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13 fun facts about the Laser Sable . Very interesting but geeks

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Taken from a website called Gizmodo, I bring you a geek very interesting information about the Star Wars universe and those laser swords that both we like. Read the article because there are certain things you did not know and others that are curious. May the force be with you FanHammeros.

The lightsaber or lightsabers, a noble weapon, for more civilized times, defined as Obi-Wan himself, Who invented but? How George Lucas decided the color they would have? Are there other arms light in the universe Star Wars? Here are 13 fun facts about one of the most legendary weapons science-Fiction.

1) They were originally created by the Sith

The light saber was called primal, actually, sable force, and was a mechanism for channeling the dark side of the force of its owner in a sharp beam of a purple tone by alchemy and crystals. If a Jedi wielding one of these weapons risked being immediately drawn to the dark side. The first Jedi lightsabers created precisely as a counterpart to the Sith lightsabers force.

13 datos curiosos sobre los sables láser que tal vez desconocías

2) Battery operated

The first lightsabers not working with internal fuel cells that had not yet been invented. Instead operating with external batteries. The Jedi used to take some parts and is connected via cable to the gun. The technology allowed the lightsabers rid invented cable, again, los Sith.

3) They used to be called lightsabers

In the first notes of George Lucas, lightsabers (Lightsabers) appeared above as lightsabers (Lightswords). The term never reached the final script.

4) In the movies were made of…

Luke sabers and Darth Vader were made from pieces of camera flashes. He Obi-Wan, however, It was a piece of a jet engine Rolls Royce Derwent Mk.8 / Mk.9.

13 datos curiosos sobre los sables láser que tal vez desconocías

5) Lightsabers can be any color

The color of the light beam determined by a saber crystal that is used to concentrate energy. The Sith began to use red because almost a fad started by the Dark Lords Revan and Malak Dart. The Jedi began using almost exclusively blue and green sabers because natural crystals built on the planet Ilum.

6) They can even be black

It is known from a single black light saber, also known as the dark sable. It is a legendary Jedi weapon was stolen long ago by Mandalores. Curiously, is the only sword actually looks like a conventional weapon, as a kind of black katana slightly curved, with a sawed edge, and wrapped in a white halo.

13 datos curiosos sobre los sables láser que tal vez desconocías

7) The Luke changed from blue to green by a scene

It is said the change suffered by Luke Skywalker's lightsaber in the movies. And The Return of the Jedi I was going to stay blue, but George Lucas decided to color it green because the blue color did not look good against the sky in the skirmish on the ship of Jabba the Hutt on the Sarlacc.

8) The lightsabers are illegal under the rule

When Emperor Palpatine became not only killed all the Jedi. Also outlawed Lightsabers and banned trade crystals with those manufactured. The only official exception to this rule was Darth Vader.

9) Its form is a result of the limitations of the time

The first attempts to recreate a lightsaber on screen were problematic. The original idea was a three-sided bar that revolved by a small motor in the handle. Supposedly this was to give the desired camera effect by reflecting light from the film set, but it was awful. Lucas then decided to incorporate the effect digitally, conceived and animation which are displayed and whether they should Color. Originally were all white.

10) They are not the only weapon light

Although they were rare, lightsabers could be long-bladed spears similar to aNaginata simply incorporating a longer handle. The Jedi guards used these weapons. If a killer is also known in the pay of Emperor, Parkinson, I used a lightwhip. It was formed by a common whip with small crystals of light along its length. Have also seen double-bladed lightsabers after are linked by a chain in a sort of futuristic Nunchako, and even light maces.

13 datos curiosos sobre los sables láser que tal vez desconocías

11) There are seven fighting styles lightsaber

1) Shii-Cho, or “The Way of the Sarlacc”; 2) Band, the “The road Ysalamiri”: 3) Soresu, the “The road Mynock”; 4) Atar, the “The Way of the Hawk-bat”; 5) Shien/Djem So, “The Way of the Krayt Dragon”; 6) Men, the “The Way of the Rancor”; and 7) Mouthed / Vaapad, the “The road Vornskr.”

12) Lightsabers can not cut all

There are a handful of materials known in the Star Wars universe capable of withstanding the blade of a lightsaber. The mineral is one Cortosis. Some creatures like dragons Lava also naturally resist these weapons.

13 datos curiosos sobre los sables láser que tal vez desconocías

13) Cut your opponent's hand is a technique

It's called Cho Mok, and is, specifically, technique cut the appendix with the opponent holding the lightsaber. Mou Kei is when you manage to cut several members at once. The fact that there are these techniques explains why there are so many characters with cybernetic implants in Star Wars.

Games Workshop da beneficios en el ultimo informe

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Yesterday saw the blog workshop Yila, FanHammer few good friends and a blog that you can always remember because it provides very good content articles and news on the large multi-GW miniatures and its economy.

games workshop

Apparently this came out in the press as they tell us:

Apparently GW distributed among its shareholders a dividend of 2.91% to its shareholders, I understand that in this way the company shows to the world his long recovery as we saw very heavy falls of its shares.

So GW is positive and we see that these cuts and these new policies implemented have served to clear what this company wants all, profit and stop carrying the desperate fall in recent times.

Cuts close stores and sections in other countries focusing particularly GW, removing the news every week with the weekly White Dwarf (This for me has been a great success because they are at all times and in all news time are selling and not like before maybe they sold the first 10 days of the month and then the thing stopped), bets on the end of time, nagash space hulk and that certainly gave them a good chunk and other little things that have finally returned will have these important dividends and will give comfort to investors GW.

Will it be enough and started the comeback or is it just a small hill or rise due to these policy changes and then will return to the old ways descendants? Time will tell because neither can be cut at any time.

In my personal opinion good player and follower of Warhammer, I think the last GW policies have been most hit (closing it is perhaps the only stores that do not support) and may well even now think back to fans and buyers something else that is the only thing they lack. Having pleased his players and would be the last straw buyers and truth…

Free Circle of Blood Regulation – Meet the game from its rules

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Today special month following our Circle of Blood, you where we are releasing this wargames since early this summer by becoming slowly but at a steady pace somewhere between our games.

This rolero wargames as I like to call the company's Last Bullet Games and themselves offer us from their official website HERE a basic regulation rules Circle of Blood so that you can play smoothly from now with your thumbnails in your game table. So download it, well read it and start playing with the miniatures you have. One of the great advantages of this game, you are worth your miniatures from other games. Perfect.

Good to see and download the Rules HERE.

Descarga Pumuky

Haemonculus Covens – Full Supplement

A week ago we gave a short preview of this supplement for the Dark Eldar Cubil but we already have available, thanks to a partnership that's been reported, a new version of superb quality and complete, with background and todito. For lovers of history and know everything that moves across the universe 40000.

Well dear readers you enjoy.


Descarga Pumuky

Two foreign stores to save you a good pasta thumbnail

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Hoy believe the contribute of interesting directions that aquellos queráis GW miniatures type a buen precio. They are foreign stores, as we know that some Chinese. Are also are pretty good, based on feedback from the community and not usually cause problems. So maybe your future stores are your orders for resin. Good guys purchase.




Phantom Zone – New Wargames shop for Murcia – A new place to go

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Today another good for the hobby and for fans to dwell on Wargames news Murcia. And is that a new store in Murcia brought to you by fans like you so you know that will open the topic. Welcome to Phantom Zone and Saturday morning 25 October will be the opening. Luck guys.


The sending of this email to me that he complace anunciaros day Friday 25 October at 18:30 in the afternoon I'm going to open a shop of Wargames, games, etc.. as an extension within the existing Action Comics book store in the city of Murcia. This extension is called Phantom Zone, which is going to contain tables to play Wargames, tables and other table games; they make games tournaments, Warhammer/warhammer 40.000, Infinity, torneos painting, etc.. All products will be sold at Games Workshop 15% Discount, and other products in table games, accessories therefor and other wargames to 10% Discount.

Efforts will be made to grow the store, She carried many products and events for fans Wargames and board games as we, and you enjoy the most of them.
The address is:
Action Comics
C / Vinader Nº8 Low
Murcia (City).
The shop is called Action Comics (specialized comic book store), section and table games, warhammer, etc., Phantom called Zone.
A greeting.

Scenery flipante

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Today we talk about some of those battlefields we use. A small tribute to them that often do not have much in mind or do not give due importance. But attracting a field of battle, incredible and beautifully decorated is something that raises the level of heading much.

How is your table or your place of usual game?

Today only this little reflection after seeing this picture of a battlefield with smoke that came a few days ago by the Facebook. If this is not already passed or mola, but the truth is that it is a point to battles. Actually there each and every handyman ideas among you who has sometimes impressive. And this to me personally I liked.

escenografia humo

And then say good are official or professional tables are for major events, In this case GW, and truth that are incredible and thankfully it still has not changed ('ll touch madera) and still feature magnificent table games and big events scenarios GW. Here you have two examples. AWESOME.

batalla de calth


Discount 30% on the train to go to Hispania Wargames 2015. Good help guys

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Today a good advertisement for those who are interested in attending Wargames Hispania and to stand away from Malaga and therefore is one of the reasons for your doubts to attend. Wargames Hispania offers you some very good benefits to get close to Malaga train with discounts of 30% in the train. It's much easier that you can enjoy one of the best events of wargames panorama of Spain and we recommend that if you can not approach and enjoy it. Thanks to the organization of these efforts FanHammer for everyone to attend the event. This community support is taken into account. I leave you with the words that you have sent from the organization regarding this interesting discount. In dicen who are super busy organizing tournaments, and all events of the conference and is a non-stop (but it is normal to organize an event of this magnitude):


All those who come to the Wargames Hispania 2015 train may qualify for a substantial discount, particularly a 30%.
Only you must be printed with the ticket that you attach when the ticket office. (Give the image Renfe Blog).
So you know, id booking your train ticket, I hope at the Hispania Wargames 2015

Haemonculus Covens translated into Spanish

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And we have the translation of Hemonculos supplement so that you can enjoy your rules and use them or know about them in your games.

Another major contribution of the community for the community. Only translated the rules but what we mostly clear….


Descarga Pumuky


And this is the Glottkin – Miniatura muy toad

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We already have a decent picture of the BIG filtered miniature Nurgle know officially on Saturday with the White Dwarf 39. And we must say that the model is very cool and yummy (if not saying this paste with God Nurgle).

Here the picture and now it know your opinions. ¿The spring? For me it is a “gorgeous”.


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