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What will be….. Alien invasion that next week we

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Today a curious time information that is not known for sure that this will be the Alien Invasion. Maybe they are the Dark Eldar are giving both talking these days, with rumors and possible imminent departure. But maybe he will surprise us with GW a little something… (maybe tiranidos, some mercenary for some breeds, los kroot, a new race)

Well I'm enables safe in a few days that were clarified. ¿Vosotros Think that you are?


Raiders of Apocalypse – New this month from Avatars of War

Today we make eco news and the new unit Avatars of War that we have reported recently, with also a great introductory offer and miniature gift for 200 Haga primeros that these miniatures Barbara del Chaos. I leave you with what you have sent from Avatars of War.

Raiders of Apocalypse!

This month's reinforcements arrive to the Hosts of Revelation are already in pre-order the Raiders of Revelation as offering interesting pre-order only: 30 Looters by € 35, plus an Warlord Metal Champion for 200 first orders.


If you plan to make sure you do it Looters between 200 first because the supply of 30 Looters more metal champion for 35 € is more than succulent!

aowpl12-ps_1 aowpl12-ps_3

Many barbarian tribes from South Krond or Barbaria, fall under the influence of the Apocalypse, devoted entirely to the plundering and destruction of everything that reach.
As this influence is stronger, these barbarians are losing their tribal look, and eventually become insane murderers, lost almost every vestige of the great men of the north that were once.

All details here:

Codex Grey Caballeros in English

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First step to better understand this powerful army. In Den of Pumuky, can meet all your files through the codex, available, at the moment we can offer in the English. Soon will be in Spanish. Promised.

Enjoy it.

cover (2)


A few inches Dark Eldar rumors and leaks of the Undead

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Well today we daily session stuff rumors spoken of dark Eldar, a few things more…. and incidentally we leave the first leaked photos of the next White Dwarf, and Monday, where new stuff is presented for the Undead of Nagash.

As these are the rumors that have been collected and translated by La Taberna de Laurana:

A box of incubi reduced price is available for sale.

Two new items, called “Dark Eldar: Aquelarres” and “Dark Eldar: Bruges”, for the same price as a Codex Seventh Edition (39 EUR). Right now I can not say with certainty what are, but based on the title and price… I swear that will be new supplements.

A rumor has been said and then denied on Tantalarus raid that already exists within the codex Forge World. It would be nice but we, sure something big to take out the Dark Eldar to fight the rest of niggles outputs for other armies.

- Addition, Natfka tells us about the possible disappearance of Rough Riders, that are no longer available on the website of GW. Apparently, they may return in the future, in plastic boxes, but there is no estimated date or confirmation for it… I hope not because I am a lover of Rough Riders and I think it should stay although it is true that no one uses. But they really improve the rules and…

- And rumors do not end here, Also in Faeit 212, states that GW plans to take 25 new paintings market. Will always welcome more variety.

And now the pictures of the new stuff we have for The End Times:

img115 img116 img117 img118

Septiembre one FanHammer

Now comes a new month and after the holidays, touch to offer topics of the month as we normally do. This month we will have four themes we want to do intensive and talk about them a bit more than the rest if the news, the rate of output and the normal promotional work allows us.


So what we want are ofreceros…

Tales of War: This month officially started working with this brand, magnificent miniatures of hitherto had had little space for our blog, to give greater monitoring. And we met for Challenge Wargames and asked us to help promote them and that's always a treat for us to help these companies. That means that we are important in the middle. Well this month we will present the Spanish brand stuff, some of the best miniatures, maybe some new, We are seeing good do good stuff together…. Hopefully this marks the like.

Orks: Encabezonado keep on following this issue, because i love the Ork. Well I want to finish (maybe you should say the start) analyzing the Ork codex, step and put some stuff in background, and such units created by the blog. If time allows me…

Undead: I can not leave aside the actual main theme of Warhammer, with the departure of Nagash and the end of time and all the undead begin to leave the graves. We will keep you abreast of developments, surveys, advances, analysis and as always all that is interesting about our beloved Bones.

Awards FanHammer 2014. Reaches the end of the year and launched our FanHammer Awards 2014. In its third edition, want to achieve even surpass last year, already was all a great success and following the same formula of voting in three stages, want our prizes are reference in the panorama blogger / hobby. With your help and support we are sure that we will succeed. So from now you will begin to see many things about our dear prizes that start soon.

Well these will be the issues with which we started in September, but of course this, have many other things for your blog as always and hope you enjoy our work and that nothing, We started.

For the next week we… some all

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For 6 September, this will tell us what's coming, and I believe in pre-order. The undead are strengthened with a new mega creature. Finally the Fantasy takes place for GW and so we see, not finally take that idea that ran between the rumors of leaving the game more classic GW. We welcome this. Well these are the characteristics of the three products, disparate going to reach us:

- SPACE MARINE PAINT SET: Listening product claims to help new people get started in the hobby, launched for sale this case includes 10 3ml small jars. various paints (base, layer, shade, texture y dry) along with a box of Space Marine 3 thumbnail. It also contains a brush and also start a small painting guide with all the steps to paint miniatures. Imperative to put in the box Funded Christmas Order, 100% recommended for new initiates. Currently this is an EXCLUSIVE product for trade shops, not sold or on the web or in stores in our chain. 26€.
- MORTARCH OF NAGASH: New undead monster plastic multicomponent, where you can mount any of these 3 options: Man Fred From Carstein, The Black arkhe the Nepherata all riding su own creature abyssal. These are the greatest champions and Nagash generals to lead the legions of undead. 62€.
- DUST SPRAY Zandri: New color spray Zandri dust to give a base layer on the undead then apply inks and lights. 15€. Limited quantities.

White Dwarf 30 and 31 – We catch up with magazines

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Well as my vacation has been impossible to connect to the internet to give you this information weekly as we always do for FanHammer, for those who consult them necesitéis and ye, already have the WD Pumuky Den of last week and this new magazine. You can now enjoy. Good guys reading.

We also take the decision not to offer moment the Mobi format within our downloads because we believe that almost no one uses it and so far not fill our download area that is always limited. But if we're wrong and you are many that ye use this format, tell us this and we will go smoothly.

cover (1)






Date Releases and Rumors of Dark Eldar

Starting today our following, and we echo the latest rumor that we have seen over the network in which we bring the release dates for these last months of the year and rumors of GW people Lagrimas Negras has resulted from the usual sources of possible things Dark Eldar, apparently may be coming close to being renewed according to these rumors and rumors that we had already put in FanHammer before going on holiday. We'll see if these rumors are confirmed gradually….

Outputs for end of year:


End of Book I times


Dark Eldar


Inquisition 40K


End of Book II times


Blood Angels


Sets and The Hobbit


RUMORS Dark Eldar

  • Apparently Eldar racial rule would be present also in the dark cousins, allowing the Warriors run and gun (o viceversa) and units running assault and assault.
  • Basic points and elites would lower 1-2 points per model, return all transport would rise at least 5 points.
  • The characters that do not have thumbnails disappear (The Decapitator, Baron, Duke and Malys).
  • Vect would become a Warlord.
  • Have not seen new models, just repackaged the old boxes. Yet it has not seen anything in this new book Finecast, so it is possible that the conclave Hemónculos receiving end these new plastic minis that were said while, but in any event not yet seen anything.
  • Table of drugs just in line would conform to the special rules of 7th Ed.
  • The armory of the relics would Hemónculos, while the other team would be in the equipment section tandard (here would agonizadores, swords and other poisonous).

We're back from our vacation

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For if, I'm already at home after my three weeks of vacation and good gradually from today, I hope, FanHammer, your blog anger taking normal gradually.

In these days we will be resuming normal activity blog, facebbok and mail and will update the stuff that we have pending, finally discuss current issues again and say as good as in a few days I hope to have everything back organized and on, there are a handful of things backward and things that our readers expect to soon.

Well welcome back to a new season and hope that you continue FanHammer us this season we started and that many more will sigais FanHammera joining the community.


Winds of Destruction: Relato de Warhammer 40000 created by Wolfen

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And this is the second step we report our great friend Wolfen. Enjoy it and tell us what you think of.

The wind was blowing on the surface of the planet as the Eye of Terror itself had opened on orange sunset sky, illuminated by the binary star system. El Capellán Sixtus, of the Fifth Company Ultramarines, tried to bear the pain through drugs that gave him power armor intravenously: enemy's shot had burst his left hand, leaving him bereft of his beloved crozius, which was split in two, in soil, next to a huge pool of blood. Now could only handle its huge one-handed chainsword, the right hand. Feeling somewhat weak, having lost a lot of blood, stood, rising between destruction and chaos, and looked, through the smoke and flames, around: the ambush that had been completely successful have tended not to have had the support of the Chapter Master himself, Calgar Marneus, who had sent a couple of Thunderhawk gunships for air cover, alerted by the lack of news from Your Company. They were taking land just half a mile away. Of these there were several apothecaries, followed by a squad of Devastators, and some browsers behind them.


Sixtus watched the corpses of those who had hitherto been his battle brothers, covered in blood and shrapnel. Responso praying a litany of murmuring in honor of the fallen, did not notice the presence of Sergeant Telion, revered veteran explorer Chapter, who was a student of himself even Calgar, advancing to meet him as he gave orders to his pupils explorers.

- “¿Hermano Sixtus, are you okay? Brother ... "

- "My respects, Telion "- said, finally, Sixtus, to see before him the veteran explorer, who wore thermal lenses.- "Thanks for your support, not for your appearance, Today the enemies of the Empire would be celebrating another victory ".

- "I hope that I have received reports regarding attention Apothecary, since our Lord Calgar you will be glad to know that your absence came after news. But first I want to know where is the Captain of the Company, Caito Galenus ".

- "He did not get it .... He was the first to fall, hit by enemy mines. His body, or what's left of it, lies behind those rocks. "- said, pointing his chainsword to a point west of where they were, right across the Gunboats.

- "I'm sorry, brother. It's time for you to relocate and rest Vae Victus, and then we report. Herman Gnaeus, Establish a perimeter and help those fallen and wounded, We meet in the ship "- Telion told another browser. After these words, Sixtus accompanied, helping you climb the nearest Thunderhawk having.


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