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Warhammer Tournament 40000 a Madrid a Arkania Store

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Good FanHammeros more warhammeros our regular players and tournaments. Today we offer you the news of a small tournament but ambition that the new store Arkania Store, Madrid, is preparing for Warhammer 40000.


We encourage you to participate in this tournament and prove that your army's tough against other xenos and imperial commanders that you can find in the tournament. Good luck to the organizers of the tournament and we expect you to be many Warhammeros you approach the tournament.

We leave the groundwork:

1º Torneo ArkanoWarhammer 40.000

This weekend, taking advantage of the Easter holidays, take place in the Arkania 1º Torneo Arkano de patrullas WH40.000

The bases are the following:

Date: 19/04 to 11:00 (open at 10:30 to start the 11:00 o'clock)

Squares: 14

- Departures 750 points.

- Rolls salvation maximum: 3+

- Maximum Wounds: 3

- Maximum shielding for vehicles: 33 (sum of frontal and lateral)

- No special characters.

Registration is 10 € (8Shop for vouchers € and 2 € for trophies).

Prizes will be:

1Th place: Trophy and voucher store.

2Th place: Trophy and voucher store.

3Th place: Trophy and voucher store.

Best Painted Army: Gift shop.

Draw several vouchers.

Registration can be made in advance and may be in store or transfer. To control the transfer payment and has not enrolled more than places, mandadnos an email to arkaniastore@gmail.com we command and data.

The store is in:

Arkania (Madrid) Street Kings 23.

Meters Conde de Casal L6 and L1 Menendez Pelayo. Atocha Renfe (15I). Buses: lineas C1 y C2, 10, 26, 32, 14.

A greeting



Iron II Great Tournament Elo40k – FanHammer between reviewers

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As always, FanHammer supports good initiatives and events and marvelous tournament Elo40k Iron II could not be less.


The organization of the tournament this year has had many difficulties in organizing for lack of support and collaborators for awards and other. It's a shame to hear these things when there are so motivated people who want to do these magnificent events to the community and have the necessary support behind.

For a while we were asked us to help them and make good, put a small prize (the truth that our resources are very small and can not offer much) as a thumbnail or the box that our employees have donated. Because I always say and repetire, FanHammer there for you and for you and we have no desire for making money with blog except to fund their growing expenses and expenses and other events that we usually. We are glad that thanks to the people that what is at work in spite of these difficulties, always important, Iron tournament and we hope it is a success. I encourage you to participate and thus make the tournament a success.

To register and learn more, HERE

Great tournament infinity in Vigo – You'll lose it?

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Today we want to echo a great event that will take place in Vigo this summer related to Infinity. This game wins the whole day in our leisure time for their quality miniatures and facilities to play, tournament will have a great day 26 and 27 July. Great news because it means that the game continues to grow because all players and such event is a step to attract people to play Infinity. I leave the news officially published on the tournament and I hope that all who read FanHammer that dais to Infinity step fellowship and let the flag of the rather high FanHammeros.



Greetings to all.

Corvus Belli y Esbozos X.C. proudly present the 1st Interplanetary Infinity Tournament.
The event will take place in Vigo 26 and 27 July.
For two days 80 Players will battle in an official event of ITS in which you could win an exclusive prize courtesy of Corvus Belli.

A celebration of everything about Infinity with:

- Official Talks
– Exclusive Awards
– Staff presence of Corvus Belli.
– International Participation
- Cosplay Contest
– Painting competitions in different categories.
– Trivial by Infinity
– Draws

Pre: interplanetary@corvusbelli.with
More information in future updates.


Torneo by parejas Warhammer Fantasia by Mundoforja

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We bring the info to a tournament that will be by Mundoforja, in Valencia, for everyone who wants to participate. Warhammer Fantasy Tournament in pairs. We leave the info and bases. And the seats are filled.
Next day 23 February will do our second tournament of fantasy for couples.
The bases are the same as those used in previous tournaments here I leave a link:
http://khemri.mforos.com/103253/11192203-v-torneo-falla-calle-baja-wfb /
Places are limited to 14 couples.
To pre-register, must send an email to: info@mundoforja.es or via facebook with lists and names of partners. The cost of the tournament is 15 € per person (30€ the pair) and the proceeds will go entirely to awards. Will be reserved based payment (first to pay, first to have booked the Plaza )
09:30-12:00 FIRST GAME + 15min to match shifts
12:15-12:30 MATCHES TO REST
12:30-15:00 SECOND GAME 15min to equal shifts
15:00-16:30 FOOD
16:30-19:30 TERCERA GAME
20:00 AWARDS
-BEST GENERAL (different winners) – 10 % COLLECTION

Red Tartarus – Warhammer Championship 40.000 at Eagles (Murcia)

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Our friends Wikihammer 40k Murcia area are you not stop and offer us a new championship Warhammer 40.000 for 7 December. As always, we encourage them to join them on the fence caught (in the) because events are always very good and the best thing about them is the good atmosphere we breathe. Sure you enjoy it.

I leave the cartel and the bases of the tournament.



And as always, event is part of the Circle of the Earth:

circulo de terra

Heroes Reborn – Tournament Summary

Friends of Alcoy Tournament of Heroes Reborn send us the summary of the tournament we asked (where we have been colcaboradores) and I leave you with a summary of a magnificent tournament slowly growing year after year and will participate aconsejos.


Regarding the tournaments, had a treatment of 30 people in the 40k, and 60 online fantasy. Besides in side-events, 16 personas en Flames of War (Days of torneo), and over 70 Magic in the Modern format sanctioned. We finished happy, expected minimum 40 people in each tournament. At 40k we have not reached, and the fantasy has been surpassed by quite. Even so our hopes are that we would get together 100 people, even people to come and fight for not running out of space, but today it is very difficult. The first three years, there was only fantasy, spent the 80.

As we see in the pictures gave many many awards, 16 for tournament, so that people will take a good memory. The tournament was won by Tony Latorre 40k with Eldar, Valencia, a regular at our tournament and won the race last year and has been a fixture ever, although this year was unable to participate in the fantasy. In this, Hushai was champion Leon with Warriors of Chaos (theme Tzeentch), Cartagena. For personal reasons I had to leave before I can make the awards, so he could not collect his award and made it one of his team. Also note the winner of painting fantasy, Angel Martínez. Spectacular his army of khorne in volcanic sills. The photos do not do justice to the level of painting, but you can add a few to make it look. Also these transformations Jose Perez with sphinxes war with aracknarock. Simply spectacular. Truth, while last year the level of painting was spectacular 40k, with 5 the 6 armies worthy of first prize (and could only give 3), rather loose and fantasy, this year has been the opposite. Always talking in general, much as I reward those who come with the army fully painted, against which no or bring half.

And here you have some pictures but I recommend you see them HERE because there is very good to see thumbnails from photos







And congratulations Hushai, my friend from my hobbie early win in Fantasy. A general magnifico always leaving the pavilion very high for all tournaments Cartagena.

Warhammer Tournament 40000 the Wiki Hammer 40k and Lorca el 2 November

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Less than a month for this tournament organized by our friends at Wikihammer 40k. And there are only two places to be filled.

The tournament is held in Lorca, Murcia region 2000 points. Bases in Wikihammer 40k.

We encourage you to participate in those last seats and if not, to that you go over there and enjoy the environment, magnificent that always lives in the events of our friends Wikihammer 40k.


First Open Bastetano of Magic TG “Legacy” in Frikland (Asset)

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Our friend and collaborator Frikland, online and physical store in Baza is also this weekend a major tournament magic. So if you're in the area or even if you get caught too far, maybe it's a good way to spend this Saturday and try to take a prize. They are people who always organized things very well.


Place: Asset (Grenada), FRIKLAND Store, 10:00 at the

Store Location and Municipal Parking

Format: Legacy

Registration: 10€ pre-book before 6-9, 12€ from 6-9

0'50 € for each proxy (up 10) (ampostata@ampostata.org paypal account)

To 16 Players: 4 rounds and top 4

17 a 32 Players: 5 rounds and top 8

More 32 Players: 6 rounds and top 8





Extra premium

Rod 4 Jace, Sculptor MENTAL, and pool of letters From The Vault: Twenty envelopes and M14.

I mean: Open several cajas de From The Vault Twenty (0-16 1 box, 17-24, 2 boxes, 25-32 3 boxes, +32 4 boxes, and if pondrán on the table. Addition, if pondrá también 1 on the M14 for each Jugador it in tournament.

Top It 8, and starting with him winning, elegirán Cualquiera the letter on the table in, and so will eligiendo, 8th through it al 1 again until you are agoten them letters and envelopes them.


In them lists them mallets should venir registered proxy used them.
During the launch event of any format side events at the time there 8 Players.
There will be a booth with single cards, sealing materials and all kinds of products.

In Baza, 's Fair and Festival of 6 to the 15 September, so that Saturday will be a beastly Baza Marchon, after the tournament so you may go from Fair to show off your letters newly reclaimed :D

All participants will have bonus-glass to one of the booths of the fair disco.

I have also spoken to a nearby bar to make us special pricing on food, price not yet know, but baratico.

I have also spoken to a hostel for those who want to book room, from € 15. It's a very bad time to leave at the last minute, for the holidays, so I would advise booking them NOW:

Hostal San Carlos, Crtra. Grenada 2. 651-699 527 (have garage). I asked to pay for the reservation. You can tell it's on me, I you send me the money by paypal for example, and the payment. In any case, contact me before.

I do also behind City Hall to give me vouchers for all municipal parking, as they have fucked the central blue area.


For any doubt or question, can use email info@frikland.com , phone 958-700407 (Dimas) or 678-912640 (whatsapp mobile)

Event on Facebook: Facebook

Spain very well in the ETC of Serbia

ETC already ended this year to be held in Serbia this year.


The Warhammer championship 40.000 Fancy for national teams and has left Spain magnificently in Warhammer 40000 and worse in Warhammer Fantasy. But I think in general terms we can say that our representatives in the tournament Spanish have done a very good tournament.

In Fantasy, the team remained in ninth place, namely, quite well because they are among the 10 best national teams were in the mix for the title. Here you have the list of the top ten spots fantasy teams (taken from Laurana Tavern).

GERMANY 94 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 85 +71 = 550
ITALY 100 + 61 + 100 + 100 + 100 +89 = 550
DENMARK 71 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 75 + 99 = 545
POLAND 100 + 99 + 100 + 60 + 100 + 61 = 520
GREECE 83 + 87 + 100 + 88 + 60 + 100 = 518
ENGLAND 100 + 63 + 82 + 84 + 100 + 88 = 517
FRANCE 77 + 77 + 100 + 66 + 95 + 98 = 513
USA 94 + 89 + 77 + 91 + 60 + 100 = 511
SPAIN 89 + 92 + 83 + 60 + 100 + 82 = 506
RUSSIA 100 + 97 + 60 + 69 + 100 = 504

If we look closely, all Warhammer theoretical powers are in the TOP 10, the countries where GW's and hosts more tournaments Games Day and so we can conclude that the countries where you move the hobby are the strongest countries. Perhaps in this list have gotten Greece and Denmark but it is clear, there are always surprises throughout tournament.

equipo español ETC

But Warhammer 40000 is where the Spanish have done a great tournament because they have been champions about to rise. Finally have been seconds and applaud from FanHammer for this great position. Spain as you see in the Warhammer Elite.

Here you have the comment of one of the participants, working in the terrific blog Specialists 40k, FanHammer friends:

Runners World !!! Tied on points with the first. And for some time the need world champions Germany win His last game for 17-3 and finally did, passing us in the tiebreaker. Runners World !!!!!!!!

Well FanHammer is proud of its Spanish team and look forward to this tournament more closely in our pages for you to share all the info of what has been the ETC 2013 and talk soon ETC insurance 2014. I think it's a topic that you are interested.

This weekend is celebrating the ETC in Serbia

Yesterday and today it is celebrating the ETC 2013 Novi Sad in Serbia, ie, global tournament Warhammer countries 40000, Warhammer Fantasy and Flames of War.


We have been asked to put on the blog and of course we had to put it because it is a big event in our hobby. I would love one day to dispute it and why not maybe someday that time comes.

Here you have the information you are asking us to spend:

ETC españa

At this time and throughout the weekend week, in the city of Novi Sad (Serbia) final is being held ETC. The finals tournament ETC began as a European level; currently consists of 32 countries all over the world (Singapore, NZ, USA, etc.) The ETC is the final tournament 3 days of Warhammer Fantasy (with restrictions), Warhammer 40k (no mysterious objects), and Flames of War. Right now our team is representing us… Which unless you give encouragement from our country.

For more info:

https://twitter.com / search?q = # etc2013&src = typd&mode = realtime


Tanto el twitter de ETC2013, such as Facebook in which results are updated, emparejamientos, etc..

france ETC

Thank you very much
Att. Artysana

We wish him well from FanHammer Spanish team and we will put the final result by our Facebook and maybe do an entry talking about the result.

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