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Videotutoriales to paint Blood Angels

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Today we want to provide some interesting videos to help you as painting the Blood Angels in different ways and for different units. A good help for you who are wondering how to do it well or better or for beginners of this game.

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Khaine – The book Background and History from the Den of Pumuky

After much waiting and many anxious that you have asked us, finally we can offer one of the two books of Khaine. So far we have only the background but I do not take long to fall the rules also.

Enjoy it and clear this in English of good and islands….



Notice – Showcase Lidl becomes sale

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Thanks to blog Dies Irae 40k, we echo the fabulous showcase for your collections and especially Lidl miniatures that came out a year ago or more and have become sold out and apparently (is not whether it will be all over Spain or areas) You can get it again.


I do not buy into their time, and that I saw when the first time but did not do enough case and I regretted it soon. That will not happen the same and corred this afternoon to the nearest Lidl and see if you are lucky because the quality / price is very good and is the perfect showcase for your thumbnails.

I assure. Good luck in your salis the Search corred that are sure to fly. I'll try here, France, for if anything at European level but I think.


I talk about the Warhammer blog 8.5

Then by chance that I found today on my round to see blogs, facebook and others and seeing it I liked the idea, the blog itself and especially the work in it and want to share with you dear readers because it may be that many interests you.


It is a blog dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy, low hours now since GW for its massive renovation W40K and almost forgetting his other big game (except in the last few months with The End Times goodness) and offers you good blog rules, codex, army books and equipment to play a Warhammer Fantasy reviewed and unofficial called Warhammer 8.5.

If you look all armies have been renovated and reviewed by the creator of the blog and the idea (There are so gigs of carrying the blog) and layout of the leaves, units and ultimately presenting all the material is high quality.

An interesting idea, different and perhaps interest you to try it and see the idea. HERE you can see the blog Warhammer 8,5.

Formations that have in the White Dwarf 47 This next Saturday

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This Saturday, as every Saturday, have a new White Dwarf and this will bring several formations Blood Angels and at least Necron.

Well I'm glad to see that little by little we see that in the WD besides being a catalog, are including materials, as happened with the rules of the Tyranids, card games we have seen and now these formations. It's what we wanted to see for Warhammer magazine and it seems that some ports on the islands has realized. Wonderful news.

Well we leave the pictures of these formations, collected in the workshop Yila.





Rumors Necrones – We arrived in January

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Since the Blessed Tavern Laurana, finally becomes filled with parishioners who give us progress, we bring you the rumors for future Necrons that are just around the corner. A little preview of what we can assume that for new Necron. We recall that for now are rumors…


* Spikey Bits:

  • First week of January
  • Multicomponent kit in plastic Necron Lord Lord. Allows multiple mounting options.
  • Plastic Box Necron Destroyer (3 thumbnails per box), with options to make a Lord Destroyer.
  • Plastic Box of Flayed (5 thumbnails per box).
  • Blister of a plastic Cryptek

* Faeit 212:

Via an Anonymous Source on Faeit 212

To tackle the rumors: GW will not launch new products or this week or before Christmas. They are rushing to shops to have orders as soon as possible, GW before closing for Christmas, as every year, and all orders placed after day 16 will not arrive until 2015. In this case I think it's safe to say that there will be no surprises these days.

* Bell of Lost Souls:

In the short term

Necrones – January 2015. Thumbnails to see:

  • Blister of Lord Necron
  • Blister of Cryptek
It is said that the Codex is the size of the Space Marines (we, is “gordote”). Includes much background and Warlords, Combat and Training (including Revelation).
In the medium term
Later, and 2015, Necrons have their own Book of Campaign, plus 3 additional boxes (both reissues as new models).

Advent FanHammer – Imperial Guard Chimeras Part

Today our event continued yesterday, the second part we draw by Goblin Paunch numero 7 on chimeras of the Imperial Guard, with new models to use in your games.

Adviento FanHammer



New Models of Chimeras Part

ESOPCIONALNOTEDEJO Today I bring you the second part on types of chimeras of the Imperial Guard, Forgiveness is the usual, Astra Militarum article continues the previous number of Goblin Paunch. In the GP6 will present three versions Chimeras or tank, according imperial archives has hundreds of versions as land, planets, needs, material available.

Today other versions of magnificent Chimera I leave hoping that you like and that probéis for your items with friends. Only rules are home to enjoy the hobby with different things.

The first is the celebration Salamandra, reconnaissance vehicle widely used and highly acclaimed in the most famous regiments of the Imperial Guard. But this is a somewhat different salamander because it is a submodel Command. These are your rules, different in some ways to the official FW.

Vehicle Reconnaissance Command Salamandra:


Transport for Headquarters advance of any body armor imperial. This is a versatile tank, well equipped and especially with an important strategic factor for imperial advanced transport.

HP BL BP BF Points: 85

4 12 10 10

– Automatic Cannon
– Heavy Bolter
– Reflector
– Smoke dischargers

You can change the automatic cannon for a laser cannon by +20 points or by a multilaser no point cost.

Special Rules: Amphibian, Chief Scout and Light Trucks

Head Light Trucks: The Vehicle is a vehicle for advanced command led by an eminence in the armored battle vehicles. You can join the unit 2 tanks more, forming a squadron of three vehicles in total, This tank can unite both salamanders or other normal chimeras. All vehicles squadron, excluding Salamander Command may repeat the failed rolls to hit.

Inquisitorial Chimera Regiment:


This variety of Chimera is adopted by the GI version that usually accompanies the Inquisitorial seguitos the universe. This is a much more robust than the standard tank and has some improvements than any of the Chimeras can share. The Inquisition always want the best and get. Equipped with automatic cannon base, You can change it by a laser cannon by +10 points.

HP BL BP BF Points: 100

3 13 11 11

Special Rules: Amphibian, Far Shield and Inquisitorial Loading

Far Shield: The inquisitorial chimera has been fully reinforced with plates and new material to make impenetable in battle and to bring the entourage and his troops where this mission. All the shields of this vehicle have a +1 chimera compared to a standard profile and including. Conversely maximum speed can never be used except if you decide to make an Inquisitorial Loading.

Load inquisitorial: Can only be done once per game, and in it the Inquisitorial Chimera may move at maximum speed that turn. This charge must be decided in said shift movement and the beginning of the phase. After making the move,the vehicle will stand pat because the motors are overheated by the huge esfuezo.

Vehicle Recognition Owl:


This itself is not a variant of the traditional Chimera as seen with the naked eye. But we include it because it also deserves special mention among tanks GI. The Owl is a small reconnaissance armored transport is often used to reconnoiter front of large armored columns and special operations as infiltación enemy lines or sabotage. Its importance lies more in mobility and go unnoticed in their offensive power. Let's look at its features and special rules. This armed with a heavy machine gun coupled small and clear this one has a point of structure. Can carry a maximum 6 thumbnail.

HP BL BP BF Points: 75

3 10 10 10

Special Rules: Amphibian, Infiltration, Enemy vehicle and discovered Discovered

Enemy Discovered: If an army includes one or more owls wishlist army rule may have discovered Enemy and use this rule after the deployment phase. You can use it in two ways.

Once deployed both sides, the player who is in possession of the vehicle owl warns his opponent who will use this skill. Then any unit deployed GI could change their deployment in the battlefield following the rules of deployment of the mission in play. May also deploy any units left in reserve as if he had not been at that time. But the other option will be to choose one of the enemy units in reserve and designate target. It is assumed that the unit has been instigated by Owl vehicles during the preparation of the battle and therefore, in the first round that is due strip for reservations for that unit, this can not leave unless he removes a 6 since the reservation.

Well here our new three tanks for the glorious and honorable Imperial Guard. In the next issue of Goblin Paunch, the traeremos something different. I'm already circling the coconut and I already have some really crazy ideas…

Shadow Hunters: Secret Crusade – New Project Eye Verkami the Given

Today we give eco and encourage you to participate in the new project that our friends in Eye to die, this podcast RPG, games, wargames and frikadas several that we like that is second to none to listen for network.


Well a few days ago just released a new project this time with a book six stories based and set in this popular role playing dark and mysterious.

For a great price you can you do patrons and bring you or the book or a few other things that offer very interesting in this Verkami or we recommend that you go for it HERE, and if you value interesting and within your tastes, it smoothly because you support by signing Eye to Done and their desire to offer the public always a magnificent product, will be some quality and quite rightly.

Good luck to the campaign and is already close to the target and hope that it complies with the support of the community and FanHammeros.


We will follow the project during its development but I say that I just do me patrons, and that has a lot of potential packs or different rewards for everyone, so you can bring the novel, role play, both, the book of board games, chats with authors, meals with them, personalized romance….. Certainly interesting.

Codex Angeles Sangrietos in English

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As I promised and FanHammer and Den of Pumuky brings you the Blood Angels codex in English, for now, so you can learn the new rules and the new format of this chapter of Space Marines. In PDF and Epub according to your needs.

Good reading and remember that FanHammer and your project need you to stay on here and all donations from readers will be godsend for future activities we are preparing and domain payments, wuala space and other….







We have filtered images of the White Dwarf 47 – Where are the Necrons?

Well thanks to Workshop Yila, were you yesterday unveiled many pages of WD next week. Good work and good contacts and good, Today we will transmit for FanHammer and see different things from those pages….

First returns to the fray the End Times with Elves and apparently Nurgle stuff and articles about it. Different things about Smaug the dragon of the Hobbit, as some pictures and what a game with cards?. It seems that other card game and some additional material formations…and the question is where are the Necrons? Only see a Necron training in leaked photos and nothing else.

Or are left pictures of the new Necron without taking, I seem weird or just that in this journal, shall not be and we have to wait a little longer. With the desire we had him….











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