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How to make a wet palette

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From Forged Souls bring you today a pretty interesting article for painters and people lover modeling. Is to make a wet palette, to prevent drying paints us as usual. Here we leave its magnificent and detailed article. Thanks guys for sharing this article to FanHammeros.

Today I bring a mini tutorial on how to make a wet palette, a tool that is not very essential, but if it is still advisable to use

To paint all use acrylic paints, that one of its characteristics, is fast drying, which gives us the painted, but as an advantage, is also a drawback, since when do our mixes on pallets, tend to dry faster, for them we add too much water

One way to solve this, is the tool that I present today, create is very simple and low cost, you have 4 basics

- A palette: It is the surface on which, usually put our colors, but this time we need to have some depth, will see later why

- Material absorbente: Any material that will help keep moisture serves, baize, paper towels …

- Porous paper: This is nothing uncommon, just some kind of paper that is wet but that does not absorb the paint, for that we baked vegetable paper, foils or sheets of notebook

- Water: There is little mystery, simply moisturizing element to keep the paint wet, any water used, Tap same without further complication, but if you are selected and you want to use more or Bezoya Vichi, everyone does at home what you want XD


Then go to the heart of the matter, this has no complication, I used to and this a brass cap Quince village my mother XD

Cut to the shape of the lid wipes, I and added to 4 layers, to hold moisture better

Do the same with the paper plant
all that remains is to add the layers of cloth in the first place, moisten, do not overdo the water, not have to be flooded surface, wet only, to hold more water, simply by adding more layers of absorbent material, enough, tracing paper and put up at all, here is where will our blends

and ready to use

With this we will make our last days without drying paint

Just ought to keep the palette wet, and change the tracing paper, when you no longer among more colors, but remember that miracles do not, helps to keep the paint wet longer, but does not prevent it from drying

Mini relato “Psyche” our friend Wolfen

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Today a small contribution from one of our friends at The Tavern Laurana, we happened a while ago a couple of mini stories and we believe that we offer to all our FanHammeros to us to be not only that we could enjoy it. Good reading.


It had dawned on Ryza. A light breeze swept Ork Face, sitting there on the edge of a cliff where they had encamped with his: planet that gave him a comfortable sense of peace, every day that dawned on that land, his body felt more alive than ever. But he had little time to enjoy the peace: scouts had reported the presence of interstellar ships of the Space Marines in the upper layers of the planet's atmosphere.

– "'Waaaaaagh! Malditoz humanoz, ziempre eztorbándonoz ... Dir intromizionez Eztoy tired of ... "- Gurthash, a fellow battalion, had approached him, and now sat near the place where he stood.

– "¿Kalla, eztúpido, no time trying not penzar akí eztaba?”- Ork said, and then the two began a fierce struggle hits, bites, scratches ...

– "We bazta, haraganez!”- approached his superior, one large Warboss, twice as high as the average Ork- "Come here and let it go, There unoz kuantoz humanoz by deztrozar, And will to todoz!”- Just as he finished his inferiors rebuke, Ork Warboss watched on the horizon was a storm of black clouds, dark as the darkest night, that double sun eclipsed planet, Ork troops plunging into darkness ... The Warboss knew of the attack methods of the Marines, it still bore a scar produced in an assault on an academy of these in Catachan, from which he barely escaped and a couple of Orks more: were very lucky- "Fast, todoz to kubierto!”- exclaimed, as he began to run towards the nearest cave. Most followed Ork, but for some it was late and failed to reach the caves: a thin but powerful beam emerged from those dark clouds, and as touched the surface of the hemisphere of the planet where they were, fungus grew a huge plasma toward the heavens, fungus that created a shock wave that swept away everything in its path, while the Warboss, from the cave hole, looked after blackened lenses: knew the orbital bombardment of the Emperor's Children, few had survived them.


They spent long hours until the Warboss left theirs out of the caves, and when they did, barely recognized the vision that was shown: bright trails, similar to meteor, soared into the sky by the thousands, while screaming Orks, amply known as Drop Pods, some of them had been destroyed in a skirmish that left for the numerical superiority. Otherwise, what had once been a flowery moss forest was but a desert with a huge crater in the distance beyond ...

– "VAMOZ, loz marinez will soon be here, Prepared to destroy them! There for todoz "- El Grito kaudillo.


Wheezed. My vital organs just respond to my commands: It took four days of relentless struggle and the enemy advances without delay. Mine just courage to resist, drive and ferocity: I'll be dead soon, I do not know how long I have left ... I hope at least be enough to see a sunrise more, though the sun has not appeared on the horizon due to the presence of enemy ships, a fleet.

I pause a moment to breathe, panting, trying to regain energy to resume the flight. I look at my hands, filled with the blood of my enemies and my comrades, addition of my Warboss. I was there when he dropped the first, Captain killed by enemy, who fought wrapped in light. My sword and my armor is dented, and protecting my knees I have been nailed to the heel of the right foot, which has caused me a severe limp. But I can not think of it, I continue.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It's been several weeks and my right foot is unresponsive, I can barely walk. Right now I'm hiding in a cave underground that I could dig overnight. But the enemy never sleeps, We are always lurking ....


Tindarium, with a visible expression of suffering on her face, removed his hand from the corpse before him: whenever I read the thought of the bodies of the enemy, his mind suffered a transmutation, endorsing the emotions of the enemy. And still not quite used to it, it had recently had graduated from the Academy. The Ork who had played had been killed after being dragged from an underground cave where they had hidden. Being given them valuable information about the positions of the Orks and their settlements in the neighboring planet of Catachan. The Librarian psychic adjusted his hood and stepped inside the jungle, ready to meet the Lord in his Chapter, Catachan needed to go as soon as possible!



Matt Ward tambien ha dejado GW – And the list goes on and on

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Matt Ward also left the ship adrift from GW in May this year but now when we learned about it through different blogs.


Another to the already impressive list of famous names and GW old guard leaving the company in less than one and a half.

The reason is not known, whether for reasons of dismissal, the has been seeing the issue, mutual agreement, new personal project, or whatever, but since many are based on the Workshop and that or is every man for himself or cleaned by the company to renew template .... And that's not the worst of the two.

Well Matt Ward perhaps many not know it, them especially bad novel that follows FanHammer, is a character that I think a lot of dispute in its heyday, with third and fourth edition in which many veteran players now focused their anger towards GW for some policies of this guy took the time. I do not remember exactly why they were, long since, but if I have the name related to that, controversies and complaints.

Well goodbye and simply ask: Who will be next? If anyone is even.

MathHammer 40k – Calculate the odds of victory

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Today we bring you an interesting utility that takes time on the net but perhaps many of you may know not in the world of Warhammer 40000. Especially the newest in this or that unless you sail by Internetium….

This program 40k MathHammer, an application where variants can put your units and the enemy against and facing probalidades calculate many things with it. Because as gambling, this is a lot of chances and so you can see if it is interesting to have a weapon in a unit or other, see if you shoot an enemy unit in particular feasible or wasting shots and stuff like that. I think it's good if you like studying utitlidad things right before battles.

Here's the link, but also, henceforth, you shall have on hand for when you need it in our sidebar link. Enjoy it dear commanders.



And no two without three…Imperial Assault new game about Star Wars

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And no two without three ... Imperial Assault

For if, teníamos X-Wing, Navy's newest and the same company of the latter brings us to early 2015 apparently a new game based on Star Wars.

And that Star Wars is now fashionable and soon the new film, be whole again seam to be mined and any company with products like these, will take very good money as my grandmother.

Imperial Assault of Fantasy Flight Games Company, will be a set of rooms, monster and treasure or quests here, the type or Space Hulk Warhammer Quest apparently. The painting shows the images shown you can be an interesting game, in terms of product quality and if it seems the rules are going well, we could have a good board game geek fun to spend evenings. Will have to try it and see when it goes to confirm this kind of stuff. We'll try to do to you when you leave. It remains.

Well, I leave you with some pictures of the game, some that have been published, to whet your appetite for more Star Wars freaks.

Armada Star Wars (1) SWI01-vade-figure-card SWI01-plastic SWI01-ProductLayout SWI01-terrain-fan

What do you think?

Theory of Colours: The Kraken's Maw bring us an incredible post about colors

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Another great contribution of the Fauces del Kraken. It's a great job and I recommend reading input and learn well. Concepts basic or not so basic about colors and their uses. We thought it was magnificent and did not want that most painters FanHammeros lost it.
Good evening boaters Immaterium. Welcome once again to the throat of this immeasurable multidimensional monster roaming between planes of fantasy and terror.
As you know I like things often speak of supposedly elementary, but sometimes unknown, because they are considered so basic that no one explains.
So now let me tell you about colors; those elements that allow us to, along with the brushes of which we spoke, give life to those small scale models that are our miniatures and armies.
With the above picture in mind, the so-called color wheel, we will see a bit of color theory.

And we going in the beginning. The first is that the color does not exist as such, it is the reflection of light in a given material and appreciation of our eye which gives us the colors. So it is very difficult for two colors are seen in an exactly same way by different people.
Therefore generally paint, and especially painted miniatures, not just a matter of applying the right colors if not appreciate the nuances in different colors. For instance anyone will tell you that the sea is blue, but that, noticing a bit from my current vantage point on the beach in Gandia, not exactly true. I can see dozens of shades just in the move of the waves, from the deep blue sea black to brown distant clareado soil at the edge of the beach, through endless blues and greens.
All I'm going to explain today, although superficially, is theory; and as such only valid from a scientific viewpoint; I hope you like to open your mind and think a little to choose colors, paint marks, etc..
After this philosophical introduction to the subject we.
There are three fundamental characteristics of color: Tone, brightness and saturation.
The first two are more or less easy concepts to understand. Tone, also called tone or shade, refers to the color itself (green, blue, mas stream, less yellow…)
The second concept is the brightness; also easy to understand. All colors ranging from lighter to darker, that degree of darkness / Brightness is what is called brightness.
It is the third concept that is perhaps more difficult to understand and the most important in painting, saturation. Saturation is the degree of "pigment" color, the degree of "purity". In short we can say that the degree of gray, it is the quintessential neutral color, containing our color.
A saturated color is very pure vibrant color, while a shopkeeper desaturated color to a grayish shade of that color.
Properly understand this concept will help us to achieve color harmony. Back to this concept after explaining the color wheel.
Of course all of these concepts are very closely correlated. In the picture below you can see an example.
Also called color wheel. It is a representation of the colors in a ring or circle, but less compleja.
The first thing you should know is that there are different chromatic circles depending on whether we are talking. Not the same color wheel for pigments, which is used in modeling; that if we were talking about graphic design programs or television programs.
Let's simplify a little the color wheel that I have presented at the beginning of the article to explain the different divisions of the same.
04-cercle chromatique copy_s
In this conference we see the primary colors simplified, señalados as P; which are those colors say pure, which are not obtainable from any other mixture are cyan and, magenta and yellow. (a small note on this: In art, generally, if symptoms such as primaries el rojo, blue and yellow)
Mixture of equal parts of the above secondary colors get; purple, orange and green.
Mixing these would get secondary colors tertiary colors; these in turn we could mix the colors for quaternary and so on.
This gives us the skeleton of what is the color wheel. But even we have two important definitions.
The color wheel is divided in turn into cool colors (purple, cyan and green) and warm colors (magenta, orange and yellow). Understanding this division will help us choose the color palette of our miniature based on the desired effect.
Would add neutral colors (gray), but this image does not appear for simplicity.
Finally the concept we have Complementary colors. Complementary colors are those which are in diametrically opposed positions on the wheel.
This concept is used to select colors that contrast in our miniature for example using a color on the major surfaces and its complement in the details.
Complementary colors, combined, Neutral colors become gray or amorronados. In theory, if we combined in proportions exactly exactly the same two colors would get pure gray complementary.
As this is extremely difficult logically, the trend is more towards amorronados or grayish colors. Here are some examples.
The complex color wheels add the concept of concentric rings brightness with high to low brightness.
In this still missing a color wheel, Is not it?
Right illegal?, the black. No color wheel usually see the black or gray scales peusto these are achromatic colors that only depend on the level of brightness.
Normally gray scale is usually put in a separate wheel.
It is very helpful to print and place a color wheel on the wall of our desk to have it always at hand. This book along with a target done mixes and colors painted miniatures, will help us learn from our experience.
And some will ask what for me is all this?
First of all we used to know saturate and desaturate colors. I told you on this subject would then.
There are three ways to do this:
- Adding black or white.
- Adding gray of the same brightness.
- Adding the complementary color.
Consider an example with magenta:
It also does not serve to create ringtones for shade or contrasts, of which we will discuss in future articles. By now I think I've become too long and this information is always somewhat dense.
As a tip to this point I would say that I sentaséis front of your desk and you beheld the different colors you have on the table and placing; different chroma, brightness and saturation. Seek a color wheel in and try different search lso secondary colors and complementary.
And with a view to the next article once done this ask them: What I'm painting miniature?What atmosphere I want to?On that point? Want to draw attention?
Think about it.
Before concluding I must tell you, like everything in life, nothing written here is new, not invented by me; comes from various articles on the net and magazines about painting. In particular I must mention the article Manumilitari, Creation of TeamToulouse published in RAVAGE and translated by Oscar Marquez Villanueva, del Spanish Team.
I should also mention Ivan SdC, who published a great post on the forum Mud Ring, extremely clarifiers have schemata.
And here it for today, Boaters. As at the end of an article I've been quite long I decided to split it into two and soon will offer the second part where I will talk about the different types of contrasts and some tricks on mixtures remember never hurts, knowledge, and some examples that I have also found the net and you have inspired me.
Here you are three images of my cataclysm where I changed some color feature, to see if you discover that.

Star Wars Armada – Has just been introduced and we have the first wave of developments in progress

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Star War Navy and advances us their first wave of ships

Who knew nothing of this game, I would say less than two weeks, and at GenCon when we met the first wave of ships that will soon assumed and where we have already shown that the ships will have to begin to expand our fleet. And it really is a good wave of reinforcements because many ships that will arrive.

This wave is presented like that makes the game X-Wing, the great man to beat at this time. Not if they are competing or complementary games we could say as they follow similar or similar rules but the scales are different combat. Tastes may be by the decision to play one or the other but I'm sure many adopt the two.

Well these are the pictures that show the first wave of this new Wargame based on Star Wars and you move, va otro to be sure success.

Armada Star Wars (1)

Armada Star Wars (2)

Armada Star Wars (3)


Brands of Paintings and tricks with them

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Article no waste. All will learn, like me, much of the paint marks with this interesting article. Magnificent work.

Since Warhammero Saver….

The largest predator of the green substrate which is usually stored in your wallet is I always found perched on pedestals round or square, at small scales such as 25 mm and as many. And while the thumbnails are spending #1 the el Wargamer, Today we face the second before lifting nemesis weapons against the dark lord. So, Today we come together to save on colorful and tricky issue of paints for hobby.

A handful of these colors in small infamous container is more expensive to take your significant other to dinner at a five star restaurant. Small jars containing no caviar, gold or precious gems. Containing paint; usually acrylic variety.

What acrylic paint is not the cheapest thing in the world? If y NO. What are acrylic paints special hobby? In fact the name betrays them: insomuch paints require a high concentration of pigments since what is required is that colored cover an area with the least possible amount of paint. In short, are thin but strong.

Acrylic paints have "Degrees" with trade names. The difference is the quality and quantity of pigments and binding agent, usually known as "Medium". Here are some examples from the worst to the very fine. All have their uses, and this is the first step in saving in paintings:

  • Artist Acrylics / Artist’s acrylics : Paints with this name will usually be presented in a consistency as "paste" that preserves the texture of the brush. These are the paintings with the best level of coverage and pigmentation that there. Obviously it is a problem that are in thick paste consistency; but if we bother to take the extra step to combine with acrylic thinner (Liquid medium) We will obtain high quality paint at a very minor. Another advantage is that we have a greater selection of brands and prices. A tube of acrylic artist usually pays for about 4 the 5 "Botecitos" of Citadel. Be careful that if; as artist acrylics have "Sub-varieties"; Gouache including some as they are water resistant when dry.
  • Hobby Acrylics, also known as "Fluid" in art circles:Thin and highly pigmented and specially formulated to be thin for detail work without leaving brush marks. Can also be thinned (and actually want to do it forever) with Medium; these are acrylics with, commonly found in the hobby. The return address at the end of the article.
  • Student Acrylics (Student grade): Similar to them acrylic artist but with less pigment, making them cheaper and gives less variety of tones.
  • Craft Acrylics (Craft paint / Craft acrylics) and "scholastic": these are interesting. They are cheap and strong and sometimes actually have very strong pigments but rely heavily on the brand. They are widely used in highly absorbent materials such as all types of pottery and to decorate everyday objects.

Ultimately account, sometimes it's best to do a mix of everything. I use many washes de oleo pre-hechos I use paint and brand Americana o Crafter’s acrylic to bases, Large areas, land and other. I print with automotive products, and hobby use many paintings of various brands. I think the only thing I always recommend hobby paints on anything serious for metallic colors; really no comparison in this finely ground mica and metal pieces that have.

Now, for those wanting to be in the range of hobby paints; there are more options. Here are the most common:

imagesCITADEL: Citadel paints are not bad and are ones that I skip the hobby. My problem case are the irksome little boats that are easy to knock down and cause the paint to dry. The cost is high when compared to how much paint you get. They have a range of "washes" very good, but easily replaceable by some oils. Also, the new range is a series of paintings called "layers" You essentially thinned colors are pre-mixed and honestly agree not both. (I can lose weight I thank you very much my own paintings.)

msp_cc_paintsREAPER / HEAVY GEAR: Pinturas matte de 1/2 ounce. Excellent, and are in the format dropper that is not only practical but sparing. I barely had a chance to try and I have no trouble whatsoever in recommending widely. Also to get them from your local hobby shop, are in http://www.reapermini.com

ColdSteelP3PaintP3 FORMULA: P3 is the formula property of Privateer Press. They have the particularity of pigments using liquid foundation that support best stretch to dilute. They are my favorite paintings and I like to have more of them; have very vibrant colors. The most common way to get them is in sets of 6 (thematic games and Hordes and Warmachine factions) and are obtained from 12.99 a 17.99 dollars. They come in vials that are also those hateful; but with more capacity than the Citadel.

Vallejo-PaintVALLEJO: Not only have a range of miraculous paintings paintings both extra-opaque, airbrush, and other specialties. The cost is only slightly less than the Citadel, but has a larger amount of paint; likewise in a better dosing via dropper. Several of the group used these colors Mini Monday and have had the opportunity to try; nothing bad I can say about them.

3-Colours-Tamiya-SmokeTAMIYA: Excellent colors, good painting; but unfortunately the packaging lies. These colors are water-based acrylic, are based alcohol. And indeed there any alcoholic, Isopropyl alcohol. If not for that are so incredibly unwieldy oleophobic and widely recommend them because for the price you get a large amount of paint. The main problem here is the fact that there really are acrylic. Despite that originally buy muchas, many Tamiya paints these have gradually fallen from my grace in this particular. Still, have certain varieties incredibly useful for certain effects, and metallic colors are prodigious.

340050No one should have to mortgage the house to have good colors. Mini-Monday Sara has not used any other paint than Politec and models (she paints her minis for board games and role) are excellent and high quality. This is because it thins his paintings and always use a wet palette. A final consideration is the lesson can be: The technique always wins on expensive materials.

Some very simple ideas to save:

  • Rescue old paint: If a small pot of paint has dried; do not throw. Use a little thin medium and beat hard. Leave it a while and whisk occasionally. We rescued decades painting with this little trick.
  • Use the color of your first as your base color. There are light colored primers, earth tones, black, whites. Save yourself a step and your first is your dominant color but the thumbnail.
  • To launch a foundation shade, used cheap paint craft type well recessed Medium, do not use the expensive paintings.
  • Do not buy the line of "layers" In games workshop. They are paintings rebajadas to usarlas as layers, and I think it is obvious that we can only buy one color and use really strong medium to lower it.
  • Create your own washes instead of buying pre-made and envásalos. Both acrylic, ink and oil; always a way to save and also gives you the option to create washes in high quantities for when you're doing you can actually complete units sink for quick shade for those who merely want these models come painted and on the table. Search previous tutorials on the blog on washes.
  • Practice color theory: Not the most practical solution to purchase 3 or more colors just because it is a little dark or light one another. Better; some research on how you can combine the colors you have to make other changes. Clear, sometimes it's best to keep it within the practical range; but doing a balance between creating color and get pre-made help you save and paint with more quality.
  • DO NOT USE WATER TO SLIM YOUR PAINT WHENEVER POSSIBLE. Use Medium, more thin out your paint and avoid the effect of "puddle" that sometimes appears. Also, do not introduce water into your paint cans and that eventually (dale 1 the 2 years old) this can cause mold to form on it.

Good, That was long. But I hope you have helped to identify where they can save on paints for Hobby. And remember, is not breaking out the wallet but copper. We have two issues in this line item: Brushes, sockets and accessories; and Thumbnails.

Greetings and happy hobby!

Poland wins the ETC and is consolidated as a great power to beat

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One, this year's ETC, el torneo por paises de Warhammer y FoW, It has been clear Polish Color. And the team from Poland won in Warhammer 40000, record breaking points without losing any match, also won in Flames of War and finished second in Warhammer Fantasy. Let that has swept but drubbing.


Is it so good are the players from that country? Well it seems that it has not been anything this year, but with what they have achieved this year and since this tournament has been held ETC, han primer is placed as parents SUMANDO primeras, second and third positions since wresting the almighty and awesome Germany.

Good posts about Warhammer 40000, that is what we have come to know this year, Spain has not had as good a performance as last year, especially in the last shocks fail because at that point they were pretty good, and we are left in a ninth place this well if we see the high level and that there are still decent in those top positions. But then, knows little after being runners-up last year.


As for classification, We give you the top five of Warhammer 40000: Poland, Germany, England, United States and Italy. As you can see all hard bones and major powers in this of Warhammer. Maybe next year Spain has some more luck in the decisive moments and the computer learns from the mistakes of this year, who are already looking for what we read, we are sure will be a tough nut to crack for any, Poles included. Because in Spain, Messrs, the level of play is very high.


Wounded in Roleplaying

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Our friend Naota brings us an interesting article that has nothing to waste. Good job and secure a good reflection of your reading goes.


Good, Input a new role-playing, here is an entry directed especially to Masters.

I write this with a hand in plaster due to a slight accident at work, and because of this has led me to think in different RPGs with which I am familiar and wounds system.

To begin with, I never saw my characters or the characters of my players have to keep nursing, a forced rest or just have a disabled member for some reason. Let, I say that the fact that an orc you poke a thump with a piece of rusty metal, as little, should break a couple of costilas ... Before entering the critical matter must analyze why this happens. It is assumed that this character are heroes in most cases, protruding individuals average, and like Aragorn could fight in battle for 3 consecutive days and still sexy with scab attached to your body, our heroes can suffer and endure countless wounds on his feet to swing a kobold more. It is a matter of mere gameplay, anyone amused having to interpret his character has to stay in bed for 1 week, that without the delay that would suffer the campaigns in which over time have special relevance.

After analyzing the "why" of the regenerative capacity of our characters examine different systems of "wounds" of various types of games:


Beginning system quintessential role, and probably the most surreal of all. And D&D your character starts with a number of hit points, which increases as we go up a level, very similar to what happens in the Computer RPG / console. This generally escalating violence, because the beings you meet at 1 They can kill you in 1 the 2 shock and your bushes 1 blow, but beings that you come to high levels need to give them a locally termed hosts and you in 2 the 3 While you are still given liquidating, and if you find a bug in level 1, despite his dagger still as sharp blow to the thee these 4 dots of damage that can make you. Also curious thing happens, get a hit and you take away half of your life, you still there, pounding, you are already giving your character a shit ... Ehhhh!!! What you get 1PG!!! Anyway you keep giving the same emphasis,and suddenly, you stumble on a stone and you sprain your ankle (suffering 1 pg), you are unconscious and bleeding to death ...

This system is very imaginative and simple, leaves everything in the hands of the master who forces his players to play wounds and describe the health status of the opponent. A mi, I do not like personally.



An acceptable system, start the game with a number of wound points increase only in certain situations, when you suffer a number of injuries is very high likely to get a critical wound causing a given effect in a table, depending on the type of injury suffered. Also come into play fatigue points that make your character is exhausted without being hurt. Very interesting truth. The fault I have is the amount of tables that makes use.


Have a series of injuries ranges depend on your own property. When the character is intact great, undergoes as wounds and filling the ranks will receive penalties. Starting with a -3 the circulation and can help you experience a -20 ... this system is very interesting, personally my favorite, showing as it goes the way that the various wounds affect our character. The downside is that it lacks that dot that has the above system, the chance of getting a critical wound and to lose a limb or suffer a break ...


A set of realistic wounds OVER. Do not forget that we are here to play and have fun. In this system, your character starts with a number of hit points equal to its toughness, which, except for some very very very unlikely miracle is not increased throughout the campaign. This resistance usually round 10 the 15 points and weapons usually do 8-10 medium damage. It is a game that probably 2 golpes tu tu o Rival muráis, with a table of consequences as his wounds, even with a nursing.

Viewing, I like the approach, but it is very very very very deadly. Normally you just running like a rug when combat jumps, unless you're a nobleman or a gentleman's metal skin on the body.


For the record, there are more systems: cyberpunk, Kingdom of Shadow, World of Darkness ... But I do not know them all by heart and do not need to name them all, if you want to try one in particular I have here for analysis delighted, but, yourselves until you can collaborate with commenting.

The thing is that there are many systems and none is perfect, but at some point we doubt not knowing which game to play / directing and study their damage system can give us a guide to choose between high fantasy and realism or realism bit extreme, but for my taste the ends are never good :). Probably the best thing would make a mixture, eg:

We take the system D&D and when we suffer a stroke more than half of our PG we should pull strength CD 10 damage suffered or fall unconscious. Addition, every time you suffer a critical perform the, we throw in a table of sequels, that will function the weapon we use: cutting, the sharp piercing. With a couple of changes we have made to d&d more realistic :).

Good, This is a helpful article and review, if you want something more or have any suggestions, here i Tene :). UP NEXT!!!

A greeting, Naota, eternal rolero

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