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Interview with Last Bullet Games on Circle of Blood and future project

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Today our Kanijo Kotillaz gives us another of his interviews with people from Wargames. This time do people from Last Bullet Games, creators of the Circle of Blood wargames and with which we will learn more, will we know stuff Circle of Blood and the future and the innovations that will have them. Very informative interview and hope you like it. Thanks to the people of Last Bullet Games as always for your kind attention and quick response to our interview. That always makes our job easier information.

Logo last bullet

  • How did the idea of ​​Circle of Blood?

We wanted to create a game set in our world of dark fantasy, called Farenhell. World that we are still developing and completing but then I had some important traces defined.

As designers seek to meet expectations of own game and, if wargames, Circle of Blood came out of that game need. We wanted a lot of freedom and interaction, extensive development and an evocative background. From there we were adding other premises to complete the game.

Moreover we had a lot chronology Farenhell generated and believe that the fact of placing the action in the days Gormalak Circle of Blood was a great success.

  • Do you first was Circle of Blood or Last Bullet Games?

Actually, until the arrival of Ring of Blood we had not consolidated the idea of ​​professionally plunge into the world. Already in the process had a role playing game in the universe of Farenhell, but to rise to the idea of ​​Ring of Blood we decided that would be our first release and we got to it like crazy.

The consolidation of the company reached with the good vibes we feel the project the first time. Of course this was driven by our strong passion and good friendship.

  • Why did you choose Last Bullet Games as the name of the company?

Last Bullet Games is that epic moment when a bullet is only our hero. Want to allude to the destination, to that end and crucial time.

As you can see we are very dramatic and cinematic in our narrative and want that the player arrives.

circulo de sangre

  • Equal, Why you called your first game for Circle of Blood?

As mentioned before, Gormalak was already well developed when he got the idea of ​​Heroic Action wargame to our table. In his chronology had a period in which the city succumbed to the chaos produced by Infragorma, the endless city under Gormalak. This period was called Days of Ring of Blood and decided to take it to the wargame.

  • The presentation was officially for Wargames Challenge by June this year, How has been the introduction of the game since then and as you see the arrival of your game enthusiasts?

So, Wargames in Challenge gave the face and took the first time to an event our game. We had attended the previous game as fans and were excited to attend as professionals and people could test the Heroic Action.

The response time was great and there are now many who are struggling Gormalak and glory of his adventurous.

On the other hand, We have been making many game shows for many of the shops in Madrid and impressions of the players have been very encouraging.

Our newly reopened forum is very active and every day we have more registered. The truth is that we can not complain.

  • You are working with other brands in joint projects. You can advance us some of that will be soon or already have in place.

So now we have two projects in development with two different companies in the world of miniatures games.

With Escenorama known company we are preparing a stage for Gormalak going to delight all fans, even those who know nothing of Ring of Blood. I can anticipate that we will see two different models of buildings like home gormaleses, but many more props black city are coming and we have the firm intention to facilitate the players a gaming table to recreate our dark city, but beautiful and vibrant to perfection.

With talented guys Valkyrie Studio we are working on a line of resin counters and Templates. These pieces are perfect for the fans of our game, wanting to extol his models with counters and templates really pretty and practical.

We face and finish line in both projects so that soon all (we include us first) we can enjoy them.

  • Why did you choose such a gamer wargames such as Circle of Blood Project?

The plain truth is that we are very roleros. We really want to tell all kinds of stories and we love how it interacts with the game.

In the case of a few miniatures wargame we had seen glimpses of this in other larger games. We wanted to take this dramatic point to a new level.

circulo de sangre foro

  • What has been the greatest difficulty in making your project?

The difficulties are many, especially there have been many logistical, but we managed to overcome most of them go with some imagination, hard work and, above all, eager to learn all that was needed to accomplish what we wanted and what we wanted.

All these problems are addressed with a smile and with all the passion that was honestly feel this game mode, but the real shock always fall above.

What we mean is that we live in a political and economic model, in many cases, is a barrier added to the entrepreneurial process we assume. Do we want to get assertive but that's how I feel today. We know we're taking our first steps and that the work has only just begun, but we are willing to take this idea to the endpoint we dream. Hopefully it will be possible.

  • You propose to people to play with different brands of miniatures and miniatures they already have their usual wargames. It is a concept that is being seen lately on different projects with the rules we like you. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Course, we think that the benefits are much greater than the disadvantages, plus it is something that no one ever really can control. As much as a company insists on the officers of his miniatures players can make use of other models that have or prefer to portray as what character.

Given that in our game we propose the creation of a group of adventurers from scratch is even more appropriate to being able to use all existing thumbnail catalog 28 mm for this creation. We quickly realized how rewarding it was to create a hero to find the perfect miniature that embody. This would be completely lost if we generated a range of miniatures closed and concrete.

From there we were no longer bound by a commercial model of selling miniatures game design cohibiera. What prevailed was the game, because there were hundreds, thousands of thumbnails from which to choose.

The only drawback I have found is the lack of appropriate fees for the game. We refer to all of these models that are hidden, increases in some, doing a handstand or whatever. These may be inappropriate for their bizarre shapes and proportions. This problem was easily solved and it was not an impregnable obstacle.

  • Have you any pact or criterion when choosing a brand of miniatures or recommend them over other?

As a company we have asked for rights to use all the models we use in promotions, regulations, web, etc..

Beyond this, We love to recommend all makes appropriate by subject, personally use the thumbnails 28 mm to motivate us more.

In our game there are men of all kinds, Dwarf, elves of the three classical types and lizard men so they can use the thumbnails are many. Everything is designed to fit as many models with the options of play.

  • Something to improve Circle of Blood or thoroughly amend in the future.

We believe that there is always room for improvement, for this the player experience is very important and we love to listen to work in that direction. We delve into the role-playing experience growing and exploring the game will see even more present in different ways.

And now a little about the future:

  • Already have a date for the new regulations coming out in December. What will your new and significant differences have with respect to the current version?

Find many differences amply improve the gaming experience but almost only differences will discover what many added.

Most notable are the 4 new professions to be included in this edition Heroic, incorporate these new spells to the game, gifts and talents that we can use on the streets of the city black.

By purchasing this edition we Heroic will unlock Official Campaign called The Beginning of the End. This campaign will be perfect for those who are starting in the game and doing a tour of the 3 Spheres Game, dividing all the rules in separate fields.

Addition, we have illustrated all the rules with images of great illustrators and a series of stories that immerse us in those days as turbulent for gormaleses.

We are also devising a promotion for the first to purchase the Heroic Edition. The study someone said something about a vampire and we sharpened fangs all ...

  • Will the Circle of exclusive miniatures for the game Blood? Will it be soon?

The will, but we have priorities that have to be met before a range of miniatures for the game. While it is true that there are some unique creatures in the game (they have no market thumbnail to represent them as they are) we go to work on what really needs the project and the community.

  • Little things that you can advertise for a future Games Last Bullet for next year.

Well, prepare another contest this time will be sponsored by Tercio Creativo, friendly company we admire greatly. This contest will as an act of celebration and Heroic Edition coming soon.

We anticipate that next year we expect new missions, Campaigns and Official Tournament mode to Ring of Blood.

  • Last Bullet Games focus on Circle of Blood or will in the future more projects from other games? Can you make some progress?

We begin developing the RPG that put us in this fantastic, decadent world of Farenhell. We find it interesting that extend from the player's perspective Gormalak to everyone. We will see many new cities, powers and conflicts that are crying out for new heroes.

Moreover we love all kinds of universes and themes, from science fiction, western, terror and want to work in different fields as soon as we can.

And now a few shots that I do with short questions:

  • A brand thumbnail: Tough choice ... lately spend my last bullet on Third Creative .
  • Skirmishes or epic battles: Skirmishes without a second.
  • A role model for LBG Wargame: In aesthetics and Infinity focus. In spirit and passion of the Warhammer 90.
  • What forums and blogs you follow? Lade and La Taberna de Laurana especially. Many others not so daily due to lack time.
  • Does the background is important for wargames? For us the background is almost half of any RPG or wargame.

Last day to enter the competition and supply dusfrutar October

Today 31 Remember that if you have not already done, hurry up because the offer to make you both the very good wargame Colonial Space War at a very good price as the competition we have with our Partners Basin Game Game for a Haemonculus just now.

Click on the icons to learn more and participate in both.


oferta octubre 2


octubre sorteo

Codex Space Marines Full – By popular request

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After many requests from our readers who have long ones requesting it, we can finally say that you already have a full version of Codex Space Marines so you can enjoy the full. It took longer to find it but ordenadito in the Den.

The current codex 2012.

Codex Marines Espaciales

Descarga Pumuky

And while we announce that soon two requests than we have asked have already been achieved and we will share in coming days. These Regulations Complete Sixth Edition Warhammer Fantasy and supplement Tamurkhan. In short…

Let's throw a curious question about WD What was the moment you most impacted until Walking Dead?

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Now to finish (but surely that'll keep talking about it) this special issue we've had this month on our current favorite series, you leave a question in the air that you may expect you to answer many of her.


What have you been the most shocking moment or more years has marked the series so far? That time you can not forget, it hurt especially, I hit you and always remember.

I start to think and smoothly could say five or six but not at the moment say, I'll be the last to speak, to see what comes out of your minds and do not affect any response.

Come tell us…..

Infinity news for November – Variety and a lot of new stuff

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We might have thought that with the mess of the start of the new basic box Infinity and the new regulation we could have little new this month but not gentlemen lovers Infinity, we get many and different for everyone. This is what I came for November:

Dog Warriors – For Ariadna army, magnificent miniatures come all werewolves are brutal besides being brutal. Human thumbnails not detract anything and are well defined and well detailed, but the details are incredible huge big wolves. Monstrous werewolves liked all.


Yu Jing gets two reinforcements this time with two boxes or similar sets for the format you please elijais. You have the JSA Support Pack that offers you four very different miniatures each with two human minis and two small robots that accompany. Quite good but not the best that we can offer infinity. Perhaps the best of this pack girl (as always) and how different thumbnails.

The second format is individual is armed miniature girl, Tokusetsu Eisei, a beautiful doctor who enters the Infinity range of characters with very good quality. She has lots of small accessories and details are very complete and make this fun miniature to paint something so detailed. I love those wearing baggy pants.



Janissaries – For Haqqislam, This new miniature terrifying armed with a mega weapon is not much to my liking. The weapon is what I cool it but those leaky pads and knee pads and armor if they do not like me. Alga flojita esta mini. It can not all be wonderful that does not make any company.


Warcors mercenaries for change from the previous thumbnail is flipante. Although the model does not say very shocking, as werewolves or big bikes or stuff that does not offer occasional Infinity, simplicity or perhaps this mini originality are quite obvious. Course that emphasizes the air passenger carrying miniature human. A very cool combination, original miniatures both personally enjoyed it. Congratulations on guys thought.


And finally comes for Tohaa Mobile Kotail. Very cool pose and miniature Curran as to what I think is complex because it concealed by the cloak and armor plates but also as other is full of details with all cables and side slits. A miniature solid.


Well here Infinity miniatures that arrive with the new regulations third edition I'm curious to have at hand and evaluate. Soon maybe we do.

Already have a date for the release of the new regulations Circle of Blood

If we have already announced the dates you have people from Last Bullet Games to present and bring to market the new rules and updated Circle of Blood Evolution Natural. This is part of the new cover that will go gradually revealing.

circulo de sangre

The 21 December is the chosen date and are confident it will be a wonderful book. And we advance some data….

It will be sold in the approximate amount of PDF 10 EUR (and closing are still seeing things last). When you buy the game plus desbloquearéis web content to get additional material.

Also want to do a promotion for the first 48 hours. By buying the game at that time you will come an exclusive mission and perhaps also some exclusive bonus material.

Gradually confirming iran will define these things and more. But you have a small preview of what we will come too soon for Circle of Blood.

Survival Zombie in Aljorra (Murcia) This Saturday – Last moments to inscribe

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We remind one of those events that you must not lose if you are in the vicinity of Cartagena or Murcia for this Halloween weekend. 12 Zombie Survival Edition on Aljorra with lots of zombies infecting this county and poor survivors trying not to fall into their clutches. I'll be there and hope to come out alive….

This is the information about the event. Currently the organization confirms me more 600 enrolled and.


Aljorra has been named World Heritage and its location was strategically chosen to perform the Iniciativa WRG in the region of Murcia.

All those people who can afford to move to the town economically Aljorra will have the protection and security of the corporation WRG.

The 1 November 2014 will take place the opening ceremony of the complex with all those who reserve their VIP Square from now. After arrival the opening and relocation of families in the complex, it will remain isolated from the outside and remain closed both terrestrial and aerial communications. Our missile system Jericho will prevent any air from undesirable approach that can not afford to pay the small annual fee necessary to live in the complex.

And also you have this to to disguise:


Fifth wave of X-Wing – Edge was officially announced on their website and we presented

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Today good news for X-Wing and the many fans of this game, becoming much more, they were waiting as rain in May this. The fifth wave is here and here EDGE us some things about it advances its official website. Enjoy it dear pilots.

Announcing the upcoming release of two new starships for X-Wing: the miniatures game!

This fifth wave of ships in the game brings two vehicles ready for the heat of battle: YT-2400 Rebellion and VT-49 Decimator Empire.


In addition to the models of the ships, each of which has been sculpted to maintain accurately the scale 1/270 habitual, the expansion pack YT-2400 and expansion pack VT-49 Decimator bring a number of new enhancements and terrain pieces that allow you to explore a wide variety of new tactics into your space battles.

These expansion packs will also find a large cast of characters from the expanded universe Star Wars, the first gun turret of the imperial, Improvement and letters designed by the winners of the first two world championships X-Wing.

Expansion Pack YT-2400

A fast and robust light freighter, YT-2400 is equipped with no less than thirteen points gun emplacement, which makes it attractive for smugglers ship, mercenaries and others who are in need of a "transport" heavily armed. Although the model series YT-2400 offers plenty of space for cargo, most of the space usually ends being refurbished to house modified weapon systems and large motors.


The expansion pack YT-2400 This formidable light freighter added to your gaming table as rebel starship two points Attack and Agility, five points Helmet and Shields.

The most striking point expansion pack YT-2400 is its detailed miniature starship, which is accompanied by a new mission, three indicators of space debris, maneuvers selector, all records that may be necessary, and four letters of Nave, including the famous smuggler Dash Rendar.


Evidently, a ship with much customizability as the YT-2400 must be accompanied by a repertoire of options for improvements, and therefore the Expansion pack of YT-2400 comes with thirteen letters Improvement, among which are improving crew Lando Calrissian, Space Rider title, Improvement and letters designed by the winners of the first two world championships X-Wing.

Expansion Pack VT-49 Decimator

Receive command of a VT-49 Decimator is seen as a significant upgrade to a midrange officer of the Imperial Navy. One of the most feared warships of the Empire, VT-49 Decimator is a heavily armed transport missions often used in long-range reconnaissance or assault groups to deploy beyond enemy lines.


The expansion pack VT-49 Decimator incorporates X-Wing This intimidating gunship is itself larger ship that is designed for the game so far Normal. Even in the scale 1/270 usual game, detailed miniature of this expansion pack dwarfs the base on which already holds the other starfighters.

In addition to its impressive miniature prepainted, the expansion pack VT-49 Decimator Ship carries four letters, three indicators of space debris, a new mission, maneuvers selector, and all the chips you might need to take your VT-49 Decimator in the thick of the battle. Last, also find thirteen cards Improvement, among which there are different options crewman, as Mara Jade and Officer of the fleet, designed to help you cover all three of the crew spaces available to the Decimator.


Take Action

We recommend that you do not miss the final chapter of Turn Cu4tro

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Well, occasionally I talk about them because they are one of the fashion podcast. And honestly I am one who follows them regularly because first address the issues Actualizad, without mincing words and I think they do a pretty entertaining program.

turno cu4tro

Always in style as they say very crazy and nonsense, get to catch up and give their opinions on many subjects and there is always great moments in each program.

In the latter I highlight the great work and presentation of the game on boats that at first, which I found very interesting and crazy moments that have given us lots of laughs. I have fun listening to it and why I recommend it.

Good work. HERE to listen to the show.

The Purge – Another novel translated from the Black Library – Accumulating reading

Today another novel in the Black Library translated by fans for fans and Castilian course, I FanHammer presents the Den of Pumuky for FanHammeros enjoy it easily.

As always united fans, as we do for the blog, make a great community. Enjoy the hobby and good reading guys.

the purge

Descarga Pumuky

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