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Board Game Battlestar Galactica: Edge comes for fans of the series

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From the official website of Edge, Here we bring you this news about the game of the famous series Battlestar Galactica. It's a wonderful story and I'm sure many who followed this series would be interested in it. Here you have the review that gives us the company that you may know how to play it and the main thing. He was exhausted but since you have it again for you can buy it without problems.



Now again we have among us Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, the classical and semi-cooperative game is all the rage among seguidres TV Series, after several months out again available in top specialty stores and in our online store.

If you still do not know this amazing board game please keep an eye on our introductory video and to the web Battlestar Galactica substantial information where you can read and download the game and expansions, Exodus and Pegasus to know all the details of the game before you make him.

Battlestar Galactica
Save a la humanidad… or destroy it forever.

The Cylons were created to make life easier on the Twelve Colonies. But the day came when the Cylons decided to kill their masters. After a long and bloody war, an armistice was declared and the Cylons left in search of a world of their own.

Forty years later, returned and pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. The remaining human, guided by the crew of the battlestar Galactica, fled in hopes of finding a new home, a legendary planet called Earth.

The only hope for humanity lies in finding the location of Earth while fighting the relentless Cylon. But their resources are dwindling, and the enemy now can mimic human form and has infiltrated the fleet.

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game provides a unique gaming experience. Unlike most other games, in which each player play individually, Battlestar Galactica is a cooperative game with the added difficulty that no one knows which players belong to different sides.

Each player is secretly assigned to a camp at the beginning of the game. Both sides available are humans and Cylons, and each has a specific target. Human players try to find a map that will lead them to Earth, while not pursuing Cylon players other than the elimination of the human race. Each player wins or loses with the other members of your team ... but must figure out who they can trust to claim victory.

Game Layout

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game is a semi-cooperative game policy, betrayal and survival 2-6 Players, based on the popular Syfy Channel.

Knight Rider – The series was…

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Who has not ever dreamed? Hop on the front seat of your father, to buckle (Safety first), adjust mirrors, sprigs check your feet are on the pedals of the car and most importantly, speak to the dashboard with a "KITT, Come“. From that moment, multitude of witty conversations took place, much world to save, very beautiful girl, lots of burning rubber, much road to travel ... but in truth, the car did not move an inch and your father took out of sleep with a campion for playing the horn. Knight Rider (the, what we are going to fool, as most know, Knight Rider) was produced and aired in the years 80. It has four seasons, 90 chapters flipping can still see some Saturday or Sunday morning, followed by other classics of the time as The A-Team


Knight Rider focuses on the adventures "of a man who does not exist in a world full of dangers. Michael Knight, a solitary young man embarked on a crusade to save humble cause of the innocent, the helpless, the weak, in a world of criminals who operate outside the law ". Can not be avoided, ¿verdad? You have to read it in that voice, serious and rough, music and maybe more than one or two have led to our mobile polytone occasionally.

Michael Knight, played by a then unknown David Hasselhoff, defend the cause of the innocent at the wheel Emblem series, KITT, súper a car inteligente, revolutionary, beyond the limit of technology, with personality, as voice (mythical), able to perform incredible jumps, with blood analyzer, electromagnetic pulse, tracker, thousand different ways and resources. A marvel of consistency that, however, with the course-adventure series becomes something more than just a machine prodigious, both Michael and those who were on the other side of the screen.

Each chapter was a new and unique adventure, Always expect the appearance of Devon Miles to know what should make our players skirmish, see their beautiful mechanical Bonnie Barstow and April Curtis magnificently unfold around this atmosphere that was innovative for women then. There was a frame with a large development, but above all emphasized two main enemies: KARR, KITT prototype and its nemesis; y la dupla Garth Knight-Goliath, we inspire fear like the mystery of the past life of Michael.

Knight Rider marked pre-adolescence and adolescence of many of us, today we feel nostalgic to see some of those mornings loose chapter home, to remember what fools we were to dream of having a car like this ... ¿We were the AUN Us?

New Survey FanHammer: Choose the best animated series of our childhood

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Sure you remember fondly from your childhood series, as I do sometimes when I see again, I see your photos online or remember sometime with friends in the same fifth. That moment of kids glued to the TV every Saturday morning watching all drawings. Surely many of you well you did.


Good, in mind FanHammer Thinking about making, within a few months a special on our favorite animated series and we want to probe your tastes to start preparing stuff, items and things for when the date. So vote for favorite series vuesta. So you will help us in choosing which speak of.

And we know that all good series are not in this survey, but we can not make it not too long. But you can leave your comments on this article if you see that we are missing and some might be within this thematic animation series. What would you like us to add?

What was actors Team? Before and after the show

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All readers will remember one of the series that was emblematic of our childhood, and subsequently reissued television, thus giving the category of "classic". This is Team A, a command composed of four of the best men in the U.S. Army, who were imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. But, What happened to the actors of The A-Team?
This was the group leader, which organized all, Colonel command. He will always be remembered for his ability to disguise, his cigars and his phrase "I love it when a plan comes together". George Peppard Nacio in Detroit 1928. After a brief stint in the army (the truth, where Colonel did not but out), back to college, where he graduated in Fine Arts (hence the art to dress). After university, moved to New York, where he studied at the prestigious Actor's Studio. His first job in the industry came with audiovisual 28 years old, when he appeared in an episode of The United States Steel Hour. His career was on the rise, coming to participate in such films as In the Hill, Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Carpetbaggers. But, his drinking problem and his bad attitude on movie made comenzase to have difficulty finding roles. So, with almost fifty titles behind, his big moment came with the role of Hannibal Smith, character she played for four years (1983-1987) and 97 Chapters. After passing through this series was not very active interpretative. He starred in The Untouchables patrol (1988) Chinatown and fatal attraction (1989) Glass and co-starred Silence (1989), appearing later in the evening of fox (1990). At this time you are diagnosed with lung cancer, fact that did not prevent him to return to action in Die Tigerin (1992) or in an episode of Matlock (1994). His alcohol problems prevented him from continuing to act, then retired to pursue a rehabilitation therapy. But, pneumonia was the cause of his death in 1994, when he was 65 years old.
What happened to Mr. T (M.A. Barracus)? His character was hard-Team, but good-hearted. ¿Qué fue Laurence Tureaud, also known as Mr. T?
The case of Mr. T is quite interesting since, quite possibly not know what happened to it after passing through the famous series of 80, but also know that it was before that series so discuss what made both before and after Team A and we can see after the jump line. Mr. T was the lowest of 12 brothers were born in Chicago a 21 May 1952. In his youth he studied martial arts and played football coming to get a sports scholarship to college but due to a knee injury his career was cut short. He also worked as a military policeman in the U.S. Army and for about 10 years was bodyguard of great personalities like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee or Diana Ross among others. Your name legally changed in 1970 Lawrence Tureaud Lawrence and Tero 1978 definitely going to know it all, ie, a Mr. T. Clubber Lang in Rocky III Rocky Vs Then came the time when it was discovered to the world of film and television. Sylvester Stallone himself was its discoverer as he saw the rival Rocky would face in the third part of this famous saga Clubber Lang playing the irascible movie debuting this 1982. Starting 1983 We could see a cartoon series in which Mr. T was the protagonist and was broadcast on NBC, while in Spain she was seen by Antenna 3. The title of this series was the same as the name of its protagonist, Mister T and was about a group of gymnasts trained by the same Mr. That T, besides train them jointly solved various crimes and mysteries. They reached occur until 30 episodes of this series. Possibly you sound in the intro you see it in the video below: And 1984 We could see him in the film The World's Strongest Man in which changes his life to help the bully of the neighborhood jóvemes. With Hulk Hogan in his time as a professional wrestler after this, and 1985 became a professional wrestler for wrestling at that time was called the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) (conocida hoy por WWE World Wresling Entertainment). Teamed with Hulk Hogan himself and made the wrestling show international interest being charged participants first major PPV event that continues to this day and known as WrestleMania in his first edition in which the , known in Spain as "The Piper" teaming with Paul Orndorff and where the latter were defeated. The journey of Mr. T for wrestling ended in 1988. And it was at that time he developed a humanitarian program for troubled youth sports, making it one of the most beloved figures in the United States. Moreover also helped that he was one of the stars of one of the most followed series of that era, to interpret from 1983 a 1987 the Sargento B.A. (Bosco Albert o Bad Attitude) Barracus or M.A. (Bad Attitude) Barracus, as you know in Spain, At the computer, where he had to deal with the bad relationship he had with George Peppard, actor who played Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, for he was extremely racist and hated black someone were to have more popularity in the series he, so were constant disputes until I decided not even speak to both the pitcher goes to the source that ultimately breaks and during the recording of an episode of the fourth season broke a violent fight that broke his Peppard . T of a punch and he had to go to the dentist to finish recording. But now is when we ask: What was Mr. T after visiting Team A? With his fellow Team A Well in 1988 starred in T and T, where he had the role of TS. Turner, an ex-con who joined a lawyer to form a detective agency. This series lasted 2 seasons and 1990 was canceled. After this work, their work had a significant decrease and only participated as a guest star on series like Blossom or Martin among other. In addition we also see in 1994 in Spain as a guest of the contest The Great Game of the Goose. Speaking of cameos also had another cameo in 2001 in the film Not Another Teen Movie (yes it is really ...). That same year he also participated in the production and Judgment is also known for lending his voice in animated series like The Simpsons or Johnny Bravo in just before 1995 was diagnosed with lymphoma who left the entertainment world to 2001, while it is true that by the year 1999 We could see him in a cameo in the movie Inspector Gadget. Character of Mr. T From WoW 2007 becomes an "ad man" making commercials for the famous game World of Warcraft in which he said that his character was not a warrior but a Mohican, Also announcing a toaster oven and microwave 2008 and a series of ads for candy famous Snickers. Finally mention his participation in 2009 music in Atlantic City "I'm not dead" (I'm not dead) with characters fallen into oblivion as Jaleel White, famous for playing Steve Urkel on Family Matters series or Carrie Fisher and others. This was due to musical director was the late Patrick Swayze made his tragic death but it was replaced by a now recovered from his alcohol problems, David Hasselhoff. On the other hand, the same Mr. T has asked Sylvester Stallone made a cameo in the work of gratitude for having been the discoverer. Without a doubt, all are very grateful to our dear Sly discovered us to turn rough but endearing MA. which all have good memories especially, on their way through this legendary series that so many families gathered in front of the TV ... Thanks Sly, Thanks Team A and especially, THANKS MR. T!
¿Qué fue de Dwight Schultz (Murdock)?
Schultz's character was the crazy series. I was so mad because he spoke with the socks she wore in her hand and was always locked up in a psychiatric (many had no security ...). Born in 1947 en Baltimore, Dwight Schultz had worked in ten productions before his role as Murdock, among which Hill Street Blues (1981), Sherlock Holmes (1981) o Alone in the Dark (1982). After a stint in The A-Team, remained heavily involved in the film world. Not for nothing, from 1987 has participated in almost 150 jobs. Among his films you can find titles such as The Temp (1993), Star Trek the Next Generation (1994), or La princesa Mononoke (1997, acting as doubler). His last appearance on the big screen has been, curiously, in the film version of The A-Team (2010), in which she played a German doctor. Currently engaged, mainly, to dubbing animation series (Ben 10, Chowder, Afro Samurai…), well as lending his voice to several video games (Gears of War 3, Dragon Age II, DC Universe Online…).
What became of Templeton Peck (Dirk Benedict)?
This was the pretty boy of the group, and teniente Templeton Peck, aka Faceman (although in Spain it translated as Phoenix). It was the public relations and it always ended with the girl. Veterans science fiction fans will remember Benedict for the series Battlestar Galactica (1978). Harrison Ford was the television. Dirk Benedict, born in 1945 in Montana, began his film career with 27 , starring in the movie Georgia, Georgia. After several small appearances in movies and series like Hawaii 5-0 (1972), Space Patrol (1974) or Charlie's Angels (1977), the public could know in depth in the aforementioned series Battlestar Galactica, in which she played one of the main characters (Starbuck and teniente). Benedict was already a veteran when it appeared in The A-Team. After completing the shooting of this series has continued around the world of film and, above all, television. So, we saw in films like Blue Tornado (1991), Demon Keeper (1994), The Feminine (1996) and, more recently, as one of the cameos in the film The A-Team (2010), and this is his latest work on the big screen. With respect to television, had small roles in series like Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1989), Walker Ranger Texas (1995) o Murder, She Wrote (1995), and telefilms as Trenchcoat in Paradise (1989) or Lunar Impact (2006). Benedict also worked in theater, interpretando a Hamlet one 1987, en el Abbey Theatre. As a curiosity, this actor participated in the British edition of 2007 del programa Celebrity Big Brother (something like the Big Brother VIP), coming to reality in a van like the A-Team and smoking a big cigar. As to privacy concerns, on the set of The A-Team, and 1986, married to actress Toni Hudson, that had previously appeared in an episode of this series. Although divorced in 1995, had two children. But, this was not the only offspring of Benedict, as found in 1998 fruit had another son from a previous relationship. Dirk is a prostate cancer survivor, that was diagnosed in 1974 and exceeded three years later. Although doctors advised to undergo surgery, he preferred natural methods and followed a macrobiotic diet and exercise that helped him fight his illness, lifestyle that still continues to carry.

Article published in The House EL.net

Knights of the Zodiac: Chapters to see SerieFacil

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Buenas mis ones FanHammeros. Today we bring you a good news for all those nostalgic series.

Our Blog FanHammer associated Series, SerieFacil, continues to be updated, adding new series geeks and gradually expanding its range. Following up with our current Hot Topic “The old TV Geeks” We are bringing the links to the most beloved series for many of you in vuestroas younger days. And for the young that maybe not FanHammer may know or have never had the opportunity to see them, I advise you to do.

The first will be available in the mythical Knights of the Zodiac (Spanish name). You can now find the first chapters and gradually go up the remaining chapters of all Sagas and even movies and those who have not come to our country. So you can start the series again reveer. I'm doing and I'm remembering a lot of my childhood with it.

In addition to our blog FanHammer you will about this series and many more small items that we hope you find them interesting. Slowly coming iran.

Fringe – Advancing promising last season of the series

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Many of our regulars Fanhammeros you are sure the magnificent series of TV science fiction themes, epic fantasy and zombies. Progress as we have several series of the moment that we could not stop posting for FanHammer, because we like you we are hooked on them. Here you have the video preview of the last season of Fringe, great science fiction series that we hope that you are following. If you do it yet I invite you to do or because you are missing a wonderful series. You can see on our link to SerieFacil, our blog series FanHammeras. Will update shortly, promised.

The Geek favorite series is our FanHammeros…. Survey Results

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Closed the survey 1 September, after a month of voting (normal time left by survey) have to provide the results and value. Walking is gerund….

Today we started back and forth. To give more excitement. So in the last of the standings and have been Falling Skies Fringe, with very few votes. Series they believe are too religious but we have to say that Fringe seems pretty good (Although the last season has been weak) and we were surprised the few votes that has been.

In third position, Walking Dead, zombie series we thought would also be higher in ranking vying head. By thin is left by half, but with a good number of votes (16%).

And head, after your 92 Votes, are second comedy geeks scientists, Big Bang Theory and in first place and hence the series title more like the FanHammeros to Game of Thrones. The Game of Thrones, I do not think anyone will be surprised. And until last week the two were very igualas but eventually went away with the most votes Game of Thrones and finished with 40 Votes (43% of votes), ie, nearly half.

As we always say at the end of polls, thanks for your votes and behind them were better informed and surprises. Now place the following…. series that also goes…

New Game of Thrones cast of season three

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The third is about ..... If shooting the third season just started and every day will go closer the day when we can once again enjoy this great series. It'll make is the wait, so we will give as much information as possible about the series to try to make the wait more bearable as possible.

Today we talk a little about the new additions that are known to date:

After announcing the presence of Asim Ahmad (Thoros de Myr), Clive Russell (Brynden Tully), Kerry Ingram (Shireen Baratheon) and Charlotte Hope (Myranda), rumor has already begun the signing of British actors Tara Fitzgerald ('Case Closed') and Mackenzie Crook (‘The Office’, 'Pirates') as the wife of Stannis Baratheon Selyse Florent and Vargo Hoat "The Goat" respectively. Both characters, like most of the new signings of the third installment, already appeared in the early novels of the saga of George RR. Martin, although the team has not yet decided to introduce.

According to the described 'Song of Ice and Fire', Selyse Florent is a tall thin woman, light eyes and a little mustache. Like her husband, is a faithful follower of the religion that preaches the red priestess of Asshai Melissandre and, in fact, Stannis is who drives to become. On the other hand, Vargoi Hoat is a thin man thin face and having a characteristic lisp and works as a mercenary for Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance).

To other Space Marines and welcome Our Children Series

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With this title, clear, I inform you that we leave it aside for now the issue in depth of the Space Marines of First Foundation to start a new topic. And we say to each other because you see them again in a few months maybe, because we have been many chapters to try, many things to say and even a new section of this issue would be the chapters that joined Horus Heresy in, of which we have not said anything.

So looks forward to a later time. We promise. While we will be keeping information from the chapters, preparing supplementary to the topic and little things that sort of thing so that when the time is even more interesting if it fits our articles and things that we can offer.

And we welcome a new and nostalgic theme, at least for those who do FanHammer. Remember our cartoons, action and childhood. You will have many series and fondly remember many of them marked an era and the way we are (an unsafe). So much material we will climb the mythical series of ours, we will bring your children very fond memories and remember fondly.

Material that will bring as images, curiosities of the series, Series intro, Songs, General information, places to see them again, Comment, surveys, etc.. All you can think of and that might be interesting for our FanHammeros with thirty years. Both in our blog and our Facebook. So if you have not joined our Facebook and do not want to miss anything, also follow us on Facebook.

Courage and you pass it very well with this theme that we offer….

To view the recommended series SerieFacil

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Greetings FanHammeros. Well do not stop FanHammer things. You may have noticed already. Well today is going to recommend you post our blog SerieFacil.

Logo SerieFacil

This is a blog devoted to series, as the name makes sense really. Well there we are going to report news on series, also movies and most importantly, you can find links to download series.

A few months ago working on this blog. Gradually try to gradually introduce the news and the series. Especially now, thought we direct you to the science fiction series, historical and comedies that we believe more can please the same people who follow FanHammer.

So let it be an added plus to FanHammer. FanHammero place for the series. Now it you can find all the chapters of Walking Dead so far, Community, Big Bang Theory, V and gradually you will go for finding more and more series SerieFacil.

So hope you enjoy the blog associated with this, This appendix of FanHammer and also the visit it as often as you doing with FanHammer. Another Giant Step in our Blog.

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