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And this is the Glottkin – Miniatura muy toad

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We already have a decent picture of the BIG filtered miniature Nurgle know officially on Saturday with the White Dwarf 39. And we must say that the model is very cool and yummy (if not saying this paste with God Nurgle).

Here the picture and now it know your opinions. ¿The spring? For me it is a “gorgeous”.


Colors and Paints: Equivalence of colors to help you

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Today we bring you something very interesting and I think very useful that maybe many necesitéis. Equivalences between GW paint and Vallejo. Lest you temgáis that make you prick trouble seeing what color it is or will be this and that… Hope you find it very useful.









Klan Mordizco by Viper – Some Wisdom Orka

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Living off the land. Go to buzkar Guerra. Matar ke lo what azerke. The best tradizional ez.
Grodd, Kaporal Mordizko of Viper

The Mordizko de Vibor sound un Klan Orko rarely are set in the same place for a long time. For other Orks, Viper Mordizko of them seem to be constantly looking for something without rest. Only stay in a planet enough to participate in a good fight and then leave. Scholars Imperial have speculated that the Klan may be the remains of an ancient culture Orka. Ork Klan Mordizko Viper suffer the urge to play more intensely than any other Klan, and usually they go into the wilds of the vegetation to have their descendants. They make great litter of leaves that are reinforced by the strange initiation rites Klan.


These initiation rites include being bitten by poisonous snakes to suck the poison after blood. Few Orks succumb to the poison: most just get tougher the more they are bitten. The Viper Mordizko always carry a good number of these snakes when they migrate to new planets, case the native life forms are too harmless. Continue to harden in this way for the rest of their lives. From Symbol del Klan, how could it be otherwise, is a snake. Ork Klan Mordizko Viper are savage and brutal, preferring to live in desolate places and untamed.

Grown Garrapatos Hairy to be decorated with fancy crests and pigtails. Their bodies are covered by undulating red tattoos, imitating the designs of snakes. Other common symbols are layers wolfskin, that increase their primitive and uncivilized appearance. Their clothes can incorporate all kinds of animal skins and pieces (including dead rats hanging from their tails). Helmets are usually adorned with grotesque horns. One of the most distinctive items of clothing are belts snakeskin, which are fastened with metal clasps shaped viper.

Kaudillo con garrapato de atake

Noble Orko with Garrapato of attack del Klan Mordizko by Viper.

Earrings and jewelry are made of stone or ceramic beads, feathers, shells the tusks of animals. They hang around the body, which is pierced in multiple locations for this purpose. The Matazanoz used to fund this particular mission, and delivered with relish the task of finding the most painful places to drill.

Heavy chains and spiked collars are proudly sported by some Mordizko Viper, Some say it's a precaution against possible attacks by any enemy in the dead of night. The Klan is also notorious for its grotesque and highly individualistic icons banners and emblems. To Ork Klan Viper Mordizko like to keep large numbers ofBoar Riders. This may be custom in ancient times already warring, now receives new impetus by the emergence of Ciberjabalíes. These creatures bionic extremely violent are an amazing testament to the combined talents of Mekánikoz and that created Matazanoz.

White Dwarf 38 – Nurgle still rotting….

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Well keep Nurgle being the cover and the major content of the new White Dwarf last week with more pustules, more creatures and more to Warhammer Fantasy. Want to know more?

Then comes in Den and leetela.



Descarga Pumuky


Descarga Pumuky

Five years from Avatars of War – Celebrating it in style

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Felix Paniagua, Avatars of War director has informed us of its fifth anniversary on Avatars of War and celebration that will be performed by such date set. We leave that for many this information can be very interesting. It's time to pinch those little things that are no longer of this brand….

avatars of war

Avatars of War turns five!

To celebrate, put for a month available to all, products that can not be achieved by the usual sales channels. And note that we're celebrating, as we do offer some extraordinary prices (resin boxes regiment Warcast the same price as plastic regiments).

Many of you have asked us how many times you get your hands on these exclusive podíais thumbnails or discontinued. The celebration of the 5th anniversary is the perfect occasion!


Addition, during the celebration, Free Delivery Rates Worldwide, and those orders over € 80 will receive gift tee 5th anniversary of Avatars!

More info here: http://www.avatars-of-war.com/esp/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=129&Itemid=92

Thank you for your support over the years!

Catalog of GW 2009 – A piece for collectors

Today is nothing new that has come to Den of Pumuky but rather one of those relics for veterans (and for those who want to know the past).

Catalogo 2009

Today we provide the first, hope of many, the catalogs that we offer designed by Den. We think they are interesting them, for you know that miniature was aquellla… or to look for specific things for those collectors hobbie. An old catalog with as many pieces missing. Verdad Nostalgia.

Descarga Pumuky

Walking Dead – Chapter 2 – Unknown – Follow the party

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Good time and from first notice to mariners and FanHammeros, imagen y texto con spoilers.

walking dead 2

Good analysis plays second chapter of the new season and see and good things first.

It was clear that played bassoon intensity after a stunning and action packed first chapter. It was normal. Yet I remain happy with the chapter and I think the rest should also feel this way because their zombies had repeatedly, moments of reflection also, their profound moments and a final marking as these tend to like the creators of the series.

Well first you have to comment on the appearance of a new character, Father Gabriel, that looks good person and good cure but is seen from the beginning that is not clean wheat and keeps a dark secret. ¿Cual will? Depending on the importance of such a secret or not enter into the plans of the group but I guess not if this character will last many newscasts. I think for a few chapters give vidilla then be justiciado by the group or by his secret or to make any group dies. We'll see….

Appears (truly will do in the next chapter I guess) the kidnapped girl. We will see what has been his life outside the safety of the group and if you have had a lot or not…. I'm afraid it worse.


Then we had moments of good action like water but with zombies and some really wet and slow zombies are not the enemy for this group of survivors. They're zombies busting and truth that have to be and hundreds to see this group in trouble.

Finally we have fight and establishes new, with the reappearance of the cannibal hunt group and our group. Poor Bob is your first and final victim was creepy. Seeing him like he left me pufff. But they saw him coming and his new bride would fall so fast and so much happiness kiss. If you neglect pum, standing and possibly lose a life.

Good to wait a week for the third chapter where we see as just Bob, as this new battle begins and whether it will be very hard, we shall keep hiding secrets that priest and where he has been decubriremos Beth. Plots for the bore.

And this is what we got next week — Level filtration

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And we get the filtration so we'll soon by Games Workshop and our beloved Nurgle continues to be the main focus of outputs The Glottkin (huge miniature we've all seen and also the new book End Times but this time aimed at Nurgle and his followers).

But it's not all because we also surprised with two mega packs of marines and Tyranids. This detail is what will come out next week in pre- request.


THE GLOTTKIN: Multicomponent plastic box with which to mount a giant beast of Nurgle commanded by a Chaos Lord of Nurgle and Nurgle sorcerer while. The rules are available inside the box in English. 86 €

WARHAMMER, GLOTTKIN: Continuing the story that unfolds in the Old World from the rise of Nagash. Nurgle and pest devotees embark on the conquest of the empire. Lockers with volumes of, the first 128 pages against the backdrop of the invasion and a second of 64 pages in which the rules of all the new models appeared detailing to create chaos legions of Demons, Chaos warriors and beastmen. It also includes new rules for urban combat and skirmishes in buildings. English only. 52 €

WARHAMMER, GLOTTKIN (abridged version): Paperback version of the book cited above. It contains essential background information and rules of the English version. In Spanish. 39 €

ADEPTUS ASTARTES STRIKEFORCE: Box collection of miniature space marines containing: 1 Space Marine Captain, 5 Guard veterans, 1 Marine Tactical Squad, 1 Drop Pod, 1 razorback, 1 dreadnought y 1 Storm Talon. 185 € (20% discount to buy everything separately).

WRATH OF THE HIVE MIND: Box Tyranid miniatures collection containing: 1 hive tyrant, 3 Tyranid Warriors, 20 Termagants and tervigon. 130 € (20% discount to buy everything separately).

Besides these items we announced that cease to be available in stores:

Explorers are Uruk
Space marine strike force
Haemunculus Covens

How to paint Space Marines Crimson Fists

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Today we bring you a video we've seen in the blog Misolivadosvideos where you show how to paint Space Marines Crimson Fists Chapter.

puño carmesie

Maybe some of you interested in making them a chapter of this video and maybe you might have the help you needed.

We will try to work up such videos from other chapters and armies to help them all and have a good video library of paint and help to all and especially novice.

Because the Dark Eldar are cool

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Well today second chapter by Blog For molan…. and this time we do about the Dark Eldar recently renovated.

My first confession should be that if I had a ranking of my personal tastes and armies of Warhammer 40000, I'm sorry to say that the Dark Eldar would be in last position.

eldars oscuro

But as I say it is personal taste and of course have interesting things. Well let's see why these mola an army of Dark Eldar pirates and thus help you in your choice whether or not to make you an army of them.

Thumbnails: I think the models presented in this army are very diverse and varied and offers to make a military uniform that is clearly well once finished and painted. View raiders with devastating bikes and flogging in the table and then drives witches and warriors doing the bulk is a very good insight into table. Perhaps one of the most colorful armies if painted and well organized. In contrast it is not a particularly strong army on the issue of conversionar.

Strategy and method of play: It is certainly an army of melee but that does not detract anything also in the shooting phase with very powerful weapons that can do much damage to the enemy. So with shots weakened the enemy and then melee with his speed and annihilate what is left of it. They are a very quick army, very very fast, perhaps the fastest of all there. So if yours is running towards the enemy and assault this can be a very good choice.

Conversely then they are not as strong as the power armor marines and general. Eldar remain hard 3 and armor usually averages except for elite units which are potent in attack but weak units when taking casualties. Can not have everything.

Versatility and variety are key words in this army. It is an army with very different and highly specialized units for every occasion or for every mission (Eldar and their cousins). So a good commander should know that units are for one thing, to which another, which are expendable, which are most necessary to protect, that car use and as, etc.… As I say they have everything for all and find a good balance or make a theme army in a precise thing possible on both occasions.

In short run and an army to weaken in first innings and then assaulting and make your enemies dying in combat with your specialized units for this. A tough opponent in expert hands is very dangerous. I would say it's an army for a high level of average player in terms of seniority in the game. In advisable for beginners to the newly llegados Warhammer 40000 by this versatility and balance you must find.

Well here my take on the Dark Eldar. Are you in agreement? You guys who do you think?


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