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Filtering Trailer Game of Thrones Season Five

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Good FanHammeros. Today to end the week and welcome the weekend filtering trailer Game of Thrones fans Americans recorded after watching the last two episodes of the season we leave 4 an IMAX theater. They have hung on youtube and is not the official but we can enjoy and savor a little that we will arrive shortly.

Cast members Jack Gleeson and Sophie Turner arrive for the premiere of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" in New York

Eager to see as many of you I'm sure.

Desks and tables PAINTING Painting

Good FanHammeros, Today a small and perhaps curious article or entry about painting tables. Many of us have a, perhaps most except those who hate painting, have no place or right now do not have it. But we all know of what I speak.

And there are plenty of ways, formulas, different provisions, etc.. as space, availability, economic resources, Table purpose, miniature painting, etc.. Each has his desk and style. But we could think clearly distinguish two types of tables.

Normal and I think those of the 90% of which are in the hobby that would be things like:


Namely, disordered, a bit of everything everywhere and what I know from my friends, my own and what I usually watch. Then here and there are also clear clutter levels, we have a little messy, a little dirty, quite busy, intractable, how do you find the things? and finally “I think between that bunch of miniatures has moved something”. Of these greetings to my good friend J.

But all this comes from HERE. It's the Battle Barge blog did not know but that between yesterday to see for Forge of Mars and was in awe. Well if the table is super neat, is a table with a lot of material, organized and good of those we do not see often.

Habitacion 003

But after seeing picture to picture my envy grows here to see what you look like a great place to work and we usually have or I usually have. And to top it off the last image. It is a temple of the painter…… Congratulations to the author and the person who is enjoying because honestly've done a helluva job. What seems? Are yours It looks?

Habitacion 002

And now the Necron speaking Spanish

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And if a couple of days ago the images of the codex necron in English today we can offer you what we offered in Spanish. Only images of waiting time arrives we expected this PDF clear that we read all. Coming soon hope to have it but for now this is a good step.























Warmachine be translated into Spanish – Magnifica news for the Hispanic community

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Actually I think if Warmachine has not progressed in Spain the level in other countries there is a lack of material in Spanish. I live for example France, I can assure you that here Warmachine this fashion and all shops, events or associations where you approach there are always many people who are playing it. In fact I will venture to say that right now here and in other similar countries is at the same level or nearly Warhammer game.


And it has some interesting rules from what I've seen, Quick and easy gameplay and also magnificent miniatures. Everything to succeed. So all was to have official rules in Spanish and perhaps give a strong push advertising or promotion and Warmachine stop in our hands safe.

Thanks to lade, Best Blog 2014 as our awards FanHammer (very well deserved) which are those that have put us up in this wonderful news. Apparently they will translate both the regulation and the game cards. So far it seems to be only that but if you have then a good sale could maybe get other books. We shall see.

Well what do you think the news. I think many might we care more for Warmachine once we have rules in Castilian. A greeting.

warmachine caja

And now if, images and the rules of the new Harlequins

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Yesterday carelessness, many ye could see together meninas churros as they say or was, Necron with Harlequins. But today if, as it should and giving time to digest what we showed yesterday Necron, Today we leave the images of the upcoming WD with new harlequins and especially the two sheets with two units of Harlequins that moment will have until further notice Warhammer 40000.




You enjoy them and tell us what you think about these two units. Do they have good rules? Are they strong or weak for the game? Interesting or ¿?



380801802_20150127_183404_122_184lo (1)

The world of the Silent King – Novela the Warhammer 40000

Keep coming novels Shield of Baal in English and continue offering these novels by Den for those interested proficient English and want to read these novels Warhammer 40000. Today one of Necron, very fashionable at the time.

cover (1)





News from Punkapocalyptic

Or rather I should say from Bad Roll Games which is the name of the company that created the game that is causing a sensation around the world wargames for a year or so.


I can assure you that we will hear of this game very often and that FanHammer we will post things about this game post apocalyptic skirmishes that many are beginning to know and that has made a small (for now) place in the world wargames with its interesting proposal, perhaps not too original to have similar games but very well made and especially from my point of view as external player (or this game possible) very well treated by the creators and presented to the players.

The first news that tell us this week and last is the arrival of another faction to the two existing. The scrap coming to the game (level thumbnails) with the first thumbnail.


The sniper is really amazing guys. Original, retro formulated with these clothes and especially pose and makes shooting make this mini a very greedy and very attractive thing for players. We liked the new thumbnail and therefore projecting their creators and scrap dealers are welcome if all miniatures will be of this quality.

Punkapocalyptic says:

Come the scrap!! At weekends and on sale this fantastic miniature new faction. A gear with rifle and scope. Modeled by Julen Galparsoro and equipment Bigchild Creatives in charge of production and painted.


The second story to tell us and we see his facebook is who opened his youtube channel where you can see on video many things about the game Punkapocalyptic, their thumbnails, their latest products and many things to slowly reach. For now we offer this first video presenting us the gang with bow.

Already pre-order the book Masterclass Angel Giraldez to Infinity

One, A few days ago we present and comment the news and today we inform you that now you can make the pre-order at Corvus Belli or in your usual shops. The price will be 39,95 uros and as you can see for yourselves those who pre-order will have an exclusive miniature book of Joan of Arc. Will 120 pages.



Besides tell you this, We should mention that this will clear reduced and limited edition so if you are keen you do not think much because I ran out shortly insurance.

We tried to get a book to get around it by FanHammer but not from Corvus Belli or from the author has been possible so we will buy it and ask good and then we'll do if we can share it with you as it was our idea. It would molado but still do not have the necessary power is…. Again be FanHammeros.

Ravage 5 – Two months later…

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Do you remember the Ravage? Or as you go call now for I remember they were going to rename themselves as commented a few months ago.


Well yesterday I went by his official Facebook the new cover of Ravage 5, which is now in press to leave in a few days and have it now in late January or early February but the problem is that we receive is the magazine December.

Counting fingers and without Ork, I can count two months of delay. Maybe too much for such an ambitious project is.

Well the truth that the whole community is a little sad about this project that promised so much and that currently still there but with doubts and delays and changes of name and policy. We all want a good hobby magazine, independent, material and own original articles and good times Ravage fails to live up to our expectations.


It has improved since the first issue and 4 and now 5 I have not seen it yet but we hope to resume the smooth running and come out periodically and the material we want and soon this type of comments about Ravage are positive and not critical as today. I promise that I want the project to succeed. I encourage people to Ravage and good, maybe you can keep an eye on the 5 (if I come home or otherwise) and comment and give my opinion on its content.

We remind sweepstakes offers this January still active

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Good FanHammeros. Before the month ends we want to remind you that FanHammer is always working for you and your hobby and that in this January that is about to end we offer as we do every month a good deal for being one of our readers and contest in which we hope many of you fellowship to bring you free products.

In section offers or discounts, Mundoforja, Shop online Valencia and many know already, offers a bonus to their already good discounts of a 5%. You only have to download this image and redeem on your next purchase before the end of the month.

Bono Forjamarte


And then in the competition section, this month with Your Mouse, our new partner and company FanHammer month will offer two kits scenery stuff you can find on their website online. You have two bonds 20 and 25 euros in scenery and a mat to redeem in your store. To participate just click HERE or icon and leave a comment on the post to help us improve FanHammer blog and give us ideas. Easy as that.

sorteo enero 2015 icono


Well we are already preparing new giveaways and deals next month. Estaros aware that nothing will announce.

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