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Zombie Survival for resistance in Valencia 2 August

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You have nothing to do on Saturday 2 August? Already in the Valencian community or you're not too far or you do not care to live far away to attend another Zombie Survival, as always, different from the rest of those who have already habid? The 2 August comes the next event will be Survival and infection this time in the land of the Valencian community and more specifically in Requena.

requena wrg

This is what we hear this called Survival Resistance:

The 2 August another assault to occur WRG facility in Valencia, laboratories hidden Calvestra, camouflaged in the form of leisure facilities at the resort.

You can book your ticket on the webwww.survivalzombie.es / resistance

and prepare to spend a weekend death, in which you can arm yourselves and shoot and hit the zombies or soldiers will come your way during the game. All the info on the web.

You have several options for accommodations in the resort, from pre-game dinner and breakfast after spending all weekend on site (the game is Saturday night) for an amazing price.

ojo zombie

On the web you reserve and pay the price of the game, contact and booking accommodation which best suits you.

If you do not want to spend a weekend either, This is the event that will make you enjoy and that you demonstrate your readiness for a zombie or plague.

Codex Inqusición in English digital edition updated Seventh Edition

Today, thanks to our readers another d, you have provided the link, we can give you something that many already sued us You had but had not gotten us to this day even.


One, Pumuky already perusing this codex and its changes from the previous and hope that you also may be able to do so thanks to the work of compiling the Den of Pumuky. Enjoy it and Annihilate those demons… competition by making unique and more powerful, Pumuky.


First advances in Episode VII

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First niggles, subtle, al opinion unveiled Star Wars VII Epsiodio. Who is lucky enough to be right now enjoying this shoot, so secretly recorded, perhaps the most well guarded history projects? Iran slowly revealing things to exit the movie, but we are sure you will be dropper and we always know very little. This is taken from the source lahoraperdida.com

episodio VII

Badass Digest has the exclusive first information about the initial frame of the next installment of Star Wars. There is still a year and a half until the premiere and many will not want to know spoilers, pero Devin Faraci, author of the news, has remained very cautious about revealing more than necessary and, although sources have said more details, has preferred to reveal just enough.

What follows is the premise of the film, only that; no spoilers beyond its starting point.

According sources Faraci, Star Wars VII the start-up of a severed hand was holding a lightsaber wandering through space. Yes, strange as it sounds; only one hand. After falling to a desert planet, Jedi sword will be recovered by two characters, performed by the Ridley and John Boyega Daisy, that act as great heroes of this release. Both, realizing the importance of the relic found, decide to return it to the right people.

Your search will find them with Han Solo and Chewbacca, who recognize the object as belonging to Luke Skywalker, who carry 30 years without (from events The Return of the Jedi). And so, together, begin a mission to find the whereabouts of Jedi Master.

Meanwhile, in an icy planet, enemy forces in this release are building a super weapon capable of destroying entire solar systems.


Light touches of Episode IV - A New Hope, Meeting with the group of heroes and the threat of a new species of the Death Star - does anyone expected film Star Wars other than a nod to the past?- But also with new concepts and locations. Faraci not go into details, but dropped these deserts and icy planets not previously seen in movies, so nothing on Tatooine Hoth.

Surely it will deny all Disney, as per usual, but Badass Digest sources are usually very strong and would not release this without knowledge. This information very well with all that listening takes the film far, Despite extreme secrecy which is wrapped: Ridley and known to have a key role Boyega and commented on many occasions that Harrison Ford will act almost as a main character in the movie, due to the importance involving his piloting skills to reach wherever you are Luke.

Faraci, who has been very critical of everything about this relaunch of the intergalactic saga and JJ. Abrams generally, has great words about how the film is being formed, so assail this very positively. Their sources will detail the action looks great and has also heard extremely positive things about the characters and the work being done by the actors. John Boyega peta, apparently.

Grot Mega Tank – Rules of this tank Translated Forge World

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From the blog The file Besnellarian have translated rules Forge World tank for sure be a great contribution for those who wanted to use this tank Ork and knew no good vehicle rules. Thanks to them, here you have in Spanish. Very interesting this contribution to the green hordes.


Today I will speak of the Grot Mega Tank:

This pile of junk andante is the favorite of many players Orks, analysis we.

Vehicle Profile. HP 3 Shield 13 Frontal, 12 Side, 11 Rear has 3 PA.

It is a type vehicle tank.

Has a base cost 70 armament points.


- Pala Ezcavadora. Repeat dangerous terrain chequeis.
- Ayudantez. (See codex Orks).


Each mega tanke tiene turrets of heavy, each MUST be equipped with one of the following options:
- Akribilladorez pezados or Kemakema acoplados (10 points each)
- Latazukaz of Lanzacohetez Acoplados (20 points each)
- Coupled ezpezial Lanzacohetez (30 points each)

Each mega tanke has 3 Turrets, each MUST be equipped with one of the following options:
- Akribillador pezado or kemakema (5 points each)
- Latazuka o Lanzacohetez (10 points each)
- Lanzacohetez ezpezial (20 points each)

A mega tanke can also have a bracing akribillador in foreign (5 points)

A mega tanke Boom can have up to two single-use Kannisters (10 points each. Scope 10″, F4. FP5 Area 5″, Pinning. Account as a defensive weapon, fired in a straight line from one side of the vehicle normally and dispersal point is always the maximum range list (we always have to shoot it at 10″ away)

The mega tanke may have rojokorremaz layer (5 points)

The mega tanke can have a ball demolizión (10 points)

Special Rules:

All aboard!!: At each stage of shooting, tira 1d6, with a result of 1, gretchin not fire because they will be fighting each. With a 2+ normally can shoot.
Forward, At full speed!: Gretchin pilots are crazy, always move 2d6″ instead of the standard motion, and can always fire their weapons. They can move at full speed (3d6″ in total) but they shoot their guns.
Walking scrap heap. These tanks have a lot of pieces and completely useless junk. Sometimes an impact destroys enemy pieces that are useless. To represent this, get an invulnerable save of 5+ Artillery weapons except against, simply reduce them to pieces.
A Megatank Grot is a fast attack option for the Codex:Orks.

The “thumbnail” I love, very “Gretchin”. It has the typical Ork Army Air. In the battlefield can cause real havoc. Just seeing who can get equipped with up 5 lanzacohetez (2 of them coupled) scares. They would 5 F8 plantillazos FP2, that is a superior fire power 5 Canon Leman Russ battle. Luckily the alcence is only 24″. But enough to sweep any infantry or vehicle unit light or medium armor.

I have available here:


64 Pounds for those who want it in their army.

Tank War – What comes from Bolt Action

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It's big news that comes from Bolt Action and these days are touting butt from this company.

It is a supplement to the historical game of World War II to do as we like a lot of us, those battles full of tanks and tanks.


Today has published the contents of the book and want to leave you a short summary of it because many are going to be very interested in this product. The truth Actión Bolt is creating a very good wargame of World War II and his miniatures and vehicles in high detail, reasonable price and supplements and offers stunning details, is gaining ground quickly in my opinion to FoW. I at least start to get interested in him.

Well this is the content of the new rule book for fighting between tanks, Tank War:

- Armoured Platoons: Say is the main chapter of the book. Say you are special rules and concepts need for new tank battles.


- Tank battle scenario: The new missions adapted to battles between tanks.

- Vehicule Crew Experience: This section will give the form of veteran experience and make your troops in such campaigns. A system to see how your army and your tanks are transforming into an experienced and armed Burnout.

- Legendary Crew: This section of the best known heroes among tankers of WWII. Special rules that will give commanders and will encourage your army decide according to your.

- Great tank battles of World War: In this section you can meet the major tank battles of history and also, you can recreate them in detail with all the information you can find in it.


- Additional Command Vehicles: This annex, there will be more units that are not directly tanks but are closely related to armored units to help you expand your battles as desired auxiliary vehicles and support units.

- Armoured Recovery Vehicles: Annex to use in battles recovery destuidos or damaged vehicles and information vehicles and units assigned to this task recovery.

- Tanker's Guide: This section consists of two parts. The first tanker with slang and vocabulary and on the other hand show the silhouettes of the most popular tanks IIWW as only they could recognize the tankers in battle.

- Tank Ace: Fun section. It is a mini game where each player gets a tank and you have control of only two teams making it among the participants and trying to survive the battle truest. Simpatico game.

Well this is the content of the book, a wonderful news that honestly I liked it…. maybe soon to discuss it because I tengo muy he stayed interested….

Letters psychic powers of Telekinesis and Telepathy

Last delivery of cards that we had pending Aun, but starting double. Today I bring the cards magic format, for your use in your games, Telekinesis two y Telepatía. You enjoy them and have all these and you complete the Den of Pumuky.

poderes psiquicos





Warhammer hard – El nuevo evento de Games Workshop

As this catalog I like good news. After cancellations typical Golden Demon events and that sort of thing we've had in recent years, GW again to bet on events and community and make moments like this is always a good thing.

warhammer fest

If we have these events and forge world black library, those who present us the latest news and a small advance and go on sale some news on them. But something was missing más grande, as the events of a lifetime and this seems to be the trend resumes.

Warhammer Fest has been announced by GW these days and tickets are on sale now and we get a little good we can find out there in the event. Furthermore it will be an event, I first remember, two days instead of one as it has always been.

While the event is divided into four categories that are:

Demo Pods – A variety of activities with talks, demonstrations and games to enjoy as always great gaming tables, Awesome boards and encourage event.

Seminars – Los experts GW Being Allie giving lectures on specific painting, design, modeling, novels, etc.… Little moments to learn and share with the people in the company. A good thing if they do well will be main theme and especially what most veterans do not want to miss.

Desing Teams – GW and show business as, its latest innovations, future projects and maybe let intuit things for the near future with illustrations and miniatures in their windows as always. The focus of the photo keychain fully for them as always.

Golden Demon – One, You could not miss the biggest event of its flagship GW, Best of all painting competition. Golden Demon again and again is a wonderful news to see that GW is still committed to her and the outside painters who want to show their quality.

Well if we see this, the event promises and if they do halfway decent, is great news bid to make this new community. Maybe go slowly returning to the right path of years past…

Cosillas de la Workshop – A couple of flashy things but cortitas

Today I want to leave a couple of comments on these things that sometimes my attention and I like to discuss our beloved and hated GW depends on the time.

The first is on Stormclaw, the start box is exhausted right out everywhere. Well it is not exactly right for limited. What apparently meant limited (as a store) is the number of boxes in distribution on its way out. Because apparently will return to August having trouble. But what if it is said that such, margins for stores, seeing that the product was sold as silk, will be somewhat less because she cares GW sell in your online store. Que pillines…


The second is to see these stupid little thing sometimes having the Workshop with the right pictures. Several shops, have had to remove their pictures from their online store of GW products at the request of the British company. Sincerely, but evil was what you wanted to see a picture buying at these stores…. These techniques incompressible squared sales. They have to be so advanced that only mortals seem crap. They will know the truth because they do, because I'm sure they have something in mind.

Good brief but intense.

Avatars of Wars – New characters for Cirlea

Hoy contribute novelties from the Avatars of Wars, where we have the latest news for this month. These two new models, chulisimas, Two super-detailed human characters, Super well armed and with incredible details. Magnificent quality of these minis definitely. Perfect for any imperial army or the human realm ye represent characters. Or for skirmish games are also ideal as characters. And the very reasonable price, a 11,45 EUR. If you want to do with them, HERE no doubt (and remember that FanHammer now have the discount until end of month 10%).

This month come two new models for the army list Cirlea Warthrone one of Maestre de Campo of Lusia and Prime Claymore Arguntia.

Lusia Thirds are feared by all enemies of the great skill Cirlea Musketeers forming within these emblematic army regiments Cirleano. A Field Master is the ideal Lusia to direct your regiments Thirds complement Lusia in battle.


Claymore regiments are the elite infantry armies Arguntia and pride of this kingdom located east of Cirlea. Each of these is a veteran soldiers and noble warrior, and a master of combat with the deadly mandoble arguntio.


If you want to know more about Cirlea, troops and background if you are interested, HERE

Codex Imperial Guard Update without Spanglish

Our good friends Profanus 40k, Creators of the last codex without that odious Spanglish GW tries to sneak, notified us that just update the codex Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum) found some typos and updated the Faq's included. So the PDF is fully updated to date with the rules of the army for use in SPANISH.

Portada GI

A major initiative that the community appreciates and good FanHammera you enjoy it. Good job guys.


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