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Carnevale and his troops Vatican

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It is perhaps what I liked most of the new things that we are offering on Kickstarter Carnevale. Because the concept of these papal troops mola me, because they look cool miniatures and because they fit perfectly in the game and the time. This was the first mini but now presented to us, some days ago, We have provided typical called green, miniatures in progress, Angel Terol that we want to show that you may see what is going to come with this new faction in the game.


And these are the miniatures in the process to improve but already showing a great background and a good modeling. Only missing details and minor tweaks that improve.





Champions Fenris – Welcome to FanHammer delayed

Well, if we had some time ago but had it between his Pumuky Cubil without showing the world (things of Gods) and good is finally available to his servants and readers.

campeones de Fenris

You have it in PDF in Spanish and in English Epub. Something for everyone. Good reading and Space Wolves go their way.





Two new tanks for Bolt Action

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Come two new tanks to reinforce American troops. Two new tanks of the classics that were used in World War II that are now available in your usual shops for those that you bear much Americans may be able to reinforce your troops with these fearsome fighters.

The first car is the M10 Tank Destroyer, one tank destroyers did damage to the Germans during the war. A tank destroyer specialist I assure you give a lot of play if the rules have kept their original.


The second reinforcement is the M24 Chaffee Light Tank, maybe a tank far more unknown but it was also a very common tank in the American outposts. It is a very good vehicle to accompany infantry units as support tank. Small but resultón.


And if you are interested to get your hands on them, Frikland Shop our friend offers you the, with the full range of Bolt Action to 15% Discount. At this time I poop my most interesting Bolt Action and I'm pretty sure I'll drop test it thoroughly as two or three times.

Want to participate in our Goblin Panzudo 10? Do not hesitate

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Well as we do with each issue of our magazine, is always open to all writers, Cartoonists, creators, companies, etc.. the possibility to participate in Goblin Panzudo with your work and ideas.

We are already working on the number 10 and always believe that being a magazine for amateur fans, It's interesting that they are fans themselves who may be able to share those things that want to share with the community.

Well as I say if you are a amateur writers, illustrators, ye do well talking about RPGs, you want to create a play that you have invented, etc.. we are open to it in our journals upcoming editéis.

For this, simply contact our mail fanhammerct@gmail.com there and let your proposal, idea or your work. Y pondremos soon we will contact you.

Regards and because our dear Goblin Panzudo is getting a little better.


Keep the mass production of patronage Encobertura – Photos

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A couple of days we have seen the Facebook Encobertura as you progress products offered his patronage few months ago and they are about to go giving your impatient and are patrons pleased confident to see the quality makes these products are so detailed and finished and accomplished.

So as discussed themselves, these products are the flagship products of the patronage, assume that because they were the most popular and dedicated campaign.

We offer a lot of pictures of different products that are working, hard work always a patronage, and how they are storing the time of apportioning.

First we show the walls of bocage, points of view and also representing some damage.





As you can see, quality is sublime and the gaming tables of any game, more historical type game WWII, going to be a super collected tables with this type of scenery.

But on the ground in all of this offer. Also we have shown the pictures of trees in production:



And its lots of hedges:


Well this has been a great example of how this Encobertura working hard and producing that plenty of scenery for his patrons. They will be happy with what will soon receive.

Deposits Supplies Make your gaming tables

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Today another magnificent video tutorial our friend SanKarras increasingly common form where you have, EASY, how to make small deposits boxes and supplies for your drums to put tables and give your miniatures and coverage and make your games even more fun. Thanks to SanKarras for always sharing your videos with FanHammer and our community. Would you have liked?

A little Nagash the End of Time in Spanish

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For he that is not what you expect but for now is the only thing that has come from time. Images of a few persons book in Spanish will serve to open mouth waiting for the PDF that both ye exact FanHammeros. Llegara…..

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Painting Competition in Hispania Wargames – Afinad the pinces

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More news reaching us from Hispania Wargames Malaga and this time with respect to a miniature painting contest during the event that there will be. So far we advance the news that will be one of the activities of the event and give us a little information to get you started in the absence of more concrete things as definite categories and contest rules, is a good incentive for painters start out to prepare your pieces for the contest. The kids brushes!


In the next edition of Hispania Wargames again have a painting competition.
In the latest edition the great flood of subscriptions surpassed us in organizing this event and this year we wanted to solve all kinds of problems before they arise.
To do so this year the organization of the painting competition develop our co-RN Study (http://rnestudio.webs.com/) they have the support of several professional painters and a support team large enough to make a painting competition at the level of expected.
We are still working on the categories and the competition rules, but I anticipate that in addition to the usual categories also have categories for brands thumbnail.
So sharpen your brushes and get ready for the next painting competition of Hispania Wargames 2015
Greetings to all

Space Hulk agotado…. Does anyone doubted?

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I do not of course. I knew that this product was going to fly as it has while not something totally new and reissued but the same game but modernized. Ni despite 100 euros for.

IBA to be successful if it. Well do not know how Chuck will have been short but it would be safe because there is much nostalgic veteran player who would want to remember better times and novel both have heard of it they felt that insane curiosity.


Anyway, whatever reason, stocks are depleted (if you have not already done) and now up to those who have managed to enjoy and brag about it in shops and associations, those who did not mourn because they do not have and then see the usual touch… if GW does not open the tap in a few months to return to get more games of Space Hulk knowing that is going to take again another good pinch of money into the coffers. I bet if they will make the.


Video of Dark Eldar and Chaos will be the next to The End of Time fantasy

Well more Dark Eldar stuff this week are monopolizing the blog entries with the departure of his first official miniatures and especially morning waiting for that codex to arrive in a few weeks.

First the video now official, if in doubt cabia, the return of the most ruthless pirates Warhammer 40000, courtesy of GW:

And now the rumors about what is promised to arrive for Warhammer Fantasy, following the End Times, Chaos now with theme. The boys Chaos approaches…

BigRed we anticipate what will be the new Warhammer Fantasy and End Times for October, Chaos!

  • Launch window 6 weeks
  • 1 week for each Chaos God
  • 2 miniatures for specific weeks of the campaign

I would hope that the weeks of the Chaos Gods include dual kits for use in both Fantasy and 40K (is much mention Great Demons)

The other kits would certainly Archaon and his minions, as we saw in the previous case of the wave of Nagash. Addition, no doubt that we will see new books Campaign The End Times.
Will everything after the Dark Eldar, around 4 October.
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