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TOS for Youth: Lo que le interesa a Games Workshop

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These days, The meditator Profundus came in to see the latest news from Games Workshop this month and saw a story on TOS. So read it and I was very surprised and why not say, disappointed by this trend.

So the news about the Throne of Skulls is that apparently there will be several tournaments throughout Spain during, apparently making small tournaments instead of one large as previously, that “was considered” Spain's tournament.


Well this would not be all bad. It's another way to do. What I do not like, first is that this will be done in the GW Store Ramon de la Cruz is aimed at young players only. Applicants must be under 16 years he, so sincerely, is not at a tournament that represents what was before.

It is a tournament for junior, just that. And unfortunately, policy is that Games Workshop that lately is conducting. And the hobby and devote their campaigns and all young people, because they are the future and they are their top customers. But leave the rest of us out of all, I think honestly disrespectful.

Sorry GW, But let us set aside the general, especially in these tournaments to devote to the young novice, does not seem right. We gave you what you are. We build GW. And we want to continue many years into it and not let us aside.

Honestly a player disappointed by this new news.

But what happened to the milk TOS 2012 – Sage Profundus

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Today it goes on the Throne of Skulls of Spain 2012, what was the match of Spain Warhammer and now…. I have not the faintest idea.

If in the 2003 and 2004 all began in this tournament and it was new and almost no one knew and pointed (cost a little), in the following 4 the 5 years had the tournament in Spain growth and interest is magnificent reflected in a few hours just opened registration for he is exhausted. I remember the year 2005 I call first thing to GW in a lot of attempts (because they were always full lines) until I finally attended after 15 attempts and were praying because you stay even tickets. Some subscribed to the magazine White Dwarf subscriber because you could still register for the tournament with a few days early, so be sure the square. You were going to the tournament and was full of people to see, to play and players associations and groups competed with vigor and enthusiasm for the tournament and the various awards. Where has that now quedados?

In that 2012 there has not been any tournament because they feared, in my opinion, it was a complete failure. Since the 2011, According to people who were over there was very decaf and many places were empty. Without investment by GW at the event and uneventful, soulless. A tournament like many others and even worse than that now have caught some fame and recognition. A shame that this tournament now Spain nor there.

Whose is to blame? I guess not take care of GW, not to promote it and let it die and slowly dying. Failure to unify rules and tournament rules and scores a strange that nobody understands and they do not share. That there are now many tournaments nationally and some very good that you have removed prestige and resources. That has not been renewed as it should. I think there are several reasons.

So say the TOS is dead, is truly a shame. Hopefully in 2013, GW's bet for him, to sponsor, some pampering, be given a new orinetación and return to what it once was, the tournament where they were the top commanders and generals on the national scene. We want a champion of Spain.

As a point to finish. Here in France it is a GW playoffs in each of the country, entitling then to go to Paris and TOS National winner in Paris dle TOS TOS invite to Italy (and I think the second also) to participar alli (because he is head of GW French Italian). A good prize to go to another country as a representative of your country with all expenses paid (or without). This year not because it is now February and I have not prepared but perhaps for 2014, if Spain still TOS, as I will have to leave these poor Frenchmen to Warhammer 40000.

Classification Tournament TOS France – Results and Evaluation

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This past weekend was held in Lyon, my city, the French qualifier TOS Lyon Area. 20 participating in Warhammer 40000 and 16 Warhammer s Fantasia. I know many Spanish catches you away but if we can draw some conclusions from the ranking lists of the tournament and discuss a little game here in France and maybe find differences with Spain.

This is the champion of Warhammer 40000 with Eldar

I had to lose the championship, I wanted to be seen, but he was traveling to London so I can not make a valuation of the tournament itself and its operation. But I hope to go to sigueinte and maybe participate with my Necrons.

Well let's valuation of the classifications:

Warhammer 40000:

Eldar won a, strange thing at the moment, but seeing some players who were in the tournament, I rarely. The man who leads one of the best I've seen here playing for. A good player and with respect to many other participants, a veteran and competent adversary. If you had a half Eldar list and opponents had any good resources or even, is normal to win the tournament.

Much Space Marine Standard (especially novices) and instead that unlike Spain, Grey soil of the Caballeros, of the Orkos of Angeles sangrientos. He had all the armies in the tournament. In Spain, level in tournaments usually abound strongest armies of the moment. Here it did not happen as seen in the classification.

Warhammer Fantasy:

The winner was a guy with Daemons of Chaos. This is more common if, I think it happens by Fantasia. It is one of the armies that if you get along, is a good list and you get the strategy right, is difficult to win. Here the most abundant in the tournament were the Vampire (3) and the Skaven (3). Now this is as normal as also in Spain.

One of the GW with wild Ork

For Groups:

Also here are classifying them by groups or associations and must say that Fantasia had an association called MAD 5 of 6 top positions in the tournament (seems a good place to play fantasy truth). And another curious thing I would say that concern for GW. The three latest Warhammer 4000th in the rankings are red boys GW Lyon's store and also the latest in Warhammer Fantasy. If that's the level you have to be advise to play….. I prefer learning with others…..

Well a mini tournament summary. If you want to see pictures or a classification, here is the Link


10high: Fernando Garcia and Tyranids

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First ask forgiveness for having a bit abandoned this project. But they are so many things at hand and making it difficult to keep everything perfectly. Well reactivated the 10alTos with the presentation of the second participant.

The first is to congratulate Fernando because small expected this summer, so it's TOS doubtful for Spain to see if you can go after taking the small. Reasonable doubt but we are sure that if possibility is hollow and will attend as it has done every year lately. It is the most devoted players for this tournament Cartagena.

Fernando tells us, Current champion of painting in the past TOS 2011 re going to go with the Tyranids and basically going to take a list very similar to last year with a few tweaks and a few changes.

So that tells us right now with a fleet of gargoyles with glands of toxins and adrenaline glands and their former Hive Tyrant will add a poison gun will come in handy to destroy enemy vehicles before the Tyrant dies riddled 2011.

This is how little progress we, secrets clear this author, but hope to soon put you in another post your list and get to know the general strategy of armed. And we will be alert to news about their participation in the TOS 2012, because it is the Adeptus entandarte of Carthago in the tournament and would be a significant drop. But of course this, Family comes first.

10HIGH: Alfonso Ortega Martinez and Necrons

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Today we present the first of the commanders who intend to participate in the next TOS and belong to the Adeptus Carthago or in this particular case, is very close to them. Also does the writing….

Well the first thing will be a brief presentation mine. I have since 2000 s Warhammer 40000, starting with more dear Angeles Oscuros. And 2001 participate in the first TOS (by that time championship of Spain) and I played three times (one with Dark Angels and two with Necrons). The first two times is above the middle of the table and the last time, I think 2004, be 10 the 100 with my mighty Necron commander and second best. Then gradually I started to leave and I've been about four years away (but following the scene) of the battlefield. Now, for a year, I started slowly with the idea of ​​returning, together to create FanHammer and now I can say that we are in the throes of creating a new necrona armed.

Right now I live in France, Lyon, and here I am giving the French drive with my old Necrons (metal miniatures that appeared long long ago) and little by little I'm going incorporating them luck miniaturas.Por new here I have two GW and now am a regular at one of them where I've brought friends and I started playing in it.

Finally, the list presentare mi (version 1.0) that may change the TOS here, little things go according to the Codex testing and second I like the units or not. With the games I hope to refine the list and make improved but this I present below me to like it much. This is a list 1500 points.

Vargard Obyron.
Supreme leader Necrons.
Royal Court with two leaders Criptecnologo and Necrons
9 Tesla immortals Carbine
9 Tesla immortals Carbine
7 Tesla immortals Carbine
3 Spiders Canopticas
4 Beetles Canopticos
5 Spectra Canopticos
1 Annihilation Platform
1 Annihilation Platform

We start with the 10alTOS – Bases and first participants

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Well we kick off to this interesting (hope) and ambitious project to raise at least 10 players for next championship TOS 2012 Cartagena area and vicinity. Last year there were three players who enjoyed our city and participated in the tournament and this year we will do everything possible to be 10 (or more).

Well this anger slowly getting here the progress of the armies, Comment, interviews, thoughts of participants as they go for next TOS. Gradually continue its work and its evolutions, their problems and everything that surrounds the creation of a navy or army for the event. We hope to offer many post on the subject and to be very interesting.

Welcome to participants and future participants of the TOS.

To begin, we explained the project and now the players present at the moment begin our project 10alTOS.

1- Alfonso Ortega – He who writes these lines. With Necrons.

2- Husai of Leon – With Blood Angels. An eternal tournament.

3- Jaime Kretschmer – With or Eldar Dark Angels.

4 – Fernando Garcia – With Tyranids. Our standard-bearer this year for his award.

5 – Jose Castillo in July – With Space Wolves.

6 – Jose – With Orks. Participation will repeat.

7 – Alfonso (Curls) – With Tyranids.

Well as you see we have so far only 7 Players (some do not even confirmed it) so who plays in the first few months talking to people and add more players to the list. Besides if fijais, all are players 400000 and I think some will point to here is the date of the tournament also Fantasia, even some doubles and played in the two. We hope little by little and hopefully giving more names soon exceed ten and be a lot who'll play the Tournament, as before, when llenavamos a van to go from Cartagena. Sure you get. As we said at the beginning is an ambitious but great if we got. A worker touches.

Painting Tyranid Army Champion in the TOS 2011

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Well we remember the awesome prize that our dear friend Fernando Garcia Olivares received this past November in the TOS 2011 of Spain. It took the prize for best painted army and well deserved it is a Cartagenero premio.Fernando that started many years ago in Warhammer 40000. Its origins were with tyrants, but also has armies of Chaos Marines and the last thing I think in previous years was also great ejérctio Daemons of Chaos.

This is an article more graphic than anything else. We bring a lot of photos of his army in detail so you can see his marvelous work. Your time is a shot every weekend and nights painting it. Well enjoy this wonderful army.



Transportation Spore


Well here you have only a few pictures. In our Facebook will find some more. So visit them and pass yourself follower / a of our Facebook you do not miss many things that we only post in it. Because information is power.

Enfants Terribles: Our three armies in the cough in pictures

Today is a brief tribute to the three players Cartagena land (or around mucipios) who participated in the TOS 2011. Only three this year but with a great result and we hope to 2012, we are much more We have been working for this FanHammer. You will have news soon.

Well get to work or rather eye to photos:

1 – Orkos Jose Perez. Albujón Our friend showed up with this great horde of greenskins. Always paint a Ork horde is a challenge for his many thumbnails. So congratulations on first place for it. Second in the overall classification in tenth place is another joy. A very creditable job. It's hard to be in the TOP 10. Good job Jose.

2 – Leon Hushai was presented to the tournament as a participant Fantasia with his army of Warriors of Chaos. He managed to reach # 23 the 52 Participants. It is a place low enough to what we are used to Hushai, that always seems to be in the top positions of all the tournaments. A bad one can have any. To continue in the gap. It also stands for the Blood Angels participant with a campaign that took place during the CHAMPIONSHIP. Here you can see su ejercito Fantasy.

3 – Finally, Fernando Garcia is who this year has left the pavilion of the Enfants Terribles very, very high. Top commander was shot in and a good cough but getting the first prize ARMY BEST PAINTED Warhammer tournament 40000 is an incredible feat, but well-deserved. His efforts not only this year, but many years earlier, finally have a magnificent reward. We are delighted by Ferdinand, for representing so well to Cartagena and now on to the next project.

The Order of the Phoenix – A great final project

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FanHammer this sad today because we say goodbye to this project that has been with us many months. Since February when we started, four players have been designing and painting his army showing a little as they did and giving us details of their schedules and their impressions. We have known their desks and finally the results to date. Now it's park project (they will continue to paint the things that are pending or have been already done by increasing) to bring back a bit and take another path similar but not identical.

The project we have to evaluate it as a success, because all the players have evolved during the project and their armies have grown in number and quality. Although some have worked faster and better as usual.

So see you soon, never say goodbye because a project has achieved its objectives to revive the hobby among players Cartagena. Gradually builds a track and it, What is working FanHammer.

So finally we leave we can say, a grand farewell, seeing one of our four participants, Fernando Garcia Olivares, TOS tyrant crowned champions and win the prize for best painted army Warhammer 40000. Un crack Fernando. Congratulations from all FanHammeros and Enfants Terribles.

We leave you with photos of his army and him during the TOS. Thanks to all participants of the Order of the Phoenix for his work and effort and we hope soon to have new adventures with you together.


Fernando (the bare) and his wife Maria very "pending"

Fernando and his tyrannical

And here the overall. Note that the number 10, Jose con Orkos, Enfants Terribles is also one of our land. A tenth position is not bad. Congratulations to you too Jose.

The Experience of TOS Cartagena – Summary

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Today I want to make this article that our great FanHammero Jose Castillo in July has made us and sent. It is about his quest to land tricks and participation of Cartagena Enfants Terribles it. As you know, Fernando Garcia Olivares, one of our most experienced commanders in the TOS, This year has been the prize for best painted army (the first time that it takes a Cartagena) and the award for best tyrannical commander. Congratulations and I leave here without this fun, curious, vibrant and good story.

Particular day and then certainly you will know that. A year waiting, and even some back hundreds of sensations felt something forgotten and that truly is that many of you reading these lines miss.

We meet a unique group within the Cartagena bus station as we echo the reservation of a rental car days before. When I reached the station I met the first of my travel companions Juan David with his girlfriend, at me out of the car did not have time to come to help me with my backpack and crutches, the great person you assure. After a few minutes came the rest of fellow travelers, Alfonso, Jose and Hushai a group of five veterans and new fans of this hobby more than willing to do 600 Km. uncomfortably in a car with this to enjoy a weekend of what we all love and thanks to that we met. We got to the window where we had reserved the car and the girl leaves us with open mouth and the urge to throw a punch to something when we say we can not rent the car for the owner of the credit card pin, pan, no me worth of debt, etc., etc., The procedures to fix it ... all we have nearly two hours before embarking on a very nice black Seat Leon which started to roll and with a bit of a hurry because we have a long way to Zaragoza.

There are many talks and funny comments we have in the car when we go on the highway yet to leave Cartagena, when a noise under the car silences us all and after a few seconds of different opinions and 120 km / h I see a man in our lane highway with his hands up and face of despair that Inca knees before the car waiting for someone to trample.

One, is what you're thinking, but true, I could only utter a word to get out of my mouth, Husa!!! driving and was on my left. He astonished the face like mine or worse, but with unmatched skill made an evasive maneuver worthy of Han Solo in an asteroid field I assure. After avoiding the suicidal, Jose called traffic and there we went through the civil guard and confirm that we were warned and were on their way. A scare that could have changed our life journey and had a bad fuck that.

We headed for Cartagena to see that this was the famous sound of the car and after calling the agency and stop the car, pressing a button on the control console (I look like a Techmarine ...), eerie light of the car disappears and we return to the road out hope that if this time to Zaragoza.

Talks back, jokes and good cheer ultimately own these trips as you know.

There are really looking forward and after stopping to eat at a roadside bar continue the path, the back rest as you can while Husa and I talked about thousands of things while passing the songs on my memory stick and you do not like it at times, wake of laughter to others. Valencia and dark past had a large wooded area which at one point leaving a sizable rat that is blinded by the lights one second of the car and after a look at that!!! without reference is hit by the car which leads us to suspect that this rat ogre almost all known by the nickname of "the rate of the curve" will be waiting on the way back to exact revenge, I assure you that wound up for a good time to laugh. No more having arrived at Zaragoza but stopped again and found the works erected by Zaragoza in the middle, if what you're thinking, right where we need the hotel reservation. It took a little while to find the alternate route while on the phone from receiving and guiding us in the end we. When you make the allocation of rooms and hence after the joke come the crippled (Alfonso elbow surgery a few days ago and I with my knee still dodgy) We offer you both a room equipped with more amenities especially for us two, a success of the Hotel Avenida we were treated great at all times.

We dined at a restaurant near the hotel curious, with a tiny but important burgers, surrounded by a character of those who abound in these streets and showering. Juan David, Jose Alfonso more rested and decide to go that night out even Jose, playing the next day are encouraged and. At 4:30 in the morning I hear footsteps down the hall and when I notice the Trustee of the lock back to close my eyes more than anything to not go blind with light. Enter the three mentioned above and start jumping on my bed singing a song that does not put here ... if you reach my crutch and download my anger or leave until I touch the knee, I chose the latter and after the laughter to your room each. Two hours later the only ones who were laughing and I Husa, and after dragging this band for breakfast and put a couple of videos of motivation we start the tournament. Participants arrive, tables with a level of scenery more than acceptable, Jose recovering from last night and thinking about his orcs I have to say they were very good and was nominated for one of the top ten professionally painted Tournament. Between returning to see old friends, people dressed in keeping with his army and deployment of geeks we will call as Helga Von chirivitas Castle by Alfonso and more characters get our last two members of the expedition of Ferdinand and Maria Cartagena. It's always nice to talk with them and catch up after the tournament starts. The games are going victories, defeats, disparate armies ties are reflected in the pictures from my camera and teach you. Incredible transformations of all kinds and levels of incredible painting. After the second game just before eating and nominate judges spend only ten armies of the participants including two participants from our representatives today to some extent are selected Cartagena, Proud to be with them when they are given the role of selection. After the last game and seen the new scoring system and other items, the emotion before the awards ceremony was special I assure, After years of experience and learn many techniques richly rewarded Fernando is the best warhammer painted army 40000. All we congratulate orgullosisimos group and did not stop to take pictures, seriously you have to see the tyrant horde Fernando is simply amazing. One surprise was still this day and is to be rewarded for the best participant in each of the races in this universe is unparalleled and effort to their games again Fernando reward with Tyranids, a full day.

The best army in the TOS pinrtado Fernando

That night and back at the hotel after dinner we discussed what happened and decided to bed early and go for a walk later because the comments last night inviting it. At one o'clock we got to get up Hushai, Alfonso and I. We walked around the party area was not far from the hotel and met very nice people and nice. Almost around the corner and with some hungry my two compys stopped to eat something on the way to the hotel and saw that here too there are fools, pounds that no community is not safe "matanazis" We call for his comments let's leave it there.


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