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Numbers FanHammer….. Curiosity

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Well I have received the news that I renew shortly housing. You see the FanHammeros, we have a great server goes very fast and that's good for me and for you. The server takes it a good acquaintance of mine and especially my brother, Peter, and thanks to him we here when last year at this time FanHammer “she fell” for some buddy of GW.

fanhammer icono puku

After that we decided to leave our accommodation to come to us to present and happy, very happy after a year on it. In fact he told me that we are staying in France, Curiously where I live and that I have me to go at full speed for it.

Well apparently FanHammer consuming more than a year ago, tremendous growth we have had to negotiate new rates and plays with it and move on to more than double what I paid. I'm in negotiations to see what can be achieved and clear this cut costs. Usually very transparent with these issues because they do not want people to think this is cheap to have a blog of this type, of this size and has its costs. Luckily I think I can say that we or are we not or nearly deficit, thanks to your donations, the contribution of advertising and some other things coming sporadically. In another post I'll put the approximate cost of FanHammer. Me what I aim to do in the future.

Well the issue and this is by graphic happened to me on the movement of FanHammer on the server. I find it interesting to share with you and something different….

This is the image:

FanHammer cosas

And now I will explain a little:

Unique visitors: Visitors entering the month but counting only the person and not the times that makes. So as you see we have been rising gradually and in December FanHammer was used by 67.646 people.

Numbers of Visits: Here are the views summed total. Enter the same person 5 times, are five visits. That is what we drink on the counter usually.

The third value is the pages and links that you visit by FanHammer. A person may see different pages and items when entering.

Hits I have not been very clear, but requests to the server. Guess links, screenings and that sort of thing.

And finally the bandwidth or data that have been transferred from the server. In December whopping 424 gigas said soon.

Fun facts for you to see the size of FanHammer otherwise.

Archaon and his horde reaches the End Times and will be the end of the Old World

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Last part priori THE END TIMES with the arrival of Chaos Archaon and his great character and the Soul Eater.

Today we can show several things that were leaked yesterday.

First the first images of the new Soul Eater and its various new models.




And then a preview of the new rules of this monstrous bichote….




What do you think both the new mini as new rules Soul Eater?

You want to have fun this weekend – Sleepless Night Game in Zaragoza

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Today, Later it was, advertise personally want one of those special and different events I think every reader of FanHammer you can enjoy if you.


Saturday night to Sunday can go to Zaragoza, Transportation and there are plenty of Zaragoza if you are not sorry if I have what you lose, be the Sleepless Night where you will spend all night playing what you like hobbie.

As you can see on the poster, There's something for all tastes. RPGs, games, letters, prototypes, talks, wargames, Sweepstakes….. If you're a geek and you like these games is your duty to go and enjoy it for those like me I can not. If I could…..

Here you have the planning of the night so you know what is available and choose what you would not miss…

noche insomnie

Walking Dead – Chapter 10 and 11- Preparing what comes

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If so give summary of the last two chapters of WD (I do not say White Dwarf).


I'll do my criticism of the last two episodes of the series that many of us still as loyal followers and sometimes sufferers.


Chapter 10 had a little slow, a little calm as we usually have it in previous episodes because this season and last have been thrilling, It has been known since we are little and many of you have said and thought the chapter was worthless. True, that was not us to remember anything about him and prop is a chapter that introduces nothing new.

But inwardly for the group is important. I will highlight a few things from him:

First, chapter shows us a reality that must be an apocalypse like this, which is the lack of any. Food, water, rest, stress. It is the central argument of the chapter with lack of food and water and is something that sometimes we do not realize. And every time he spends more time, more difficult it must be to find something canned because resources are not renewed.

After speaking of the human or staff side on one side and the other group. Sometimes collide with each. In Chapter are several characters and quite exhausted “crazy” Daryl, Maggie o Sasha. For the recent deaths are touched and some sections of the group and at one point group cohesion falters. But this is where the bonds if they are strong predominate, apart from the spirit of survival and I think the best time of the chapter comes when they are resting in the barn during the storm and a horde of zombies attacking them and one by one, ally themselves Daryl to hold the door and not let fall. This is a time where the group is reinforced and reattached. The group attached separately survives and not.

And finally clear this, the open end as always happens to us with WD, with “I am a friend”. Intrigue that will assume the center of the plot of the remainder of season. I personally gives me a bad feeling. And I collaborate with Chapter 11 which now continues…


Chapter 11.

I saw him yesterday, as many of you and only good thing, this sanctuary city that will not give me good vibrations. All looking super, insurance, etc.… but can not be first because otherwise the series would lose interest and followers and second so Michonne says that in the photos no people.

From Chapter I stay the zombies pisa night when they go on the road, I molo and later every man for himself and nostalgic memories that make Dale and his caravan car with battery.

What will be behind those walls of Alexandria? Only this will be the end of any of our characters (and hopefully not a number) because they are a large group and I vow that at least two fall. What will be?

Punkapocalyptic – Mutardos arrive and rules of the children of the Black Blood exclusive

Today we have several important things from Badroll Games, the creators of the game is booming and expansion, Punkapocalyptic. A skirmish game where the bands are facing and fighting among themselves to pure gang style. A game that everyone who sees, is interested. Why will? Easy answer, because it is an interesting game, with thumbnails and slick fun and easy to play, easy and inexpensive to prepare and dynamic. All attributes for games that are now demanding fans.


Well after introduction for those who do not know yet the game, let the news. First will be by Hispania Wargames with various items, and especially shows the new minis showing Mutardos faction of the starter as these.




What you can buy for Hispania Wargames with a promotional price first. Then we will be available in their online store and soon in your tents.

The second news is that we can offer exclusive FanHammer rules PDF of the fourth faction, Beta version, Sons of Black Blood. Thanks to the people of Badroll Games this detail with the blog and our community.



“We know that many of you, Páramo inhabitants are very smart people, and after reading the latest issue of the Gazette and shall Puentechatarra which you imagined it would be this faction. Come the Sons of Black Blood. Someone has attacked their settlement / refinery and are now very, very pissed. And with gasoline!

You have at your disposal the Beta rules of this new faction. With flamethrower, chainsaws and motorbikes… At what are you waiting?”

“Just for Hispania Wargames, new thumbnails come Punkapocalyptic. This time it's up reinforcing the mutardos. And not with a, but two new, also enable the output of your Starter Pack. So first the Hispania Wargames, and the following week in stores, at your disposal the Starter Pack mutardos, the mutardo jumping prone to spitting, and three tet mutarda… pitch… its… good, that we all been waiting for.”

A hug.

I encourage you to discover Lead Artist, blog

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If you have a blog and want people to know, FanHammer be sure an ideal medium for your work reaches many people and from here we encourage you to send us an email and that ye may and you present your blog / project so we can post it here or facebook and thousands of FanHammeros can meet you and perhaps join your adventures.

This is the case today, Victor N has contacted us and has given us his new blog, just wear 5-6 tickets but I found it interesting writing as both the idea and that is why we want that you go dear readers and that you be yourself and those you judge valoréis.

The blog, Lead Artist is a blog meant by what we see and what it tells us about his creator for novice painters, the many who start in the hobby and have little idea or no painting miniatures. Tickets will be aimed mainly towards the public, easy painting articles, for beginners, basic tips and everything you need to keep improving. An idea very interesting and in my opinion there are many similar among the blogs that I know personally.

pintor de plomo

So between inputs already offers us and I recommend reading, how to make a thumbnail dacapado to remove paint, color schemes that blend theory with humor and curiosity and 10 Spanish bests thumbnails, which crippled the idea to make a survey FanHammer soon because I found very interesting.

Also one thing I can not stress is the appearance of the blog itself. I liked it, very light, very interactive and original is hard to find it now. Good choice on the image.

Good luck to this young blog and hopefully follow Victor much time with the project and will gradually attracting followers.

Codex Harlequins – Eldar dancers for our readers

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Well we Codex Arlequin arrives, Epub recently gone on so that you can read and enjoy. Thanks to a FanHammero that we contributed, the whole community can now disfrutrarlo in the Den.

codex arlequines








In brief for Circle of Blood…. markers, Templates and equipment

Well guys Circle of Blood are working hard to gain a foothold among the many wargames and are getting their rolero wargame and work every day and good material offered its players and supporters.

Today I bring some news that will arrive shortly…

First, many will have seen already, we have images of the markers that Valkyrie Studio has done to them and they are very cool, very creative and they fit perfectly with the look and feel of Circle of Blood IMHO.

circulo circulo2 circulo3

And this is how it would be on the game board:

Detectando Trampas Puerta Cerrada

These markers and the template (we have no picture of it sorry) will be sold for the first time and exclusively in Hispania Wargames and in March at its official website.

Prices will scoop we can put:

Pack 3 counters Stealth or Closed – 3 Euros.

Pack 2 Trap counters – 4 Euros.

Game Templates – 5 Euros.

In addition to this already important news, the time this comes out in March we Lisbeth Mansion, one of the buildings that Escenorama is building for the game. A building that will be safe milk and that suited the game perfectly. First contribution of scenery for the game. Early in his official store and when you leave you will keep you informed.

But even I have something else….. They are about to publish a selection of Missions 4 Players on your website. This has been a popular request that players have proposed them and as I discussed them, They are happy to listen and to make his plea reality. These missions are free and downloadable from their website.

As you can see everything good news for Circle of Blood settles, gets hard and gaining fans slowly but steadily. A game and an idea and concept that deserves to grow and stay with us. Cheer up guys and that you be many FanHammeros you already are enjoying.

Tactics Warthrone – The second installment of our report Battle of Warthrone

Last week we were able to proudly show the beginning of a battle report from Avatars of War are enjoying by FanHammer. HERE you can read the first installment.

Today it's the second installment and it tell us about the tactics and speak phase shift of the game. I leave a small part of the blog but I recommend you see the Or download PDF this superbly presented and layout and is complete and will be interesting and useful. Thanks to Manuel Moreno (de Avatars of War) for this collection of articles and battle report that goes with it.


Each turn in Warthrone is divided into several phases, where you can order your troops to perform different types of orders.

To determine what army acts first, 1d6 both players launched at the beginning of each shift. The player with the highest score will win the initiative that turn. In this tutorial we assume that Player B
(Apocalypse) wins.


During this phase each player give tactical orders to their regiments (indicated by the label "[T]"In their regimental records), which serve to develop movements and strategies during the shift. A single unit can receive each turn a tactical order and an order of movement, in the order you want. First we will move some of our troops to approach the enemy. Since Player B has the initiative of turn, troops will begin Revelation.

The Corrupters receive the order firm Paso! to move forward. Step firm! It is a move order that is automatically accepted (without rolling dice) for all troops. When a regiment runs a firm Paso! You can go to its value Movement (Mov), inch in the direction

Phase shift
0 Initiative
1 Tactic
2 Magic
3 Shot
4 Combat
5 End of turn

A regiment advances to Step firm! You can not end in contact with enemy regiment; you must stop a 2 "him. Player A: Check out the tab regiment Corrupters of Revelation and consultation
the value of your Mov. As you will see, they have a value Mov 5, so they can move up to 5 "to Paso firm! Move now the regiment 5 ", using the metro, forward. To move regiments always follow this rule: if the leader of the regiment can move up to a point (as if only), You can do the whole regiment, provided that the base regiment fit throughout the space covered. Place your regiment in the new position, facing towards where you want.

Then we will make another move action with the regiment Warriors of the Apocalypse. Because of his temperament and ferocity, this regiment made a move to Step light! toward the berserkers of
Björn Player A.


In Coverage – Their new line of scenery mola

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We know for some dates which are prepared from In Coverage. And the truth from FanHammer us this really enjoying what we show.

This is what we've seen so far.


We know they are working on scenery of corridors for games like Space Hulk and the results are impressive are showing.

And yesterday we had new avanves with closed and covered walkways that will delight players. Look at them and enjoy them.

11021172_857289580996485_1789365606973254527_n 11014709_857289574329819_4729506938600704461_n

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