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II Creation and Design Contest Roleplaying Eye of the Given

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Our friends at Ojo Since, many know that podcast (and that but you must know) board game, role, wargames and ultimately much of what we love, Launches Contest II Creating Roleplaying and trully want everyone informed and you may be able to participate in such an interesting proposal. It seems a great initiative and from here I encourage you to participate to those that you may be a magnificent game creators, To those who think they have a good idea and ultimately those of you interested in this. Hopefully these 30 playgrounds are filled to submit soon and are of high quality. Role requires initiatives how are you to regain much lost ground.



The present Terms govern the terms and conditions of the Call of SECOND BUILDING CONTEST ROLE PLAYS "EYE TO DIE".
The aim of the contest is to combine role playing and Culture. To this end each call in subsequent years will be linked to one or more cultural works. In this case the second contest of creating RPGs “Eye to die” It is themed on the book "The Arabian Nights" and the events in the Americas between 1492 a 1692.

About the setting of the Americas works include myths were accepted, legends, gods and beliefs of the time.


Participation in the Contest is open to anyone interested. Must present their work in accordance with these rules.


Each participant may submit a maximum of two RPGs, one for each subject, be original and must be related directly to the subject of competition set out in these Rules.

The play will be presented attached to an email sent to the address:segundoconcursoojoaldado@gmail.com

Stating the title of the file the following:
- Name of author.
- Title of Work.
- Email the author.

The role play must not have been published previously, either physical or digital format, or participating in any contest similar.Las Applications not meeting the requirements of these Rules shall not be taken into consideration.


Entries must be in PDF format or in Castilian DOC.Redactadas. The minimum length is ten pages and a maximum of fifty. You can add images to not influence the number of pages submitted.
Mechanical or gaming system will be freely chosen by the authors as long as this system is free to use and does not have any copyright or copyrights.
Entries must be written in Times New Roman 12 con interlineado 1,5″.


If you accept a maximum of 30 works. After receiving the game number thirty, that day is the last day that games are accepted, although games received the same day if they are accepted although exceeding the 30 games.

From our podcast and from our blog will be reporting monthly on the amount of games that have been recibido.De anyway if the day 1 September 2015 has not received the game number 30, the deadline for submission of works to end 23:59 pm that day.


Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of these bases.La interpretation thereof shall be managed by a specialized jury in RPGs.


The works will be judged by a jury of experts in games rol.La 'decision is final.

The evaluation criteria will be taken into account:Originality of the work, gameplay, setting, system and spelling. At no time did the graphic design work will be considered.

The jury awarded the first prize and if deemed necessary to designate the works accésit consider oportunas.El jury may consider the prize void if any work submitted reaches the desired quality.

Awards are offered by stores Dracotienda, The neighbor of the beast, 5 kingdoms, The Doctor Leisure Ciudadela.Estos prizes ranging from a material gift checks in games or books.

Eye to die, from his publisher Editions Nexus, will consider the publication of the best works presentadas.En authors never lose the rights to your work.

They get the Succubus, the new Archon and Dark Eldar Supplement for Hemónculos.

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Well there are several sources that confirm the upcoming Dark Eldar outputs for next week. There are three little things that seem interesting with two new models of Archon and Succubus and Dark Eldar supplement to bring troops directed and set in the Hemónculos.


Dark Eldar Archon: Case of a single miniature plastic model of a new Dark Eldar Archon. 18 €

Dark eldar Succubus: Case of a single plastic model with a new model for dark eldar succubus. 18 €

Dark eldar supplement, Haemonculus Covens: Supplement for Dark Eldar codex to create a force led by hemónculos trasfondística. English Supplement. 39 €

Challenge Wargames – Start rolling (absence of many months)

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For if, is what has prepared an event of these characteristics nationally and large-scale, you throw it working almost a whole year to make a huge event of a weekend and a national reference such events wargames.

Anyone who has been in a similar organization knows much work to carry these things and the people of Zaragoza, very professional and loving it all right, and are working to Challenge Wargames 2015 date has not yet but assume will be mid-year as last year.

We have asked them about the good times and still not advertised because they are seeing with council and city associations that home is the most to them and their availability to potential dates. They want a good place for this year and I think certainly surprise us with the choice.

But when it is closed, we are eager to announce the final date of the event and of course intentatemos participate and go to it as last year, it was magnificent to be there.



White Dwarf 35 – And the Dark Eldar Codex arrives

We have a new WD, of the 35, with the new Dark Eldar troops and the presentation of the new codex.

Well you enjoy the new magazine and remember that all new and old weekly magazines have for the Den of Pumuky.






What we find in the New Dark Eldar Codex – Rumors

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Well a few days left for the release of the new Dark Eldar codex (I refuse to give the name in English) frikicomunidad this good and filling up the rumors that “likely” we find in it. Of people “and you have seen or read”, “of what has been told to take”. Well rumors are and we'll see what really happens when you leave this Saturday.

These, believe that the most reliable or more meaningful, are Akihabara Station and we have seemed somewhat coherent and what is said everywhere and forums.


This weekend comes the codex Dark Eldar and subsequently, Internet is filled weekend of rumors about the rules of the same, confirmed by those who claim to already have it in your hands.

The list confirms rumors:

- Son las Huskblades .fp3, Cheapest (are not a relic.

- Crystal aspilleros now work on all crystal arms.

- Weapons of witches are worse: The armbands are steely hydra, blades to hit repeat and repeat Impaler 1 in shock and hurt.
- The Stun Claw 1F fp6 gives and gives instant death on the challenges.
- The Incubos continue fp2.
- Torment Grenade Launcher can now shoot 24″, area, force 1, the impacted unit takes a Leadership test or take a wound for each point of difference. Thumbnails with the coraje “And know no fear” son inmunes.
- The darkness gives stealth Screen. It is more expensive.
- Rifle malefic gives instant death in precision shooting.
- Trap the souls +1 force for each unsaved wound made in defiance.
- The Scythes not attack while moving, the vane blades improve hammer Fury. Clusters of Abrojos inflict 1D6 hammer steel in rage, Rams added gravitational stunner.
- Spirit Probe No Pain improves all 6 Dark Eldar″ up to 4+.
- Ossefactor are assault 1, break, fp2. If something dies, the target unit receives d6 impacts fp- with equal force to the resistance of the victim. Ignores cover.
- Liquefier Rifle now is strength 3.
- Implosion missiles are hard 6, fp2, area.
- Chain flails dan acerado.
- The Talos has 3 attacks, as Cronos.
- Both the Haemonculus and Archon No Pain improve and allow adding 1 in round de “Power of Pain” one unit. Is cumulative.
- Dodge now works for witches as both shot in combat.
- The bomber has shielding 10 on all sides.
- Poison Sword can now only catch the Acothyst.
- No flashing field except for Venom.
- Candles allow vehicles to move 24″ at full speed.
- Dark spears are cheaper for infantry.
- Artifacts are powerful. Un yelmo adamantium Will y 12″ cause hazards warp in any double roll. ghost armor -2 a ld a 6″ and cause fear. Animus Vitae es Asalto 1, force 4 fp2 alcance 8″ one time use. If it causes a wound, add all Eldar 1 their power of Pain.

Cerastus Kninght Acheron – Rules translated

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Another translation from the archive Besnellarian, of latest FW, with the translation of Acheron. How easy do you want the community to really play guys. It is fortunate that these initiatives are well. To make life easier is all thank FanHammeros. Many thanks to translators, illustrators, painters, etc to make everything easier. Wing, enjoy rules.

Hello friends.

I will speak of Cerastus Kinght Acheron:


It is a superheavy walker.

Tiene HA4 HP4 F10 Blindaje Frontal: 13. Back and Side 12. You have 6 PA

Is charged 415 points.

- Canyon Llamas design Acheron. Scope: Plantilla Hellstorm, F7 FP3 Artillería 1.
- Saw Fist Reaper. Scope – F “D” FP2 Combat, Destroyer machines (You can repeat any result 1 in table damage against any target value Vault)
- Built Heavy Bolter coupled fist saw
- Ion Shield (see Codex Imperial Knights)

Special Rules
Hammer of Fury
Mover through hedging
Behemoth Invencible
Flanking speed. Knight Lancer Cerastus If you choose to make a move Run instead of firing a weapon during the shooting phase, you can move up to 3D6 UM.

A Knight Cerastus Acheron may belong to the Imperial Knights Codex or be a Lord of Battle.

On the thumbnail I still have not seen either. He has not yet gone on sale but FW has already hung up their rules on the Web. Cerastus think of is the one I like but not more than the Paladin and Knights Errant. Here Tene otra photo:

On the battlefield, Corred marines, Corred. Unless you to be exterminators and will not pinch melee. Only you realize what a Hellstorm template when you take with your hands:

This knight you annihilate motorized units as if Law paper, characters except armored 2+ and many injured. Also if having Force “D”Heavy Bolter trailer is a small cherry to top it off some poor lucky to have survived the canyon Acheron.
In summary, a gentleman to worry and delete as soon as possible.
Once we have the data sheet hang, the same way I'll edit this post when it goes on sale but the link seems to cost a whopping 221 Euros.

Imperial Armour units Version 3.0 – All in Spanish

Another amazing and wonderful job of translating our translator friend Petreopatroklos offered us as it has done in a while the Imperial Armour in Spanish that we already had and we offered but is now updated with news of Imperial Armour Volume IV Second Edition.

So you have all in Spanish so that you can easily enjoy and use in your games anything from Forge World.

Men At Arms. This is easier in Spanish.

imperial armour


The following will be Dark Eldar….

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Well from La Taberna de Laurana, that as we always gather and translate news and rumors tastiest moment, We advance the possible outputs of dark eldar for next week…. and can get Asdrúval.

asdrubal vect

I have had access to what's coming in the third week, this will be, al 99'99%!

Week 3, Preorder the 4 October:

Plastic Archon, with multiple choices of weapons and pieces I had not seen before in other sets of Eldar Oscutos. Be the Kabals or Witches are not renewed, so new pieces I've seen can only be because the Archon.

New succubus: No sé si of the plastic Finecast, for the time being. But definitely a new model will come out Succubus

And the last shot surprise: Asdrubal Vect and Dais of Destruction. Still have not seen pictures of it, but I'm sure it will be something amazing. Certainly, I remember passing now Vect be Warlord.

Participate in Wargames Hispanias, a special moment for the community

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Hispania Wargames continues to prepare your next event, for earlier this year and still looking and encouraging the maximum number of participating companies, partnerships and initiatives in this issue. I think for all, is interesting to participate in it because it is one of the best events of wargames Spain. We leave the message the organization wants us to distribute among our readers:
We are already working on all aspects of the conference, we have dozens of requests for collaboration and many developments in the bedroom. So if you want to actively participate in the conference do not let it pass, stopping by the official website of the event and leave us a message via the form.
For your safety, recommend that contactéis initially through it web form, not use contacts from other years or other means, as the organization changes every year and you can be confident talking to us and Otherwise.
So if you want to do a tournament, demonstrations, submit a product, set up a booth or actively participate in the conference, do not leave him, hope your contacts.
2014-09-26 07.36.43
On the other hand we have the poster almost ready, a few tweaks and a few days and you can see what. Here you have a small cutout poster # Hispania2015
You know, just book the weekend 28 February 2015, the hope!
Greetings to all

Codex Caballeros Grises sin Spanglish

The blog has become Profanus 40k do, for the good of the community, and it has been completely translated into Castilian lifetime and not the Spanglish that GW wants to impose on us and we hate so much.

caballeros grises

Today we, collaboration with them, this new Grey Knights codex without Spanglish, what to read and use it will be much easier and natural for all Spanish speakers.

Thanks for the work guys and share it with your readers and FanHammer.



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