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Let's look inside! New Box of Dark Vengeance

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Today thanks to friends Spikey Bits, what we all comocéis as unboxing. We as many are in favor of Spanish and try to do everything possible to fight for it, so for us it is a Consider inside!

venganza oscura septima

Hope you like and enjoy it and thus you will know exactly what you are going to find in the box and if you are interested to buy or not.


From sixth to seventh has fared better and worse…..

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For if, today a comment from a statistic of page Torrent of Fire seconds after you made almost 250 matches with the seventh edition, and taking the win percentages Sixth Edition of Warhammer 40000 and seventh of these battles have made a comparison to see which armies have gained with the new issue and which have been lost and it seems a good enough interesting information to know, especially for those who like to always have a competitive army and be carrying the brunt of the moment.

Well these are the overall results of the % in wins compared to those of the previous edition:

porcentajes victorias

Well as we can see the armies that adapt to the new rules are:

The Tyranids with 20% over Vistoria. That's a big raise truth. Already discussed a few weeks ago, in a post I remember very well, the Tyranids armies were seeing themselves more because they had taken power with Seventh. Here is the confirmation. So prepare for a Tyranid infestation by the boards.

Then the Orks are up 8,6%, so better with the new codex and that for all Warhammer player 40000, It is a joy. Because this army is always the worst and I do not deserve that. Well, a little better I think to be the average of incorrect or playable codex.

And gone are third in the Space Wolves, a 6,9. This even without the new codex that will be released next month. So I think after the codex, if you do not shit and is a good codex, this percentage should go up and hang 10% at least in my opinion.

warhammer 40000 logo

And now for those we have lost power with the arrival of Seventh:

Chaos Daemons lose an 5,9%. It was already quite weak and the new version are a breed that rarely see unless as allies or coincidences of life.

Chaos Marines. Lose an 11%. Those who have always been of the best armies in earlier versions of W40K, lead from sixth and last codex very lost and far down the rankings in tournaments. There are now competitive and nothing except a list that gives even war, it's a shame to say that are currently peorcito. And on top with seventh are even much worse.

And the worst army that has granted the editing changes are the Necrons, who lose 16,6% more than seventh. Were previously in the TOP 5 of the most playable armies and now with this radical drop, if some, they are a codex of the media. Too bad my dear Necrons have lost with the new edition.

Good To you seem consistent and certain these data? Leave your opinions. We leave open a short discussion.



Make a pre-order of the basic box with Infinity Operation Icestorm 20% Off Frikland

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Our friends Frikland, the online store and Baza, do a wonderful job so you can make you the new basic box that will go to the end of August Infinity.

It is the perfect case to start playing Infinity and carries everything you need to play from the start.

Well we offer is very good as we say in Frikland. Do the pre-order until 28 August and you will have one 20% Discount. So with this discount, would stay in the box 71,96 euros instead of 89,95 costing. The rest of what I like less and save, is perfect to take in the face of a box of minis minis infinity to complete'd already or buy others that you like to play other than those that come in the box.

We hope that if you are interested in this box and initiate you in Infinity, aprovechéis this offer.

operation icestorm

And I remember the contents of the box:

-1 This exclusive preorder thumbnail: Christian Social Union, Corporate Security Unit

-14 metal miniatures (7 Nomads and 7 PanOceania)


-6 data (3 each faction)

-Set Design


-Bookmarks and Templates

-Introductory book 3rd edition rules



Future outputs armies for Warhammer 40000 and Fantasia

Frequitos rumors coming from Laurana's Tavern and speak to us of the impending departures for these next few months or so it seems possible from known sources. Rumors speak of…


Throughout the Autumn will see the return, almost simultaneously, Blood Angels and Dark Eldar, even have a box of Limited Edition units for both armies, between both releases.
It will be more or less the same pattern this summer, and GW are tested on: Orks – Sanctus Reach – StormClaw – Space Wolves.

With these two new, come to the winter holidays…

And not forgetting that ensure, haber si por fin, that renewal will be for September Bretonnia. Many, very many are waiting for the.

Via an Anonymous Source on Faeit 212

Habrá Dataslates “unique to WD” for characters and no thumbnail in the future.

We'll see rules for characters like Captain Agemman, frightful Doomrider, Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub the Ciaphas Cain.


Walking Dead Season Five – Cool video first

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Well just upload the first video of the fifth season and is full of action and looks set to be an exciting season.

walking dead 5

The season came in October, being the premiere 12 in the United States and the 13 FOX in Spain, so it is still a bit away but since we bite the nails to return to enjoy human survival and walkers. Well enjoy the video:


The British Bolt Action for the Second World War

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One, English also have their rules, its full of vehicles and army units and are part of the game of World War II.


The English, inquiebrantables these fighters, hard in all areas of combat World War II, from the Pacific and its colonies there, desert warfare in Africa or in the defense of Europe. They are an important part of his army battles and a worthy opponent to any enemy in this game.


I've always loved their appearance, especially that helmet that made them so special and I think they are a very good army to carry. Very mixed, are not the typical German or American saviors but are as important and good as these. A good choice for the game.


Little more to say that if you want to know more and enjoy of this army and its potential, you an visit the Den of Pumuky insurance and you will enjoy them.

Zombie Survival 9th ​​Edition – Boda Zombie and Chera (Valencia) for late September

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And if a few days ago we announced in early August the Survival RESISTANCE community of Valencia, our friends and collaborators of the great events of Zombie Survival and we also announces another community of Valencia for the end of September this time. If the previous asististes or if your experience was good and want to repeat (Survival no two alike and always surprises you bring in each and every one of them), maybe this ninth edition of these major events zombie survival interests you. This view will be el 27 September and infection will be for a wedding, to which you'll be invited when applying and the town where everything happened, Chera (Valencia). We leave the introduction to this event featuring the organizer WRG:


And we have here the event of the year, a wedding!!! The 27 of September in the town of Chera (tan cercana in Sot de Chera, where 2013 this tragedy that happened no one wants to talk) a wedding between two of its most beloved neighbors.

Some guests are not very well, some say flu, others say more macabre cancer. But nothing this holiday endeavor hosted by the people with joy and fun.

We hope you'll go to the wedding, you're invited. Put on your best clothes and make a good gift to the bride and groom, because we assure you that it will spend DEATH!!!!

cartel velencia zombies

(Not for cardiac, consult your physician before attending this event, not suitable for sensitive or impressionable people, not suitable for children under 10 years old, under 15 with parental accompaniment, not for cowards, fit for the timid, not suitable if you want to stay alive long……)

Ork Looted Vehicle – Rules for play

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You know that GW's policy was not to include it in the codex, although it is totally official. This suppose to sell more WD does this policy include rules about numbers in magazines or perhaps, and if we assume, ports because he forgot turn add to the codex. Could it be?

Well today we leave the blog rules Stolen Vehicle Orko who may be able to play smoothly even if you had not hand rules. Juguéis that much and remember, Rojo Correz Maz…

vehiculo saqueado

Honestly it is a very interesting option codex, to exploit the orks and also kaudillos, always consistent with the already forgotten and lost the Ork BACKGROUND game. You guys are going to include one in your Waaagh?

Una week to Ravage. New Wargames magazine in Spanish

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If we have been waiting for it two or three months and now if we can say that is just around the corner. The 1 August is the official and good output that is already next week.

I guess you already know many magazine, the vast majority because blogs and videoblogs have given much cane to Advertise (us including) and even hope many of you will have subscribed to it.


What you have not done yet? Well, remember that they have very few deals, VERY GOOD to subscribe getting good discounts with good gifts or Subscribing. Varied and attractive offers that you see HERE

Well remind you that the contents of the number 1 is quite varied and quite interesting as we have advanced from the organization:

World Exclusive. Initiation Complete Rules for the third edition of Infinity Third Edition. The highlight of this issue.

Depth review on the new edition of Warhammer 40.000. Made for a good W40K experts like 40k people Specialists.

New from August and his pitches out September Avatar of War.

What can we expect from Privateer Press Warmachine and in Spain. Special Advance September.

A successful Kickstarter funding to launch EDGE in Castilian Rivet Wars Game.

And many more good articles for many other companies, especially at the national level, which is always a pride to see that the wargame scene in Spain is quite rich.

So hurry up if you want to subscribe and make them even with this first issue and it, it is in safe, they get close to your specialty store the 1 August and make them the first number and enjoy.


Launch of Space Wolves unconfirmed (Rumors)

Well today we discuss rumors about the timing of outputs of the Space Wolves are going to have over the next few weeks, being clear that the special issue of the moment. Our friends at the Tavern Laurana, Wolfen and the lovely Alocada we translate these rumors caught the English common sources. We as always share with our readers because they are always interesting to know where the shots are going to go now GW. As it appeared, and all indications, releases as we orks, the codex at the end of all, releases every week with dropper and some things sound great as the icy arms and those boxes that come if confirmed.

Via an Anonymous Source, on the cover of the Codex and launches next week

The cover of the Codex is like the cover of the novel “Sangre of Asaheim”, but different.

Vía Voice of the Chaos Gods

I can confirm you that my sources tell me that next week will see a box of Space Wolves Dreadnought, Venerable Dread with options and Bjorn the Fell, several options for all weapons.

- Addition, desde Bell of Lost Souls, bring us what could be possible departure schedules for Space Wolves during August:

2 August: Caja Dual Stormwolf / StormFang

9 August: Caja Dual Dreadnought / Bjorn (includes new icy canyon)

16 August:

  • Mr. Wolf (Axe Gélida / gun)
  • Wolf Priest (with icy servoarnés with gun, gun, thunder hammer)

23 August:

  • Codex Space Wolves
  • Artbook – Art book

24 August:

  • Long Fangs (with icy canyons)
  • Runic Priest (Terminator Armor, (bareheaded / Helmeted) Power staff)
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