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Lade 38 and this for the enjoyment of fans – Good reading

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We have a new and buenisima lade to delight all fans of wargames. The number 38 just been presented with more than 100 full pages of good articles, interesting material and all you want in a publication wargamers. Certainly today, the best publication that can be found on the national scene. Magnificent work we thank.

cargad 38

As a partner of Goblin Paunch, say it is all an example to follow and we are trying to have that same quality in our nume and gradually I think we improve it. We are still away from this magnificent publication but I think we are on the right track. But surely it is best not to have competition, I do not think that there is, but there are alternatives or rather several publications for all fans to enjoy them at once. Greetings to the people of lade and it is a pleasure to read this magazine as an amateur. Envy.


Please remember that remains active win a mini pack of Infinity by FanHammer

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Throughout the month of November we are giving away, I remember it so that you do not pass, a small pack of Corvus Belli Infinity has given us to make the draw for the blog.

To participate, just putting that faction or troop is that bear or like and because explaining its advantages or because did you choose. HERE to participate. Ya sois 43 those who are in the contest but still can be a lot more. Do not miss the draw and maybe you're the chosen minis Pumuky to take home. Chance it will elect…

sorteo infinity noviembre

Corvus Belli reveals that this under preparation RPG Infinity

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All secrets will be revealed! Meeting with Chris Birch Modiphius. The RPG Infinity is booming!

infinity rol

This is what we have encotrado yesterday by the official facebook Infinity. Very brief information and a couple of photos to confirm that as rumored had something cooking for infinity and finally we know that the future is out of an RPG based on the wargames.

Well we are very happy news, because the setting play and the person and company chosen for the project can not go wrong. Now touch wait long enough to see it finished. What do you think the news?

These Games Workshop… A little humor for Sunday

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For if, if yesterday we talked about that box we Chaos “regaled” When ordering less 150 de euros a form sarcastic (I hope you notaráis) Today we have seen a curious little something for the blog Stuff Crom who has returned me to draw attention and which I found funny (especially the comments of the people who are leaving with Conas on the news).

Apparently GW has taken guess for this Christmas catalog usual good deals and we have not paid much attention to produce, because there is a huge typo “All this sun” Let that if in tiny but in huge letters and being repeated on every page, penalty is little. Well let's take with humor, that is what I find most sensible, and as they say the news blog, maybe it's because they are worshiping the Roman sun god or because it is in the square of sunshine where we find these offers.




sol1 sol2 sol3

Make Space Wallpapers for your games and futuristic sci-fi ship

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Today we bring you a couple of interesting videos for your gaming tables that people who are like hands and Scratch Attack Sankarras have gone these last few days and have found it very good and easy resources to make your tables look their best.

First our usual Sankarras brings Space and make a perfect background for your craft table games or similar things. Very resultón.

And then Lumi makes us a doormat lunar background is perhaps what some want for your gaming tables.

Stormclaw Campaign – Another little thing that was left to us by filing in the Den of Pumuky

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As I move yesterday, We have accumulated some things and taking advantage that we have news to share pluck out the day. Today we leave Stormclaw campaign between Orks and Space Wolves. In PDF and English.

Stormclaw_0111 (533x800)



Gamezone official statement on Heroquest 25 Anniversary – At last!

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And after a while comes a new release from Gamezone and announce what we already knew unofficially lead very late in the process but ultimately thumbnails take a small delay apparently two months (maybe February) out,. I think we all knew in our background that this would happen, so I do not think we caught by surprise and good, if they are just these two months there will be no problem as long as you have a good product that everyone wanted to play. I look forward to open and take the surprise of all content. Well this is the official statement:


We know. Long time and I expect to hear from us more than we need an explanation. For better or for worse, Our policy has always been from the beginning to focus on the work that we confiasteis: create the commemorative edition to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the best dungeon crawler in the history of board games.
When in November 2013 ensure that the time window we had for the project was close, but still could be ready to play by Christmas 2014, sin perhaps naive to estimate how close was actually. The problems we face did not help Kickstarter, and dragging already if an initial delay of one month to the relaunch of our crowdfunding campaign, we dove head first into a project not without difficulties.
Believe me when I say that we did our best to adjust our roadmap and meet the promised schedule. We disclaim summer escape hell of Seville and skipped holidays, but many gears, many pieces that have to fit, and are unwilling to rush affect the quality. We want a product that is truly special, and if we have to miss a promise, prefer it to be one that you may have as soon forget the game open your home and your box.
On, unfortunately we will not be able to arrive in time for Christmas. The project is progressing smoothly and we are actually in the final sprint, but we weigh more (and trust us, does not make us any grace skip the holidays) It is precisely now that we have to walk on eggshells taking care of all the final details of the physical production of our (your) HeroQuest.
As you can see, the basic regulation is completely ready (a leaked draft is spring) and heroic rules (You advanced) do not go too far from it. The adventures are really advanced, and working with gradient is more literary than functional. As for the miniatures and scenery, We have almost finished and we have warehouse at the top of boxes waiting for their final home game in each.
We prefer not to give dates, but instead we will offer a detailed picture of the current status of the project that we will maintain the next day, and now I, frequent updates:
The illustrators are working flat, putting the finishing touches to images that already had to stay fully satisfied and not completing the layout for the regulation and adventure books start. Printing and of course the handling and shipping are the 0%, but since we remain committed to working with companies within the country, once start time will be very fast.
Do you have to wait long to hear from us again. In a few days we will begin to post videos explaining the main aspects of the rules so, ¡resistid! The wait will be worth.

And also we have left an indicative picture of how the process goes and we see the theme thumbnails and regulation is very advanced and then printing and the like but it is not normal because it is the ultimate made. Well all is well and good community should welcome this news to know that by Gamezone continue working hard and despite two months late, is accepted.

heroquest 25

New to Kensei month of November

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With one week delay, that we already had the news, we leave the news this month to Kensei. Please remember that most of the new features of this game is that they have released a couple of days ago the new regulations can and will download directly free on your website.

Without more, a few new models of new bugs to the game. As you can see the new arrival of miniatures goes side by mythological beings and strange bugs. Originality and following good line of minis that Zenit Miniatures shows for this game.

k2 k3 k4



Games Workshop and their “Super gifts” christmas

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Today a little joke on our beloved GW so many love / hate leads us by day. I always say, positive or negative according as the news not be an anti GW even a lame….. Why not give me (ni nos and) eating, but of course this is one of our favorite games (or it was unfortunately).

Well I mention this a few days ago on his blog Agramar good and made me so gracefully and turned me so ridiculous that I would love to say that the thing for FanHammer deserves.

Pay attention to this picture and what they say…..



Well the generosity of GW for Christmas clear… if Father Christmas has to be crying about this news.

You go and you spend “only” 150 euros in GW products, if you are really cool and we love and we give GW a cardboard box decorated Chaos and a postcard to congratulate Christmas.

If it is not like they are not in stock shortage with these gifts and this company policy to promote sales. Less cartons, I think we can make ourselves better and more personalized result and discounts 20%, 3*2 and so. Can you imagine a 3*2 GW products? Sales petarian truth and not with this shit.

Zoanthrops and neurotropic – The last translated into Castilian rule

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Day after day as I continue coming to us translated by FanHammer units are showing the new Tyranid. The Archive Besnellarian Now just show us the new rules of zoanthrops and neurotropic and here we share with all our readers and our beloved community FanHammera.

I'll tell you about new Progenies of zoanthrops and neurotropic:

Many they missed the curse of Malantai, with the inclusion of neurotropic this means fixes.

The analysis of the rules is then, although large features which have changed has been changed the maximum size of the unit 3 a 6 Member. Add to neurotropic as a sergeant as he improves and add a psychic power (Spiritual Leech)
HA HP F R H I A Ld Salv
Zoanthrope 3 4 4 4 2 3 1 10 5+/3++
Neurótropo 3 4 4 4 2 3 1 10 5+/3++

TYPE OF UNIT: Infantry. The infantry is neurotropic (character)



-You can add up 5 Additional zoanthrops by 50 points each.
-Converts to a single Zoanthrope in neurotropic by 25 points


Brotherhood of psychic (Level of expertise 2)
Shadow of the Warp
Criatura Sináptica
Very Stout

Psychic Progeny: If progeny zoanthrops uses Warp Lightning (see Codex Tyranids) the number of shots is equivalent to the number of zoanthrops and neurotropic unit.

Deformed field: A model with this rule has an invulnerable save of 3+

Psychic Powers
A Brood zoanthrops always knows the Warp Lightning power . The unit generates an additional power of the powers of the Hive Mind. A Brood including a neurotropic also know the Leech Spiritual power is alive while the neurotropic

Spiritual Leech Warp Loading ... 1

Leech is a power of Spiritual Fire Warlock can embark on any drive other than vehicle at a maximum distance of 18″. This unit should make an immediate Leadership test with 3d6. If it fails the unit will suffer an automatic wound that can not be saved by armor or coverage for every point that the check failed. Adds a point to charge your reservation warp warp points for each wound inflicted by Spiritual Leech . This additional charge will only be used to launch Warp Lightning.

A Brood zoanthrops Elite is an option for the Codex: Tyranids.

From miniature nothing to say. It has not changed practically nothing. To make the neurotropic simply add a Zoanthrope rhino horn style and a tentacle from behind and herding. Nothing that can not be done with some putty and banter.

On the battlefield the unit has won an outrage. For only 25 points not only give you the drive to the Brain Leech, you can do for only 1 miserable load point warp much but a lot of damage if the target unit has a bad shot on the check but also easily generate free charge to launch Warp Warp Lightning and amortizing the launch of Brain Leech.

Think combo, dear, easy to make and deadly. Offspring 6 Zoanthrops turning one in neurotropic. 325 Puntazo. We added a Tyrannocyte to deploy where there noses out. Now we come to the 400 points. What we get? A unit Hyperresistente, as if they were equipped with Shield and Storm 12 Injuries. A significant power Psychic Fire. Besides brain leech, after we put Rayo warp and eaten 6 FP3 F5 templates or 6 Impacts FP1 Launches F10. Above the Tyrannocyte close to touching noses.

In short anti-vehicle unit, Anti-Fortifications, Anti-infantry and anti-Monstrous very resistant. Take care that you do not lock up melee, that is his weakness. With only one attack F4 is no match either for a squad of tactical marines.

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