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Viewings by geeks Madrid store: Chimera

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And we come to the third store I visit in my stay in Madrid when it drops for the Festival of Swords.

And this time it was the Chimera Store, which I had the privilege and honor to visit and enjoy.


A much smaller store that the two had visited before, but not worse or anything. Different. Here the products are much more accumulated but this is also true that very well stocked. Great atmosphere with people Store, I majisima and seemed very friendly and maybe I is extra important point of it.

The miniature assortment is varied and have all kinds of games, scales and good selection of everything, but maybe it's hard to find some things. But this question and solved.

Chimera is a wonderful store and should be in your must-see for Madrid.

Damnos – Book for full Apocalypse

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Finally, It has cost, but since we can offer the full book in English that came out several months ago to Apocalypse.

Damnos arrives at Den of Pumuky and does not only, because we have also received the other two, Damocles and Pandorax. These days iran also out. Thanks to our partner Malvadex, by habernoslo past from Bolivia.

Good time, I leave you with the first one, Damnos.



And other interesting things, where it, in the Den of Pumuky:

pumuky CUBIL icono

Faqs and misspells found where you least expect

One, the thing you would say jokingly as the Andalusian, because the truth is not as happened to the GW put celebrities and famous Faqs, Errata and updates in a place like where are. And where are now? HERE

faqs y erratas

It turns out that some ports managers and creators of the new page GW has happened by putting….. la BLACK LIBRARY. If gentlemen, there we found thanks to the Rest of the Type that has put us where they were tipped off.

They are the ones that already had far, nothing new for now, but there you have them for later reference and read them when you need it.

We assume that soon you will realize that it is not the right place to have them, if you have not already done, and soon we find in the page directly GW.

Zombie Survival in Madrid for May

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And we have a new Zombie Survival event that comes and this time will be in the capital. Madrid, Country house, next place where the zombies take control. Will you survive? Or will you succumb to the zombie horde?

survival zombie

It's here!!! Next 17 May in Madrid lodge a special edition of Zombie Survival will be held.

By day, the 4 hours and the premise of survival at all costs hordes of Zs (zombies runners!!!). Who dares?

Input of the access Expomanga (entry for a day included in the price Expomanga) and the game will be developed in the vicinity.

survivalzombie madrid

You can choose to play in the morning or afternoon, There will be two sessions of the same game, as it will be limited in number mu: 500 players per session.

You have the cheapest tickets to the day 30 April, but we do not last more than a week still so few, so do not leave it for the last day as always.


For geeks Madrid shops part 2: Goblin Trader

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If within my visits Madrid shops when I was accompanied by people of La Taberna de Laurana, I was also by this “almost unknown to all” store. Nooooo, just kidding, all know this wonderful store, known to all and now with several locations throughout Spain, that also is a distributor of many brands and products and games by country. This I think was the first store to be opened so that it is as they say, the mother of the rest of the store is now known, eg in Malaga or recently opened in Barcelona.


And the truth is that it was a huge store and magnify the truth that like the previous comment that you post in these stores, and pleasantly surprised me hallucinate.

In this store should highlight its huge product range, the store was neat and superbly stocked and I think fantasy miniatures retailers such, It was the highlight of it all. A wide range of known and unknown brands according to what you will find that you go looking for all.


The people who were in charge of it is really nice and will always be at your service and help you with whatever you necesitéis and all the doubts I definitely will resolve.

Special attention and curiosity caught my area I found sponges briefcases by Store. Super interesting, so far not had in mind the variety and assortment of sponges and good, how to say, sponges and briefcases have tastes and colors and adapted to games, miniatures and his pocket as you like.



And finally, one thing that stands out just seeing the image is, THE PLAYGROUND. Some tables up in the store but down some stairs that you find throughout the store in his basement has a lot of specialized tables for many different games and games adapted scenery we all know. A spectacular playground, where you can enjoy the beautiful. Perfect for championships and tournaments.


Well a wonderful store, I recommend and that I was lucky to meet.

Experiences of being juez reports to FanHammer

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Today we bring you a review of one of our regular contributors FanHammer, that was our contest judge fantastic short stories a few months ago, bringing their opinion and the lived experience as a judge. I think it's an interesting thing to read and I thank Jose Manuel rope has made us so different this article.

Concurso Relatos fantasticos

First of all thank all the contestants their quest to write stories and collaboration, should be emphasized that all the winning stories from the last, from fantasy to futuristic / science fiction. As you know there were a lot of stories, and really focus on the issue as I was judge of the stories for me was a very rewarding experience, but now I will focus on this, first because this is what tells us a journalism student who was also a judge of the competition and to thank my great friend Aitor Diego, San Jose.

My experience as a judge of the contest stories has been more than positive; truth, at many times the responsibility of having to qualify with different numbers while correcting stories have allowed me fly and feel in another universe. I've reviewed-Rated have been because they have made me feel at the fingertips history, which is what any reader looking for a good book or story. Both fantasy and futuristic, many of the stories have surprised me and I have conjured worlds that my mind could not imagine and that's the beauty of reading, find something, how difficult it is, I find credible based on the words.

Very rewarding Diego words, and the truth that I very much agree with him, the truth is that reading some stories have been something that can not be described, will try to make a comparison so you can see which feels, is like when you are immersed in a game on the soundtrack and play music and excited you are inside very ingame, because I felt like the stories of the participants.

And finally, as, thank the other judges and to Fanhammer by the great initiative to organize a competition of this nature, it is not easy work and all work effort is noteworthy. Until next time, hopefully soon have another story competition and have the same or more number of participants with their stories and encourage readers Goblin Panzudo you to participate in these initiatives and more as it is really rewarding.

New t-shirts for FanHammer Eldar Store

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Not yet FanHammer know you have a T-shirt shop….. because they already know.

FanHammer Store it is a way of trying to pay our expenses blog and taking a few events per pelillas shirt sales do.

FanHammer Store

And FanHammer Store You can find our own designers and shirts for all known images of our favorite hobbies in the most economical way possible.

T-shirts and sweatshirts have a superb quality (checked for purchases made myself before all) and the price is right because in the shipping van and say the 2 the 3 Euro donation to the cause of FanHammer.

Today we have expanded the range of T-shirts with images Eldar for lovers of this breed of Warhammer 40000 and we expect you to be good many you like the shirts and give you them for your games and moments of war eldar. But not only that we offer and, but have a good assortment of shirts and designs that FanHammer cartoonists have created and also you hope you enjoy them and you like them.

Some examples of our new shirts Eldar:

cami1 cami2 cami3

Thanks for your purchases and your support FanHammer Store.

Poll: What I like the name change of the Imperial Guard?

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A few days ago we activated a new survey by the blog, where we ask for your opinion about important changes that GW has made changing the name to the ever vaunted Imperial Guard and known by the name of Astra Militarum.

astra militarum

What this seems the radical change?Why have they done? Do you like or what is your opinion about it?

We encourage you to vote for the general opinion on the subject and very important that you leave your comments and replies to the topic. Thanks to this.

We FanHammer, DO FanHammer.

New Expansion for Smallworld

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Mapas de Small World para 6 players is the name given to the new expansion coming out for this game that is intended to be able to play games 6 smoothly and with better quality and more resources.


This expansion will transform tus matches Small World and Small World Underground, adjusting the number of players, so no one in your gaming group is left out of the fun.

SW_6player_surface SW_6player_underground

These maps provide a new way to play Small World and Small World Underground. In teams of two players they will face, each of which plays its own mix of Race and Power, and has its own coins Victoria. And here is where grace comes: is the total score of the team member with the Victoria LESS coins taken into account when determining the winner.

Besides the double-sided map 6 Players (Small World on one side and Small World Underground in another), This expansion includes 4 Popular Locations new and a new Relic of Virtue specifically designed for team play. You'll also find tabs, markers, Additional Coins Victoria, and new rules for 6 Players.

Information taken from Edge.

White Dwarf 11 April – Astra Militarum

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We have the White Dwarf last week with news of the new Astra Militarum and as always, share it with you, from the Den of Pumuky, so you can consult it as every week. Good reading dear readers.




And you want the rest from magazines or old and magnificent White Dwarf before. In the Den of the Pumuky you can find.

pumuky CUBIL icono

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