting information from a reader about the translations of Black Library

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The other day I put the information and opinion on the issue that we currently do not have translations in Spanish of the Black Library novels in Spanish. Many are those who have said things interesting and have given your opinion.


As we have seen for your comments, most of you are quite upset about the issue and ultimately let down by no more interesting to read Warhammer novels.

It is also true that we might we blame too fast (accidentally) GW and perhaps Planet (Timunmas) to blame for this separation between them and GW. Do not Know… but whoever it fixed and… porfa, I want to continue to enjoy novels like you.

Addition, want to leave here a comment by one of you FanHammeros, I found it very interesting because of the content that can contribute to topic. It's a user comment DMTR… and I think I can help a little to what may be the future of business. Thanks to all for your comments.


A couple of months ago I crossed a few emails with Black Library following the cancellation of the novels in Spanish. In principle GW (BL) cabinets is creating its own translation (External formerly). For now go pulling translations of codex, but do not rule out a future (when seated) translating the novels themselves. Planet same publisher is negotiating repost, but not under the seal of Timunmas. Timunmas never been known for the quality of their translations, nor the price of the product.
Black Library and published in French and German, and I do not have to wait so much that edited in Spanish, but the end is how all, be seen whether it is economically feasible, since shortly after leaving the novels are available in PDF on the network, and that at these levels, with the proliferation of ebooks, ipad, etc., long much damage.

Possible Dates of Future Supplements

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Keep getting rumors about the following supplements (English) that we will be seeing and from now will be the new GW policy to try to sell something else. The idea cojonuda, but the way to do business advantage beyond. In English, super expensive and providing little. Sincerely, could be much improved this concept, giving them a chunk of money because many of us would have bought any of them on thematic armies we like.

Good, I leave you with the possible dates of the supplements that are going to be coming, in theory:



Farsight Enclaves.

  • Digital: Now on sale;
  • Physical: Oct..

Black Legion.

  • Digital: August,
  • Physical: Or after October.

White Scars: September.

Raven Guard: Before the end of year.


Ultramarines: First quarter 2014.

Biel-Tan: First quarter 2014.

Tau Mercenaries: First quarter 2014

Saim-Hann: Second quarter or maybe later.

Catachán: Yet unknown.

Dawn of the Jedi – New series of books about Star Wars.

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New readers of The Star Wars. Exits new book on the saga, long before it all started. This new saga goes on 2 July and is written by several authors. Here you have the cover of the first book in the series and synopsis. Perhaps one of the next books to read this summer.



Here begins the story of Dawn of the Jedi, twenty-five thousand years before Star Wars, before lightsabers, before traveling through hyperspace, before the Jedi would expand Galaxy, when the connection to the Force was something new.

On the planet Tython, a group of scientists beings, philosophers and warriors, strive to live in peace and balance that energy known as Force puzzling. But there will come a foreign, one that will affect this balance due to your own connection to the Force. Whole Tython is about to change ... the doors have opened Galaxy!

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